Saturday, December 5, 2009

Beautiful Collaboration

Went to Pavilion with my fellow friends few weeks ago. It was a fun day for everyone of us. (Read post about it here!)

*The Grand-ish Christmas Decoration at Pavillion*

If you ever spend time walking around, it's not hard to notice that there's actually a mini exhibition of Barbie Dolls. Limited edition ones!!! All of them are soooooo pretty!!!

This mini exhibition of Barbie Dolls was held because Thomas Sabo (a designer) is launching his Barbie Charms collection. The charms of bracelet and necklace are so Barbie-ish, pinkish and pretty!!!

*This is the first time I saw so many limited edition Barbie dolls in one time!!!*

Each and every Barbie doll are unique and in limited quantity. Even if you're richer than Lim Goh Tong doesn't mean that you get to own some of these pretty plastic dolls.

*40th Anniversary Barbie - Click for description*

*Debut Barbie Doll - Click for more info*

*Reem Acra Bride Barbie Doll - Click for more info*

*Vera Wang Barbie - Click for more info*

*I find this Barbie is a bit ugly... My camera's fault I suppose? LOL!*
*Generation of Dreams Barbie Doll - Click for more info*

*The Soiree Barbie Doll - Click for more info*

*Capucine Barbie - Click for more info*

*Lady of The Manor Barbie Doll - Click for more info*

*Red Hot Reviews Barbie Doll - Click for more info*

*Steppin Out Barbie 1930s - Click for more info*

*Commuter Set Barbie - Click for more info*

*Titanic Barbie Doll - Click for more info*

*Last but not least, my favourite - Marie Antoinette Barbie - Click for more info*

Oh my!!! You don't wanna know how much time I spent on finding all the names of these dolls. Blame myself for not taking pictures of the dolls along with their name tags. But anyway, it's kinda fun to know all of their names and descriptions, like reading a history book but in a Barbie dolls way.

Anyway, Barbie dolls are like dream toys of almost every girl. Browsing through these photos kinda remind me of the first barbie I got from my dad which he bought it at Hong Kong. Although the doll no longer exist ( I donate it to orphans or something, can't remember), but still I remember how happy I was brushing her hair and dressing her up. Thanks dad!!!

LOL! I got some leftover Xuan Xuan at Pavilion's photos.

*We're all exhausted, sitting on the bench for a while and this lil fella, got attracted by those Christmas decorations by S&J. LOL! He's looking at the present box which got a snowman pop up from it automatically*

*LOLOLOL!!! There's a Christmas party for you dear, DEFINITELY!*

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