Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cuteness OVERDOSE!

Day 2 of December... Christmas is EVERYWHERE!!!! Christmas is the 1st runner up festive celebration I love most other than Chinese ones. It's so magical feel isn't?

What's your Christmas wish this year? Have you thought of it yet? My Christmas wish is to move to a new house so I can held a Christmas Party next year!

Told Bun about this Christmas Party thingy for year 2010 and he literally agreed about it. Just hope both of us can earn more money and throw a Christmas party like how I wish for it.

Anyway, are you guys missing Lil Xuan Xuan cutie face??? Got a few quite-good-shot-I-think of him when we went grocery shopping last week. Wanna share his cuteness with all of you!

*I love to see how his eyes sparkles... Can feel the purity of his soul that reflects through his eyes *

*Too bad he didn't smile big... If not sure stunning one this shot. LOL!*

*He's wearing Chiang Mai's Elephant Show souvenir from my mum, and Old Navy's Mad Monkey Go Banana shorts by Hana's mum. All are cute animal prints. Love'em so much!!!*

*Oh LOL! Doesn't he (I type she wtf) looks girly!? CUTE!!!!*


Even my mum said he looks more and more girlish day by day. Maybe cause by his day-by-day longer hair? Thinking to chop it off but don't want botakkan him. Botak kids are not handsome AT ALL!

Have tons of pictures to edit because I forgot to post one MEMORIAL outing with SEISYUN back at February!!! Have to do it before this year ends! (Yeah~ Pressuring myself about it)

Here comes December... Time passes by SO FAST!!!! 2009 already come to its end!!! And everyone is talking about new year resolution and I don't even know what is my new year resolution FML!

Oh... There is one new year resolution.....Maybe, move to a new house? LOL! (More like a new year wish wtf!)


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

he looks like a girly because you always dress him like a girl wit your accessories and he's too cute to be a boy...

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

cute facial expression =)