Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pre-Royale Chirstmas at Pavilion

Went to Pavilion with bunch of friends last Tuesday. It's REALLY an 'ENJOYABLE DAY' with my fellow friends. (Quote from Peiyue)

*Me and Peiyue. Recently she wears black outfit everytime I sees her. Why ar?*

*Of course, Bun and this lil fella come along too*

*I grab this photo from Peiyue's facebook photo album. I have this version of photo too, but stupid me accidentally delete the wrong photo while I was viewing the playback using the camera. Argh~ I love that photo soooooo much!*

*After knowing that the photo was gone, I force everyone to take another group pic before we leave Red Box... Too bad what's gone will remain gone. Not as pretty as the previous deleted pic.*

OMG, those who befriends with Kevin Tay Cheng Young MUST... I say MUST go sing k with him ONCE IN YOUR LIFETIME. I can guarantee you will go 'WOW!!!!!' when listen to his singing. (Suki, next year you come back we go sing k with Kevin ok?)

*The rainbow colours. Super pretty!*

Our karaoke session ended at 3pm, we come out from the room at 3:30p.m. We spent half an hours inside the room just for camwhoring purpose. We are soooo vain.

After that, we decided to have a walk around Pavilion. To my surprise, Pavilion already set up all the christmas decoration and everybody is camwhoring with the decorations.

*Flying Reindeers*

*Where is Santa Claus??*

*I find that I take a lot of picture with Peiyue this day.*

*Seeing this I wanna go to Santa Claus office at Lapland.*

*Xuan Xuan FIRST photo with reindeers and christmas decorations.*

*This is called: I Shoot You Shoot Me!*

*A lot of Christmas trees at the main entrance of Pavilion*

*Suddenly, I got the idea to snap 'jumping' photos. I asked Kam Sao to become my model and it's quite successful, but too bad can't see much of the floor, if not this will be one of the nice photo I think.*

Yeah, after that, I decided to join in the 'jumping team' and ask Peiyue to become the photographer. Me and Kam Sao jump for the few times, but the outcome isn't that satisfying. Kevin saw us jumping like crazy and wanna join in the jumping team too.

So yeah~ Three crazy people jump non-stop in front of the entrance of Pavilion. Beside this, Kevin keep on ask me: Hey, you guys really WILL jump or not??? Really jump one right??? Alohai~ Who wanna bluff you and let you one person jump? You got paranoid schizophrenia (被害妄想症) is it?

*Landing landing 1, 2, 3*

*Test flying 1, 2, 3*

*We're doing the sakai Christmas prayer and dance*

*We're almost there..........*

*OMG! You should scroll back up and see what Xuan Xuan is doing while we're trying to make this jumping photo a success. He must be thinking: Why mummy and her friends jump non-stop one??? So weird....*

*Pretty Poinsettia and the Christmas tree*

*Xuan Xuan, don't pluck the roadside flowerpoinsettia. 路边的野花你不要采*

*The famous fountain located in front of Pavilion. Almost every friend in my facebook been to Pavilion before, sure will take photo with this fountain. This is the first time I look at it in such near distance and take picture of it*

*Pose of the day: ^_^Y. You can see me posing the V-sign almost all the photos I'm inside.*

*White reindeers and white santa claus ride. I bet it'll be more pretty when the light decoration lit-up at night. Too bad we're not staying until night time.*

*Me, V-sign and the half-face of the reindeer. LOL!*

*As if we're visiting some snowing country. Dreamy white!*

*Again, with Kam Sao doing some funny pose.*

*You have no idea how much time we spend at the main entrance snapping tons of pictures. This fella is all tired and sweating, Bun have to manually blow dry him and keep him windy.*

After we finish snapping pics at the outside, let's move to the inside shall we?

*Oh My Gosh~ So many Christmas trees and the huge pair of burgundy coloured curtains. The rich taste of Christmas*

*Again, asked Kam Sao to pose some silly pose.*

*Did I saw somebody trying to act cute????*

*He take pictures of whatever he sees.... But he don't upload photos into facebook nor blog, I wonder what he wanna do with those pictures.*

*One of the best photo I took that day, with one of the best bunch of friends I have. Thanks for making this day an enjoyable day. I still find myself smiling when I view the photos.*

*Kam Sao with the huge Christmas Tree*

*I love this photo alot. The reflection of me myself in the gold Christmas bauble. So Christmasy!*

*Year 2009 Christmas theme of Pavilion - A Royale Christmas*

*We saw skinny Santa Claus from Kiehl's. Lots of people wanna take picture with him. This is Xuan Xuan first time seeing Santa Clause, he feels so curious about the white beard and wanna pull it. LOL!*

*I think he snap more picture than me.... I wonder what is his main purpose of doing this.... To fill up the memory disk of his pc?*

*Repetition of going up and down of the stairs. I'm tired but Xuan Xuan is not*

*You can see a lot of white trees with ice glazed-like baubles and poinsettia around in the mall. Very pretty.*

Christmas is just around the corner. I feel more about Christmas after I read a book about Finland's education. There's a Santa Claus office located on a mountain of Lapland and every year the government of Finland made around 20,000,000,000MYR profit just because they have a Santa Claus in Lapland.

I will tell my son that Santa Claus does exist and I will encourage him to believe in it. I will not let the dreams and faeries in my son dies away. Hope every parents will too, let their child to keep on believing in Santa Claus and let their imagination soar high.


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Wow...you bring your lil one to sing-k! You a hot mum!

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

LOL! Yeah~ He's been to Karaoke for few times dy~ XD