Friday, November 27, 2009

Pre Travel Piss Off Incidents

Will be leaving KL after 10 - 11 hours later. Still haven't done packing yet but I blog to tell you guys that I'm going off. LOL! I guess I'm a lil bit over addicted to blogging.

I remember I saw a book wrote: Don't get marry with a guy which can't go travel with you. Means don't ever ever get marry to a guy that doesn't plan anything for the journey or argue with you just about anything related with traveling. I don't get it at first, but now I do get it.

Immature men are such annoying bitches when it comes to traveling. (Not saying all but mostly) They don't plan what to pack into the luggage, they don't plan what time will en route, they don't plan almost anything.

If you're telling me that you already plan everything in your mind, HELLO! That's not planning, that's just your thoughts. You never tell others about anything and you expect people to know what to do and what time to do it. How annoying!!!

Just had an argument with Bun and now I'm damn pissed off. There's always Pre-Travel argument between us, I'm really feeling unexcited to whatever we'll be doing and wherever we're going to. Everything is just so... random. Ill-planned travelling SUCKS MAX!!!

I just don't get it, while you're not done packing yet you ask me whether I'm able to do just about everything in time. And yeah yeah~ You'll be telling me that you don't have much thing to pack and you can done it quick but not me. I'll be leaving this and that behind if I can't manage to pack everything on time. FUCK! That's because I'm packing everything and you only pack YOUR THINGS! See the difference????

If you're gonna start bitching about why I'm still not doing anything yet, why don't you just DO IT????? Save your bitching time and do something that benefit the both of us, then we'll have less arguments. GEDDIT????

Gotta do some laundry now and start packing. Me alone. SUCKS!!!!

Maybe I'm able or may not able to blog, depends on the free-ALONE-time I have because I have a bunch of nieces and nephews that treat laptops like UFO, super curious about it I just can't do anything personal. I don't like people staring at my screen while I'm doing something, just feel weird about it.

Anyway, some leftover photos from Anime Hanabi Festivals. Photos by Kei's sister Kaede (which recently got her DSLR! *envy envy*) and Japle Projectuners. The quality is a bit shitty because I upload what they upload, so the quality decreased TWICE! You should see their original upload at:

Enjoy till the next time I post~ Bye bye *waves goodbye*!

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