Monday, November 30, 2009

Rakuzen at Hartamas Square

Last Sunday, went to Purikura with my beloved friends because it's Kei's birthday. (Read post here.) After that, Hana send Aira back to her hostel at PJ and both me and Hana decide to have Japanese meal as dinner that night.

She decided to have Rakuzen that night. At Hartamas Square. Mine is on her treat too... Thank you very much for treating me to such a wonderful dining place dear!

*Hartamas Square have this huge 3D cardboard decoration thingy exhibit at the 2nd floor, I asked Hana take photo with Xuan Xuan but Xuan Xuan was over excited he went up there and try to destroydrag those decoration. LOL! Can't manage to take a decent picture of them*

We went to Rakuzen around 630pm... The captain told us that it's already full house and asked us if we're willing to wait around 30 minutes because there's some customers almost finish their meal. Of course we're willing to wait, we're not that hungry.

We leave our contact number and decided to go to Times Bookstore to read books.

But I never knew Xuan Xuan will be this cranky at the book store. He's running here and there and drag all the books down from the shelf. He can't even sit down quietly for even 1 minute. Sighs~ I'm having a hard time to bring him back to the couch area and have to put back all the books to the rack. I'm going crazy!!!

Finally, around 7pm+, we sensed that the captain might not calling us, we head to Rakuzen straightaway to see whether there's seat for us.

Hana go up to the counter after seeing the captain is there, and politely ask about it because we've been waiting for more than half an hour. The captain said: Please wait while I assist other customers first. About 10 minutes later, only he's free to serve us and lead us to the seat.

Gosh~ I never knew we have to wait THIS LONG TIME to be seated and have our meal... I'm mad hungry by then....


*They're having some Hokkaido Fair... Got special Hokkaido menu. (Thought of Cheesie them going to Hokkaido at December. Me wanna go too!!!)*

*I agree all the statements above but not about "Impeccable Service"... Seriously, they have a lot to learn how to serve a customer properly and their working attitude."

*Yeah~ We're sitting in cubic couple seat room. Cute!!! Totally romantic for couples and intimate for best friends to have some girls talk!*

*There's lots of couple seat. Intelligent design I can say*

*There's warm towel for refreshing up!*

*Wish I have DSLR... SOB!*

We waited quite some time for waiters to come to take down our orders. Really felt that they have insufficient amount of waiters there. That's why everything takes so long time to arrive and serve.

Poor Xuan Xuan, cried and getting crankier due to the long wait and also because he is getting hungrier minute by minute.

*Hana ordered Nabeyaki(? I forgot the name for the set!) set. RM36. We told them we want the set with Sashimi rice ones but still, they gave us something else.*

*Asked for a change to this Sashimi rice, and guess what, it took more than 10 minutes for this correct order to arrive.*

*My Soft Shell Crab set. RM36. I've been waited for soooo long for my meal to arrive!!! Itadakimasu!!! Xuan Xuan gobbled up all my chawanmushi and half of Hana's too! LOL!*

*One of the mainside dish - Udon. Love their mushrooms, fresh and chewy!!!*

*Crispy Soft Shell Crab!!! My first time eating this. Taste kinda like KFC Fried Chicken but with some fresh crab meat. Nice~!!!*

Overall the food was nice and three of us enjoyed the food a lot. But seriously, their service is what that drags the rating down. Hope they'll have some improvement of their services the next time I visit. (Yeah~ Plan to visit them the second time for some special occasion. Maybe.)

Thank you Hana-chan for treating me and Xuan Xuan this wonderful meal. Next time I treat you go sing k ok? Haha!

P.S: If you're sitting at the cubic couple room, don't talk so loud, I can hear all your secret conversation.

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