Friday, November 6, 2009

Leisure Time

Went to sing k at Red Box Plus, Pavillion with cutie Hana last month. For no reason that day was on her treat! Thank you very much Hana for such a wonderful day.

My third visit to Pavillion and my first visit to Red Box Plus.

We reach around 10:45a.m., a lot of parking space and some spare time for us to find the exact location of Red Box Plus. LOL! First timer ma~ Plus Pavillion is so damn big we can't really tell which direction is where and have to refer to the directory board.

Anyway, here we are!!!

*Red Box Plus, anything plus/extra like extra charges???*

We reach there before 11a.m., so we have to wait a while before the early bird session starts. There's this very cosy waiting section with sofas and LCD to entertain you while waiting.

*I suppose this is a lounge? But no one serving anything in the morning, maybe at night.*

*The cosy waiting section*

*Cutie Hana in Purple today~*

11a.m., session starts, Room 25 is our room! The whole interior of this Red Box Plus is so modern chic. All the floral and swirls wallpaper really added a lot of classiness into the ambience.

Right after we put down our belongings in the room, breakfast, here we come!!!

*Buffet area. Quite variety of foods served!*

*Desserts. Cakes are surprisingly delicious!!!*

*Appetizers. Salads, cold plates, cocktail sausages, tomato soup, YUM!!!*

After getting our foods, it's time to PARTAYYYYYYY~!!!!

*This is one of Xuan Xuan's favourite song of the time: Poker Face by Lady Gaga*

*Greedy lo him, one person use to mics*

*Happy happy sing k session~*

*Two mother and a son (Hana is Xuan Xuan's godmother~)*

The early bird session is from 11a.m. till 3p.m. and it only cost RM18++ per pax! RM20.50 after tax and service charge! I never know that sing k at Red Box Plus will be this cheap!!! Tasty foods, nice ambience plus super kind, smiling waiters!!!

I'll pay visit to this Red Box Plus once again next week! (If no changing to the plan! Hopefully!!!)

Xuan Xuan keeps on walking in and out of the room, smiling at those waiters. LOL! Sometimes I really beh tahan and laugh at my son for being silly. But it's a good thing that he being kind and smile to strangers but refuse to let them carry/hug/hold. Smart boy!!!

We decided to linger around after sing k. While heading to Forever 21, we saw an event going on at the concourse area. A launching of Kolam festival, can be said as early celebration of Deepavali?

You should see those gowns on the models, all the blings from Swarovski make those gowns look so beautiful. And this huge, colourful peacock feathers like Rangoli, pretty isn't?

*Staff adjusting gown and model posing with the huge, pretty Rangoli while waiting for the event to start*


*The stairs were all decorated with Rangoli. There's some exhibit of gowns and dresses aside too*

We didn't stay and watch the whole event, instead we go to Forever 21 and help Hana to hunt down some dresses for her everyday wear.

*My 1st time went into F21's changing room. You can't believe how pretty it is. Those chandeliers and huge mirrors, I want my future changing room/walk-in wardrobe to be like this!*

*This fella kakacaucau go and take those sunglasses and put on. LOL! For girls one la~*

From Forever 21 to Dorothy Perkins to Topshop to Zara, nothing catches Hana's eyes. LOL! Tight budget, have to choose carefully. Anyway, that day ends with a cup of San Francisco Mocha Blended. Promotion buy 1 free 1!!! Weeeee~ That'll be RM7+ per cup.

Thank you thank you Hana! It's a happy outing with you. Hope you enjoy yourself too that day!

After reach home, Bun said wanna go grocery shopping. LOL! Immediately we go to Jaya Jusco. Me and Xuan Xuan non-stop travelling that day. Haha!

*On the way to JJ, die die also want to camwhore!*

Before grocery shopping, we went to playland a while. Xuan Xuan totally can't resist to go into the playland. (The one you have to pay and go inside one, time basis)

Bun went in together as guardian and I'm sitting at those small bench outside, watching this pair of dad and son running around, climbing up and down and laughing together.

Although it's a small period of time, but this moment, I felt something called happiness.

*Thank you for giving me the daily dose of happiness~*


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

did u say deepavali? kan dah lepas?

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

hey hey, the Red Box early bird is for weekdays or weekends?
Plan to go there lar.. haha..

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

"we put down our belongings in the room" <-- nobody look after it ar?

u took brunch oredi not breakfast haha

if u sing at night will b very expensive, about 60++ / person haha!

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Yeah, last month ma! XD

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

I think for weekdays only oh.
Apply leave and go la. Worth every cent! XD

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

LOL! Our room is just around the corner of the buffet section, plus we bring all our valuable items with us, no point take empty bag lo.

Yeah, brunch! At night they have three course dinner also, RM18++ for weekdays and RM25++ for weekends, not sure about the price for midnight session.