Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The BEST Christmas Decoration of Year 2009

All the Christmas decorations in various famous shopping mall of KL surely does leave us a lot of beautiful memories and photos isn't?

But I must say: Jaya Jusco AU2 have the BEST Christmas decoration of ALL TIME!

I am purely amazed by all the creativity and hard work that the decoration team of JJ AU2 put in to make this happen. Their decoration is definitely better than any of the shopping malls in Malaysia, or to say, in the whole world, because....

Recyclable Christmas Decoration

*Huge Christmas Trees and Snowman*

*More Christmas Trees*

*They're made of egg's paper trays. GENGness!!!*

*With just a lil bit touch up of non recyclable decoration, things can be Christmasy too!*


*Made by PET bottle.*

Imagine how much money will this particular branch of JJ save, besides, everything can be recycle, so you won't need to worry about where to store the decorations after the festive season passed.

This is what all those shopping malls should do, put in creative juice and make decorations with recyclable items. Lesser the trash, greener the earth. Besides, less money to spend on some decorations which you only can use for ONCE is so going to make the company save up A LOT!

Way to go JJ AU2!!! 

*Clown giving away balloons! Xuan Xuan is afraid of clowns, he doesn't want to shake hand with them.*

*He is feeling all happy to have balloon sword, and can go around in a buggy car. JJ AU2 have free buggy car/trolley service. You just have to register your name and give the receptionist your I.C. But have to depends on the availability too, not everytime can get a buggy car you know.*

*Haha~ I find these shots of Xuan Xuan are amusing!!! He looks like he's telling some stories isn't?*

*Na na na na~ How can I not camwhore with such nice place leh!??? Haha!*

Pure Random:

*Saw one of the UGLIEST vegetables I can't even imagine - China Broccoli. Walau~ Who dare to eat ar? Not cheap also eh!*

*One thing I like about Jaya Jusco - They have delicious TAKO TAO!!! The last time I have this was two years ago, never have them since they raise their price. OMG DELICIOUS TO THE MAX!!!!*

*Best Purchase of The Day - Elianto's Twilight(Black) nail polish. RM1 per bottle. That means I bought these two with RM2!!!*

Reviews on Elianto nail polish:

I applied one layer of 'Twilight' on 20th of Dec without apply top coat on them, now is 29th of Dec, took a photo with my webcam just now just to let you see how my nails look like after 8 days passed.

*As you can see, only the nail polish of the thumbnails scraped off at the tip. Ignore the white ones as I'm using Fasio's for that. Haha!*

Without this RM1 promotion, a bottle of Elianto's nail polish only cost RM5, if it's long lasting and the colours are vibrant (only need to apply one layer of nail polish), I find no excuses for me for not buying their nail polish. 

Besides, there are SOOOO MANY colours available, and some with glitters too. Is this a good purchase or what?

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