Thursday, November 19, 2009

Spicy Days

My mother-in-law came to KL last month for a short stay. We're meeting her and had some great time together!

We celebrate her birthday together too. This is the first time I celebrate mother-in-law's birthday, too bad I didn't prepare any birthday present for her.

*Nah~ This is my birthday present. LOL!*

*Xuan Xuan's another obesession: my camera pouch*

*Emphasize his leng zai-ness*

*Am thinking to make this into monthly calendar and put as wallpaper*

*Kiss Kiss~ Chu!*

*He is the most busybody baby I've ever seen. He can never sit down steadily for 3 minutes more. Hands must touch this and that. You should see how he behave in the car*

We live at Bun's cousin sister's house for 2 days, because travel all the way from Setapak to Sungai Buloh and back is very time and fuel consuming. Minus all these time wasting journey, we can have more time to accompany Bun's mother.

And since Bun's brother is back to celebrate mother's birthday, we continuosly seek for food these few days. But if you ask what we had, all I can say is: Spicy food.

We had a lot of spicy foods for those few days I really doubted my tummy can really tahan or not. Luckily no stomach ache or anything. Phew~ But not for my MIL, her stomach is a bit discomfort due to too many spicy foods.

The last night at Sg Buloh, we're having the last dinner together with Bun's brother and Bun's cousin brother. And yes, we're having Thai food.

*One of the decent restaurant you can find around the housing area of Sg Buloh - Matang Thai Seafood Restaurant*

*The owner is really Thai. We're going to have genuine Thai food as dinner tonight!*

*This is Bun's cousin sister's son - Justin. He is one smart kid and loves to read! I wish Xuan Xuan can be as smart as him*

*Can you believe this is a 14 months toddler? He definitely looks older than his actual age don't you think so?*

*Kerabu. Super spicy that one. One bite the spicyness rush into my head and I can feel the spicy pain at my ears. This is not for me. Next!*

*Huge portion of cockles. But not as fresh as the Fish Farm Thai gigantic cockles. Too bad I don't eat cockles too. Next!*

*Kinda sour and spicy tom yam~ Edible*

Overall, this is a spicy meal for me. I keep on drink water to get rid of the spicy-ness on my tongue. Poor Xuan Xuan, only can have white rice + water. Bah~ tasteless food is better than those with rich flavours.

Anyway, the next day, after had our breakfast, Bun's brother wanna go to visit some greenie place for some walk. After buying the train ticket back to Ipoh for my mil, we decided to go to some nearest park and this is what we found:

*Taman Rimba Riang, but just a few steps walking inside we decided to head back to our cars because it's already 11a.m. and the sun is burning hot hanging in the middle of the sky. Gotta find another place then*

*Yeah~ We're at FRIM, Kepong. This is my first time visiting FRIM! It's so OMG huge landscape!!! We're going to the waterfall, have to climb these steps to reach the higher stream.*

*Icy cold water runs through his feet he gave me this look. Feeling chill ya?*

*Me Love Nature!*

*Let's sink our feet into this icy cold water!*

*After some time get used to the environment, he starts to show his true colour - busybody again!*

*A boy who loves swimming/water but doesn't like taking bath. Super weird*

*Strip him naked hahahahaha~ Does this photo looks like the Lion King scene which the monkey holding simba? LOL!*

*He's too scared to sink his whole body into the water, have to hold him like this and let him kick the water.*

*My first FRIM visit experience was short, but nice. Gonna visit this place more often in the future. It's such gift from mother nature to us.*

And that will be the end of this short staying trip of us and my family. Xuan Xuan misses his grandparents and cousins a lot, but we're still considering about going back to Ipoh during the public holiday of Haji or later.

Some random pic:

*Find that this China Fry Dumplings 锅贴 taste very nice! But a tad bit oily. The stall owner is from China too. Original China taste. At the corner food centre 红灯角 of Desa Setapak.*

*Went to grocery shopping at Carrefour the other day and saw this at the bakery section. Find this super hilarious I must take photo. (Ngam ngam that time Liverpool just won the match between Liverpool and Man Utd.) Who is the character then? Ryan Giggs?*

*Went to Wangsa Walk Cold Storage after Carrefour, and they're having a Austalian Food Fair. Bought this Australian Root Beer at RM3 something. Quite nice!*

Too many people birthday these few months, I think I'm going bankrupt soon.


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

lol my classmates bought that rootbeer too when we went there a few weeks ago XD

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

i just love to see xuan xuan... dun think of going to frim in the evening because nyamuk will follow u.. i kena before.. or maybe i was just too lucky tat day..