Thursday, November 26, 2009

Oh~ Happy Kei Day!

22nd of November is an official 'Kei's Day' to me. I hope that this will go on and on and on for the rest of my life and will never ever have to change.

*Accidentally snap this pic of Kei and decided to make it Her Pic Of The Day. (Looks like a bit emo... Hope you don't mind.) Happy Birthday Love~*

Planned an urgent mini birthday gathering the night before. It will be a mini afternoon birthday gathering, all the way from Steven's Corner Setapak to Sg Wang's Purikura booth.

*I think the existence of Xuan Xuan has bring out all the motherly love in all of us. Motherly Hana this is *

*While waiting for Hana walk Xuan Xuan back, saw a huge mirror-like wall outside the shoe shop. Decided to test taking picture see nice or not. And it's amazingly CLEAR CRISP PIC!*

*With Hana and Xuan Xuan back into the group~ Not good enough leh this formation.*

*Yeah~ This is IT! But I covered my face with camera. FML!*

*While waiting for elevator...*

*Decided to take purikura before lunch. Using this machine - Moteko no Hana Michi, 14tokens = RM28, the colours and contrast of the sticker is nice and lots of decoration items provided by the machine.*

*So cute~! Looks like print from the purikura machine right??? Hahaha~*

*The lighting inside purikura machine is purely made for camwhore. Camwhore gao gao inside while waiting Aira change tokens!*

*After done with the 1st take of purikura, some of us got so hungry and we decided to dine at this dunno what Bee House located at roof top 6th floor... One of the cheapest place to dine in Sg. Wang*

*Kei and Son(Aira)*

*Hana and me and the forever-non-stop-busybody Xuan Xuan*

*We had all these~ The spaghetti was okay but Hana say got some weird taste. (Cheese maybe?) Son's toast set is SUPER YUMMY!!! But definitely not my Fish Ball Soup Bee Hoon, SUPER SALTY full of MSG! Cheap thing no good thing*

*Holy Kei is CUTE!!!! Can't tahan myself must add some cute stuffs on her to make her look cuter! LOL!*

And now, meal owner and their respective meal photos LOL!:

*Hana and her breakfast set. (Kei finish the spaghetti for her. LOL!)*

*Kei and her Hong Kong style maggie mee*

*Last but not least, Son with her yummy toast set. YUM!*

*After meal, continue our purikura session. This machine takes bling bling purikura, super pretty! And this time purikura is on Hana's treat!!! Sankyuu dear!*

Of course, while waiting for the tokens to arrive, camwhore again.... And guess what, I photoshopped everything into 70's 80's pop art style. (At least try to make it look like one....)

*The more I look at Kei in this photo, the more I think she looks like one of the ABBA members. LOL!!*


*Hana showing the curious baby where the sticker will come out.*

*I seriously think taking Purikura is an addiction. Once you've started it's hard to stop. We saw this booth with so many lights, sounds and a mini stage we just couldn't stop ourselves for not changing the tokens. LOL! We're Purikura freaks.*

*Sneak peaks... Will post one by one after done cutting it.*

One final photo for this post, my bigass camwhore photo LOL!

*Happy Birthday my beloved Kei-chan... You'll get shower by many many of our loves for this coming year too! Look forward to the next outing with you!*


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

happy birthday! =)

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Thanks :D

Anisa said...

which floor is the sungei wang's purikura machines in? (:

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

3rd floor. :)

Unknown said...

Seem like iknow the girl in red blouses..sent my regard to her..sheila old fren with full of old memories..sigh