Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fish Farm Thai Dreamz

One of Bun's best friend from College era - Richard that works at Singapore came to KL to visit us last month. So, we're going to have dinner together, at a place which I only heard of, never been before.

*Yeah~ On the way!!! Mad hungry!!!*

We're going to have dinner at Fish Farm Thai tonight!!! I saw photos and heard some good comments about this place from my friend, decided to find it and dine at this unique place.

Its entrance is located at beside the old Hulu Langat highway, or the route after you pass by Look Out Point. You gotta watch out because they don't have attractive or big sign board, just a very very small and dim lighted 'OPEN' sign which lead you to the entrance.

*Dim, unattractive entrance, just like this*

When we pass by this dim signboard, we're joking to each other saying: Who dare to go into this creepy place? Looks like some haunted place etc etc etc.... Didn't know that we're actually overshoot and missed the entrance to our dinner place.

We keep on driving till we're already at the Malay villages downhill. I quickly called up Peiyue and ask her where is the exact location. She told me we're suppose to look for a dim 'Open' sign and turn into the small road beside. We LOLed so loud after I hang up because we're just talking about that creepy entrance and there we go, U TURN!!!

*Car's light is the only light source for you to continue your journey to that restaurant. You will feel that you're driving downhill with all the creepy trees around and super bumpy road. I think I won't go there during Chinese Ghost month. Too scary!!!*

*Finally, saw some lights from the restaurant's car park after few minutes of driving downhill.*

*You can park whatever style you want, don't have any lines or rules to obey*

*Hawaian tiki style restaurant it is*

*And we're gonna dine on the lake! You gotta see those big fishes swimming in the lake. And yeah, if you order fish, they'll catch it from the lake too, 100% LIVE!!!*

*I think originally this restaurant is called Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant. All short short words if the word 'Restaurant' is shorten to Rest - Veg Fish Farm Thai Rest.*

*Their menu. Everything is approximately RM10 - RM30.*

*Sambal Fry Petai and Prawn. I didn't try this because I doesn't eat Petai and their sambal is tooooooo spicy for me.*

*Our rice in silver container. Looks very Thai/Malay style*

*Kangkung Belacan. Nice but spicy. Tonight's dish most of them are spicy. Poor Xuan Xuan and me....*

*Woooo~ Finally, my favourite dish of the night - Salty Egg Fried Sotong. Yeah, it may look a bit gross but this is delicious and different from those salty egg dishes we eat at other places! This is the dish that helps me finish my portion of rice!*

*Seafood Tom Yam - Lots of seafood inside! Definitely more than any of the Tom Yam I had before!*

*Oh My God! HUGEEEEE COCKLES! Very the hugeeeee~!!!*

*You see, my thumb is smaller than the cockles, can you imagine how big it is??? And it's bbq-ed directly, so there's still some bbq-ed mud on the shell. I don't eat cockles, so no comment for this*

*Fatty crab! RM30 for this half kilo crab. Before bbq-ed this is a living crab, not dead. Fresh and juicy meat it has!*

*Here's the address and phone numbers, you can call to make reservation. Remember, the entrance is at the opposite side, not far after pass by the entrance of Look Out Point, kinda dangerous cos it's the start of going down hill and cars are speeding, take extra caution!*

After the dinner, Bun suggested that bring Richard to go to Look Out Point because he haven't been there before, but Richard insist that make that destination for his next visit to KL. He don't want to see all beautiful places in just one shot. What an unique thinking he has.

Anyway, we have to find another place for next round - yum cha session. Bun and Richard still have soooo many things to talk about. We decided to head back to Wangsa Maju and search for a cozy spot for yum cha.

And this is what we found, Dreamz cafe:

*Ocean/Diving/Beach themed cafe, located at the 1st floor, just above Cola Club Wangsa Maju.*

*Coke collections*

*Some artsy painting and yeah, Mid Autumn Festival is just around the corner.*

*Very beachy feeling*

*After few minutes of doing some research around the new place, this fella's hand is being all itchy again. Here starts the battle between me and him.*

*You can see how he refuses to smile to the camera while I'm trying to snap a picture of us*

*Oh well, I still can camwhore all by myself!*

*Seriously bored, guys having guys talk, Xuan Xuan busy playing with toys he found on the shelves and I'm doing nothing.*

*After the rubik's cube, here comes the Jenga*

*Oh see! I caught a star!!! Pretty lights, from Ikea right?*

*Chocolate blended RM5- RM7. Can't remember the exact price. Normal cafe price.*

*Xuan Xuan's messes. 苏州屎 (Shit of SuZhou)*

*I'm a coke fan too, just not that obsess with it. And those seashells you see all over the restaurant as decorations are collected by the owner while he's on diving trip. Cool! I wanna dive too!*

*A lovely painting. I can feel the passion and dream of the owner and his fellow workers on this cafe. Kind people and dreamy ambience, that's what I like!*

Hours later, I'm going to attend Anime Hanabi Festival held at Times Square today!!! Come to Times Square 6th floor to join this wonderful anime festival!!! There'll be lucky draws and goodie bags too!!!

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