Wednesday, November 11, 2009

OMG!!! I Found My Memory Card Part 2

Yeah~ Part 2 is finally here!!! Should've post this yesterday but my mum took away the laptop so delayed.

*Look different... Is this really my son?*

14th of December, my dad's birthday. He shares the same birth date with former Liverpool player - Michael Owen. And my dad is a die hard Liverpool fans. I think he's been supporting Liverpool for over 30 years.

*The Birthday King*

*My favourite dish in Sushi King*

*Sushi King - my dad's favourite*

*We went to Jusco AU2 because there's a Sushi King outlet over there. No need to go all the way down to Ampang Point for Sushi King anymore.*

*Christmas is just around the corner. Those balloons up there looks like chillies to me. Red and green ones*

*During the Grand Opening of Jusco AU2, alot of clown balloon decoration was used! These balloon decoration are from Taiwan. Taiwan is really a land full of creative entrepreneurs.*

*LOL! UFO Furnitures. I bet they have lots of Alien customers*

*Chubby Xuan Xuan and a balloon clown*

*Clown = Stephen King's It, Pennywise lookalike = nightmare*

*I think baby and fluffy towel is a very cute combination for photos! Don't you think so?*

*Xuan Xuan looks like a bee. Reminds me of the Bee Movie*

*Wearing a hot pink headband. With bling bling big jewels some more!*

*Awwww~ How cute is this!!! At this moment I wish he is a she so I can dress him up like a doll*

*At some lighting shop, Puchong. These chandeliers are so pretty I want one for my future house!*

*Did you see there's a word 'BORING!' showing on his forehead?*

10th February 2009, my first visit to NiuZeXui at Ara Damansara. 9th of Februrary 2009 marks the 2 years milestone of me and Bun's wonderful encounter.

I thought Bun forgot what this day means to us but in fact he's not. He take me to visit NiuZeXui and we're going to dine at this lovely place called Full House too. You don't know how envy am I when I heard all the dining experience at Full House from my friends.

*Little Tokyo, I wonder is this still opening for business now. I wanna go inside and have a look!*

*Mickey & Minnie wedding statue. So lovely!*

We reach there by 8pm+ and there's no empty table for us. We have to wait for 30 minutes for our turn in the reservation. Really is FULL HOUSE! Anyway, while waiting for time to pass, we walked around to see what's there.

*Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas statue!*

*Mamma Mia Shop! Most items selling in the shop are paintings and home decoration stuffs*

*Human size nutcracker!! If you put your hand into its mouth I think can crack too!*

*Oh my gosh! The nutcracker looks evil here. I think he wanna crack Xuan Xuan's nut-alike round head!*

*The Festuve Fun-tasy Disney Lanterns and Lights exhibition show held at NiuZeXui for the Chinese New Year period. I heard that need to pay entrance fee, but on that day we just go in like that, free of charge! Lucky!!!*

*Mickey and friends lanterns*

*Lilo & Stitch*

*It's Tigger!*

*All the cute characters*

*The robot ones. Stitch looks fugly here!*

*Marie, looks so cute and pretty at the same time!*

*Pooh and friends*

*This Mickey is super bling!*

*Buzz Lightyear!*

Looking at all these lanterns, statues and lights decoration makes me feel like I'm in one part of Disneyland. Very pretty it is. I wanna visit Disneyland someday. (random notes: Do you know that a Disneyland will be build at Shanghai? Why not Malaysia???)

*Here we are: Full House*

*A bride escaping~*

*This is pretty!!! I'm so going to decorate my house like this!*

*Somehow here looks a bit messy from this angle. LOL!*

*Perfect place for tea party!*

*White dove, peacefully romantic*

*They have cute menu*

*Set Meal introduction using art. Nice!*

*Mushroom Cappucino Soup. Nice but a bit expensive. RM7 for a small cup.*

*Wok Sear Chicken Chop. Taste very Chinese*

*Chicken Chop, but the sauce is same as the Wok Sear ones. I don't like the taste, too fusion.*

*Don't simply try this Chocolate Mint if you're not adventure enough. For me, it's a bit too sweet but I like the refreshing minty feeling.*

*Bun's peach smoothie. Taste a bit funny to me.*

*Fatty Xuan Xuan. After Chinese New Year he gain some weight. LOL!*

*LOL! I always take off his tees halfway leaving it on his head.*

*Okay~ Last pic. No more!!! Bye~!!!*


=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

xuan xuan so chubby. mummy, he'll be a fashion designer when he grows up because you always groom him with all the ladies stuff..

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

guess you doesnt remember me with this name appeared, in facts we've been know each other years ago, eventhough we're really not close.found out about you from a friend and was shocked hearing that you have a son now!

curiosity leads me here, and after 1-2 weeks "diving" and finished reading your blog, now here i am on the "surface" to say hi.. and honestly, you have a really cute son!! sure you're very proud of him..

untill then, waiting for more blog updates from you!

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

LOL! IS HE???? Then I must be the luckiest mum in the world, I CAN HAS DESIGNER CLOTHESS!!! WEEEE~!!!!

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

If we know each other, one thing definitely is you're not using the name 'Wincy' in real life. 

Thanks for willing to comment and say hi, at least I know I'm connected to one old friend again.

Haha~ Which baby doesn't look cute eh??? I also wanna see that un-cute baby. LOL!

=::~+Reiko+~::= said...

haha, you're right! i was known by this name only started from college time..know la,secondary time we're all using the real name ma.. :P

i think if you drop by to see my blog or my facebook, surely you'll recognize me when you see my pic...let me know if you manage to find out who am i..and add me too!

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