Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Amateurism Photog

I was a member of photography club during my high school times. That was one of the best club I've ever joined! (Beside drama club, drama club is AWESOME!!!)

My school wasn't really being supportive to our club. It's especially hard to get funds and equipments sponsor by school. Worst, we're being told to take photos of classes,clubs and events for the WHOLE SCHOOL and will publish into school's yearly magazine.

Insufficient funds, equipments and supports from school officially, but with all the passion for photography, we're still able to complete all the tasks, somehow, brilliantly. Of course, we have a very passionate and responsible teacher in charge of the club too, who is being 100% supportive and fighting for our rights to get what we need. Mr. Quek, you'll not be forgotten.

The times we apply for permits just to come out for the class for photoshoots, the times we hide in the darkroom, telling jokes and ghost stories, the times we organize trip to Genting and such, the times we plan for the farewell party and work hard for it.... Everything is truly, a precious memories to me.

*Added some dreamy bubbles effect.*

I've learned some bits about manually adjust the focus, aperture etc... But I know I'm still a baby in photography field.

I never put down my passion for photography, not even a day. I just take a camera, shoot what I want, all I want and being happy with it.

To me, what I shoot represent what is happening at the presence and a way for me to remember that particular feelings at that particular time. I always have a lot to say about my photo, can you feel it from what you see? 

My biggest wish is to own a DSLR all by myself. I will definitely, bring this baby with me ALL THE TIME. And recently, I'm in love with Lomography and toy cameras... I wish I can buy one or two toy cameras but too bad, now is not the time to endure my lust. Financial crisis, literally.

*Shocking RM19 parking fees at Pavilion.*

What is your favourite type of techniques use in taking photos?

To me, sometimes I like to do macro, sometimes I like to do bokeh, sometimes I love to do cloudscape photography and night photography. Basically, I would love to try anything and everything. I just love to see how the outcome will be like.

*Super high contrast and coloured sky of the North-South highway*

I don't have a theme while I shoot. When I see an object, my brain will automatically process a picture of it being captured and I will imagine the result of the photo. Based on that "imaginary outcome" in my mind, I will try to take photo of the object, recheck the image and shoot again. I'll shoot multiple times of an object so that I can choose the "closest" result I can get. Not sure whether you understand what I said. LOL.

Sometimes I don't get what I want. Hand is shaking, or the light source around are too low, yellow light bulbs is effecting the colour of the photos, motion blur etc etc. This time, I will just use photoshop to photoshop the photos.

Call this unoriginal, but which photographer just shoot and straight away publish his/her piece of work without retoucher retouch it? Even the greatest photographer, with the most expensive camera in this whole wide world will need a retoucher. I just want the result to be the way I wanted it to be. That's all.

*I 'burn' myself. I'm cooked. LOL!*

Currently, I'm using Nikon S210. All the photos in this blog you saw is taken by it unless stated. I start to photoshop all my photos before posting them on my blog starting this year. I find that it is for my own viewing pleasure. This is the last thing you can do in enhance your photos if you're not equip with the proper gadgets.

Besides, why would you want yourself to look ugly when you can make yourself look pretty? It's all about effort in beautifying. There's nothing in this world can be clarify as 'ugly' if you put enough time and effort in beautifying it.

*Green x White is love. Too bad that now Black is the new Black. LOL!*

I find it very tempting that 36 months installments are available for some DSLR cameras such as Sony A230. RM1799 divided into 36 months, pay less than RM50 a month and I can own an awesome DSLR. (To me, who never own a DSLR before, any beginner DSLR is totally awesome and mind blowing!)

I am somehow, desperately need DSLR for many purposes. Really have to do some price and spec research on DSLR. Imma going to search for the best bargain that any shop can offer. Maybe I can own one by next Chinese New Year. Have to pray hard for it!

*Pretentious Emo*

Feels relief after writing so, so much. Sorry that this post may bored you out but it is somehow, my very true feelings towards photography.

Besides, I found that Nuffnang have many passionate photographers cum bloggers (or vice-versa). It is fun to see all kind of photoshoot being organized and seeing all them having fun makes me more wanting to buy a DSLR and join in the fun too!

I may be an amateur in photography, but I can feel my passion is burning and the inner self of wanting to achieve more and more in this field. I don't wanna put hope in making big profit using this, I just hope I can be happy and left something for myself to remember of.

*Just Shoot It!*


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

You can always look up for 2nd hand DSLR. It's way cheaper coz most photographer always upgrade their cameras.

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

I scared got defects on the camera. Hard to find reliable seller. >_<
Aiming at 36 months installment. Haha!