Monday, November 2, 2009

Joseph & Maggie, ♥ Happy Wedding ♥

End of September, one of my closest cousin brother which I share a lot of childhood memories with got married!!! Congratulation!!!!!

Of course, as one of the closest family member which share the same blood line, my family attended all of the ceremony, tea party and dinner!!! Haha~

Friday night, Bachelor Night!

*Off We Go!!!!*


*Wedding gift from me and my family~ I super love the present paper! So sweet!!!*

*Wedding dinner invitation card. Traditional yet cute!*

*I've mentioned before in Twitter that my cousin brother - Joseph is surprisingly a romantic person!!! You can't believe what he did when he propose and how he decorate the stairs with all these lovely balloons which lead to their newly furnished room!*

*Balloonsss~ Wish I have one...*

*Me & my flowery man. Suddenly thought of Hana Yori Dango or Korean's Flower Boys. Wo~ Wo~ Paradise!!!!*

*This pair of Purple colour lens really turns me off!!!
Can't believe such a big Korean company can make such mistake! Anyone wanna donate me one side of this GEO lens? 0 degrees. CM902! LOL!*

*But the defect can't stop me from camwhoring~ Hohohoho!!!!*

Saturday morning, tea ceremony time!!! We have to go to PJ as early as 8a.m. And I just slept for 3 - 4 hours.

*Puffy eyes and face, call me PowerPUFF Mummy! LOL! *

*This is what chinese called "喜气洋洋"*

*This lotus bloom just on time~ How pretty!!!*

*Aunt prays before the newly weds arrive*

*Here they come!!!*

*Jeng Jeng Jeng Jeng~ Bro Joseph*

*The Newly Weds~ So pretty!! Don't you think my cousin bro's wedding suit looks a bit like Mickey Mouse's?*

*Happy Happy~*

*Rain down the confetti!!!*

*Bro Joseph and Sis in law Maggie*


*Paying respects by praying to the ancestors*

*The Ong Family*

*The Youngsters of Ong Family - Just a small part.*

*While waiting for the bride to change another gown for the tea ceremony, I just went around and snap photos. Mickey & Minnie, Maggie's favourite. That is why everything looks so Mickey Minnie-ish, including my Bro Joseph! LOL!*

*Even my uncle and aunt went to change their clothes into traditional Chinese apparel during the tea ceremony. Of course, their son's wedding ma~ Must wear nice look nice!*

*Here starts the tea ceremony.*

*Gifts from my uncle and aunt. Gold Watches with Diamonds!!! *o**

*Gold Bling!!!!*

*Another gift from my aunt to her beloved son - Gold Necklace.*

My camera battery die on me after this picture. Sighs~ Anyone knows the price of a brand new Nikon Lithium Ion Battery Pack? I think I need to get one in near future. I just can't live my life without camera!!!!

The tea ceremony ended quite fast, all of us had fried bee hoon with special nyonya sauce, fried rice and lots of chrysanthemum tea before we head back home.

The wedding dinner held at Grand Ballroom of Summit Hotel. Quite some distance from Setapak. I start preparing myself and everything as early as 5pm!!! Much more early than my own wedding dinner. LOL!!!

*Dolled up! Me as Vampire. LOL! With bloody red dress x green contact lens. Hoho~! Tonight is going be a camwhore night!!!*


*Beautiful ballroom's welcome board*

*Loving swan ice scuplture and lights decoration*

*DaddyCharlie and Xuan Xuan. Grandfather and Grandson*

Subang's traffic always pack + not much car park space that's why we reach the ballroom by 8p.m. and it's time the dinner start. Can't linger around much at the outside of the ballroom.

*Grand Ballroom*

I thought I will be sitting at the same table along with my parents, but who knows a lot of relatives from other states which are much elder than my dad were arranged to sit at the same table with my parents.

That means we don't have our own seat, literally.

Then we move on to my 2nd aunt's table, but there's already 15 adults and kids pack themselves in that table. So??? Where's my seat????

I feel kinda upset due to the miscommunication and disorganised of the seats for us, these so-call younger generations. And end up we 4 have to sit with my uncle's neighbour, whom we don't know at all. Sighs~

Anyway, just right when we found our table, here come the bride and bridegroom, walking down the aisle with all the pretty angels leading the way.

*May angels be with them, blessing the couple with all the love in this journey of life*

*How touching it is, accepting applauses and blessings from all the guests*

*Opening dance by the angels*

*Right after the opening dance, it's wedding cake cutting ceremony!*

*So sweet~ *

*Table deco and complimentary appetizer - fruit cake*

*The first dish - Deluxe Four Hot & Cold Combination. After some time, there's roasted pineapple smell lingering around the table! Haha~*

*Xuan Xuan very the boring.*

*The Boring Trio*

*While waiting for the dishes to be serve... Photo taking is the best thing to do.*

*Due to respect, Bun is cutting the Special Steamed Chicken with Herb Sauces into small pieces so the people at this table can easily take the chicken meat without fuss.*

*Menu of The Night*

*After the 4th dish, time to propose a toast to the guests tonight*

*Yum Seng~~~~~*

*My mum insists I take some candid shot of them savouring the meal. LOL!*

*The newly weds went to each and every table to take group photos. But they skipped my table. *

*My 1st aunt and eldest cousin brother's family. Big family this is.*

*Two leng zais*

*Last dish, I thought there stated 'Deep Fried Chinese Pancake'... But this Dou Sa Piah(豆沙饼)look-alike thingy is NOT chinese pancake!!! I want my Chinese PANCAKE!!!! This Summit Hotel cheat me!!!!*

*A group pic with the bride's parents.*

*Champagne glass with roses petals... Romantic*

*My pretty MummyJoyce*

*MummyJoyce, Bro Sheng and my beautiful cousin sister Mandy*

*I miss the times when we play together when we're small. Nostalgia*

*Another cousin sister, but I don't know what's her nickname.(And I don't know whether she'll like her name announce to public, so I shall write it as 'My Another Cousin Sister'. LOL!)*

*All the Pretty Woman of Ong Family*

*Me and handsome Xuan Xuan*

*I wonder when is the last time my parents take couple photo like this. Sweet!*

*What's wrong with me??? Why I post such cute pose when I should pose something elegant? Damn! My brain is not functioning when someone taking photo of me*

*Lovely couple under a love shape arch*

*A massive family potrait! Too bad some family members left earlier*

*Now, Maggie is one of the family member of my 3rd uncle's family. Welcome!*

*My dad's sister, that means my aunt too. LOL! English names of relationship are so confusing, each and every elderly people are either aunt, or uncle.*

*My Family Potrait*

*Bro Sheng and the half melted ice swan sculpture*


*These fellas kakacaucau~ LOL!*

*I'm Vain*

*Green is THE Colour*

*Call me Reiko the Vampire tonight!*

Overall foods served was average, unlike those from Chinese restaurant. It's very true that wedding dinner of Chinese should be held at Chinese restaurant. 100% Chinese food with 100% Chinese feel.

Beside foods, felt that all the guests are a bit too fake in the sense of manners and politeness. I don't see much of alcohols on the table that night too. The atmosphere is a bit cold. I like it how all those drunken uncles yelling and shouting happily in the restaurants. Haha~

Anyway, I'm happy that my cousin bro Joseph is able to marry his first love. By here, I wish Joseph and Maggie a happy, carefree life till the end of the time. May love be with the two of you all the time.

P.S: Maggie is now pregnant!!! Double happy news or what!!! Weeeee~ Xuan Xuan is going to have a playmate soon!


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

chinese wedding should be held in chinese restaurants because...

that's where those yum seng comes in.. more chinese atmosphere. and more like it celebration

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Yeah, that's what I like about wedding dinner at chinese restaurant. An atmosphere that represent prosperity and happiness.