Monday, November 16, 2009

Good Coffee Day

Do you remember that there's one day Starbucks is giving out free coffee from 10am till 12pm???

Maybe you'll be thinking: Who is crazy enough to go queue up for some coffee/ Yucks I don't wanna be thick face go ask for free coffee at some high class coffee shop....

This is my first time to ACTUALLY going to get something free, that's why I'm kinda excited. Even though I'm sleep late the night before, but still manage to wake up just at the right time.

*Here we go~ Good Coffee Day!!*

*Thanks to these two man who actually accompany doing crazy stuffs - my hubby and my son.*

*Seriously lack of sleep face*

*The nearest Starbucks of my area is the one located at Jaya Jusco Wangsa Maju*

*Good Coffee Day it is!!!*

It was 1030am when I reach Starbucks and there's no people at the counter. Nobody wants free coffee????

I'm a bit afraid that I got it wrong that the coffee wasn't for free... I'm not sure and I hesitate a bit to approach the barista standing there....

Luckily, there's a lady walk pass me and approach the barista for a cup of free coffee!!! I was like: Oh Yes! There's REALLY some free coffee today!!!

I went with Bun, and I asked the Barista for two cup of coffee, take away. Excited a bit about it! It's been quite some time I have Starbucks coffee.

*Coffee of the day: Starbucks Anniversary Blend - Sweet and Spicy*

The Barista hand over two cups of hot coffee to me, I was all excited and happy I totally forgot about the sugars and milks. And I straightaway head back to car, start it and wait for Bun who went to ATM machine for money withdraw.

*Starbucks is LOVE!*

*Camwhored happily with my cup of coffee, totally forgot the existance of sugar and milk. LOL!*

After that, we're actually heading back to Air Panas to meet Bun's friend Richard for brunch, and while we're on the way, Bun asked me: Where's those sugars and milks?

I was like: Oops!!! I totally forgot about that!!!!! OMG!! We're going to have kopi-o? DAMN!!!

Luckily there's some packet of sugars and coffee mate at my house but only enough for one cup. Bun have to drink the bitter coffee. LOL! Sorry!!!

2 days after, it's Aira's birthday!!!! We didn't really plan anything for that night, just some casual dinner and dessert time. 5 people: Me, Xuan Xuan, Hana, Kei and the birthday girl!

*Xuan Xuan's obsession towards Kei's phone.*

*Kei and Aira, I like to see them laugh, they gave me some happiness feelings*

*Motherly Kei... Awww~*

These are all the photos I have because my camera battery die on me during the dinner time!! Sighs~ I missed a lot of photo taking moments because we're having desserts at Dessert's Bar (again! LOL!) and there's present opening session!!!!

Argh~ Anyway, Aira, I wish you all the best for the coming year and please, don't forget us, contact us more often k?

Totally random.... this is one LAST GROSS PHOTO, if you can't stand blood don't see this.

I don't know how this happen, really! He's sleeping, and suddenly when he turns and facing up, I saw saliva with blood just drool out like that. I'm a bit panic but after some time thinking I think he bite the gum of his growing teeth and caused some bleeding. But still, heart pain seeing this.


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Coffee!!!!! O_O I didn't know there's free coffee from starbucks *shocked* ~~~

Ehhh xD Too excited until forgot about milk and sugar packets !!~~~ XD Kawaii ne Reiko-chan.

Xuan xuan likes kei-chan's hp? Probably with the accessories on her phone =) Lots right? hahahaha XDDDDD And yess!! She's motherly lol......the photo shows "awwwwww"

*gasp* O_O aaa~~T^T *over the photo* but he's okay now? hehehe

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

LOL! I know who you are!!! XD