Friday, December 4, 2009


22nd of November marks Kei's 22nd birthday (LOL! so many 2s) and also Xuan Xuan's FIRST TIME in taking purikura!

I've been wanting to bring Xuan Xuan to take purikura all the time but Bun always being the objective side due to the price to pay to take once. RM26 - RM28 is really not something cheap for 6 shots.

Anyway, am glad that FINALLY able to bring Xuan Xuan to take purikura! Hahahahaha! (Look here Bun! Bleh~ XP)

How do you decorate your shots? For us, bling bling sparkles are a MUST! Other than that, it depends on what's the theme of the shot.

1st Purikura Machine: Moteko no Hanamichi (Fancy Journey of Trendy/Fashionable Girl - From what I understand. LOL! If wrong don't scold me ar!!!)

*We're sitting on clouds, wishing "Happy Birthday" to Kei*

*The Proof of Friendship - Direct translate. haha~*

*We're all Power Rangers! Kei suppose to be the green ranger and I'm the yellow ranger, but it seems the scanner ate the green colour, left two yellow rangers. LOL! And Suki was the pink bird fly above our heads, all the way to Aomori! Hahahaha~*

*I would love to receive a bouquet like this!!! So cute!!!*

*3 monsters attack me and Xuan Xuan~ Kyaaaa~!!!*

*If we're to open concert, it definitely will be something like this! All girlish and sparkling*

2nd Purikura Machine: I don't remember the name!!! But definitely got something to do with bling/metallic because the stickers are coated with a layer of bling bling sheets so it's sparkling when you look at it. Too bad the scanner can't do its justice, unable to show the bling of the stickers.

*A memorable day*

*221109... Those black dots you see are actually the metallic/bling bling sheet*

*I love this shot a lot but the coating spoiled my face!!! URGH!!!!*

*Super funny when think back how we try to put Xuan Xuan up on the monkey bar and end up he's too short, out of the camera area and we have to pull him down. All happens in just 5 -6 seconds. LOL!*

*SEISYUN!!! Let Xuan Xuan replace Suki while she's away. LOL!*

*Actually we're quite run out of ideas what pose to pose.*

3rd Purikura Machine: The PuriKARA machine. (Purikura + Karaoke = Purikara)
Inside this machine, got a mini stage-look alike platform with all the lights and music. So you're like a superstar standing on stage, dance, have fun while taking purikuras! Kinda fun and RM26/per session. Less RM2 compare to the previous two machines.

*Girl fight/ cat fight / whatever you like to call this. LOL!*

*There said: Beware of Fierce Dog... We look more like cute puppies. LOL!*

*How can we miss this? It's Snowing!!! ( How pathetic we only can imagine how snowing is like using purikura )*

*I want my mobile phone wallpaper to be this!!!! So LOVE!!!*

*Seriously, this should be the yearly calender header. LOL! Except that Suki is not inside, so it's not a perfect picture.*

*OMG! So CUTE!!!! Wanna take this with Xuan Xuan next time, with my face in the other frame. LOL!*

Ever wonder what is OMAKE? おまけ? You'll encounter this word if you always take purikura. Omake actually is some kind of extra shots for you to choose beside the main shots.

Main shots can be choosen as big frame are usually 4 - 6 shots, while omake are smaller size frame, an extra row of frames and sometimes you can choose up to 2 shots for the omake frame (depends on the machine. Different machine may let/ do not let you choose omake shots, sometimes they just randomly put shots as omake shots.)

For this PuriKARA machine, it let us choose 2 more omake shots, means we have total 8 shots of different poses for this session. Kinda worthy if you ask me.

*On the press conference*

*Bubbly~ CUTE! But head too big cannot fit everything into the bubbles. LOL!*

That's how we usually decorate our purikuras, how about you?

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