Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Greetings from Aus & Nov

I joined Plurk around end of August. From there, I met some new friends, and this one friend - Yatz told me that there's this superb delicious siew yuk (roast pork) shop located at those old shop lots behind Times Square.

Reading Yatz's blog post of this siew yuk shop makes me saliva drools like river flow.

And 2 days after my cousin bro Joseph's wedding day, Bun's friend TahWai is back from Australia for a short stay due to cousin's wedding too!

While Bun's friend all thinking where to have late lunch at, immediately I thought of this legendary siew yuk. What a good chance to try it out.

After letting all friends know the agak-agak location (because I never been there before), we head to these shop lots behind Time Square, behind Shaw Parade to search for this legendary siew yuk.

After some turns, we finally arrive at this ordinary corner shop lot.

*Wong Kee Hai Lam Chicken Rice Restaurant*

We reach the restaurant by 3p.m. Very late lunch it is. It looks like going to rain and not much customers too.

We're the first among friends to reach the place, and others are still on the way, so we find a table, sit down and wait for others to arrive.

*This fella starts feeling cranky after some wait...*

*Showing all the tak syok faces... What can I do? Uncles and aunties slow ma~ Not your parents don't want fast.*

*Start crying already~ Ahhh!! HELP!!!!!! Don't cry pleeeease~!!!*

After 10 - 15 mins of waiting, finally all of them arrive. Let's order!

*You can see the shocking price listed there, on the wall. RM13.50 per stick. RM75 per kg*

*We ordered half bird of roasted chicken and 3 sticks of siew yuk*

Honestly, the first bite of the siew yuk is something unforgettable. The texture of layers of pork and fats, the crunchyness of its skin, the taste.... Wow~ Everything is sooooooo perfectly made! The best is, everyone agrees this is indeed delicious!!!!

Lucky me~ If this is not delicious I think I'm going to be one of the gossip topics for bringing them to expensive restaurant with low grade foods.

Anyway, still can't believe the total amount of this lunch. RM96.70 for 6 pax include beverages. All I can say is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RM16++ per person!!!! Pure insane!!!!!! Just some ordinary food which can get anywhere easily!!!! LOL!

But since that day, I'm always seeking chances to go back to this restaurant to have their siew yuk... If anyone is going, can let me and my son join? Please??? LOL!

After the tasty but expensive lunch, some of them suggested that we find a decent place, sit down and blow water ( yum cha + chatting). Since we're already around Bukit Bintang, all of us agree head down to Pavillion.

OMG! My SECOND visit to Pavillion. Okay I admit I'm very sua ku. Other people probably went there for hundredsand thousand times and this is only my SECOND visit. Some more I stayed at KL.

*Went to this Daily Kopitiam instead of Starbucks... Economy no good ma.*

*Xuan Xuan also went inside order drinks.*

After 2 hours of blow water, it's time to go home. But I don't wanna go home yet... So I asked Bun to buy me donuts! LOL~ A reason for me to stay at Pavillion a lil longer...

*OHMYGOD!!! J.CO Donuts!!! My First J.CO Donuts!!!!!*

*You won't believe how long I've waited for this day to come! Doki-doki!!!*

*Awwww~ Donutsssss!!!! SIX of them... ALL MINE!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!*

When it comes to donuts, nobody can snatch any from me including my son. The best I can do is let you have a bite or two. I'm a donut freak~!!!! I can just live by eating donuts. LOL!

After trying the J.CO donuts, I really have to admit that this is way better than Big Apple's! The texture of the donuts is much more delicate than Big Apple's, and all those creamy toppings are much tastier than Big Apple's too!

Some more they're using Belgium Chocolate for the chocolate flavour toppings. It taste better and different from Big Apple's one. You can tell the difference if you're a chocolate addict like me. Haha~

Anyway, for a friend who come back all the way from Australia, we're not going to settle for just one time gathering. The next day, all of us are having dinner together!! And this time, the venue will be The Gardens, Midvalley.

*Ready, set GO!!!!*

*Colours of contact lenses are heavily photoshopped. Haha~*

*While waiting for elevator...*

*After some discussions with friends, we decided to try out this Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant*

*We have to wait to be seated and we definitely waited more than 20 minutes! Luckily there's this waiting section with sofas and they serve us lime juice during our wait*


*Good thing is we're able to order our foods before we're seated.*

*Finally~ Seated!*

*This fella also kena seated on baby chair. Haha!!!*

*After 5 mins waiting, here comes our food!!! Bun's Fried Sliced Beef with Green Onions in Claypot Set Meal, side dishes and rice included. RM19.80*

*Tender beef slices with green onions. Tasty!*

*And this will be mine - Fresh Tomato Fried Egg with Fish Set Meal, chef recommended! RM19.80*

*It was delicious at the begining, but somehow after eating it for some time, you'll feel a bit too much of tomato.*

I forgot how much is the total bill for that night's dinner, but all of us had fun. We even went to Paddington House of Pancakes to continue our blow water session.

Don't know why, I just love to hang out with friends, whether they're my friends or Bun's friends. I love to see everyone chat and laugh and enjoying all the great times together.

Talking about great times, all the contents below are freshly serve!!! 1st of November ( Yeah, few days ago!), We're having this mini gathering at The Gardens once again, but this time, is with my friends, and it's Kevin a.k.a Lao Gao (Monkey in hokkien) 20th birthday!!!

*Kam Sao and Xuan Xuan... They look like father & son today! With matching colour clothes!*

We meet up with Kevin and Steven at the centre court entrance and thought of having tea together at delicious, but who knows these people haven't had their lunch yet! And due to rainy day, delicious is seriously crowded with people who tea while waiting for rain to stop.

We walked around and decided to head back to The Gardens for more variety of foods. Walked to Fong Lye, but Kevin thought off checking the price of Yuzu, Japanese restaurant. After checked, the price was bit too high so they decided to go back to Fong Lye. LOL!

Here we are again, Fong Lye!

*Kam Sao's French Caramel Milk Tea. The aroma of caramel is sooooo nice but it tasted just like ordinary milk tea. LOL! RM5.30*

*But who knows this French Caramel Milk Tea has become Xuan Xuan's favourite!!! Keep drinking~*

*Strawberry Milk Ice. Very strawberry-ish! Forgot the price. LOL!*

*My OoLong Passion Fruit Tea. RM7.30*

*Sweet Potato Balls!! This has officially become my favourite food from Fong Lye. I love its crunchyness and chewyness! Tasty!!! And the rabbit toothpick holder is uber cute! RM5.30*

*Peanut Ice. Tasted just like Chinese's warm peanut soup 花生糊 but iced! Very peanut-ish! RM7.30*

*Birthday monkey's Deep Fried Pork Chop Fried Rice Set.*

*Steven and his gf's Mixed Seafood & Meat Set Meal, RM29.80. Recommended by chef.*

*Xuan Xuan is very cranky that day... Lao gai-ed all the time. Played with the meal's orchid decoration and be quite for a while*

*So coincidentally Xuan Xuan wears the same set of clothes like last visit to Fong Lye. Haha!*

*No, this is not Kevin the birthday monkey, this is Steven and his gf. LOL!*

It is super funny that on our way home, we realised that except Steven and Kam Sao, none of us had our photo captured that day, including the birthday boy's! LOL!!!!

Anyway, don't you feel sorry for us ya Kevin. Even though it's just a short 2 hours+ gathering but still we enjoyed ourselves.

Wishing you once again: Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your last year of being underage wor~! Haha!

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Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

i've never been to the eating outlets that u mentioned. i've read about the siew yuk many times but reluctant to try coz is expensive. and i've been to time square less than 5 times. i guess only twice