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Fabulous Food 1Malaysia - Malaysia Restaurant Food Festival

Saw the banner hanging at the lamp posts along Jln Pahang, Bun decided to go to this exhibition. He always wanted to go to food exhibition/fair, to see whether got free foods to eat. LOL! He really loves to eat.

*I find it harder and harder to take photos with this lil fella, really beh si diam nia!!!*

*This food exhibition is held at PWTC, for 3 days.*

*I thought this exhibition is going to held at the new building....*

*But it's not, it's held at the other side of the PWTC, gotta cross the bridge and river to go to the other side.*

*Here we are!!! Food Festival! Free admission some more! You can foresaw there'll be a lot of people coming to this exhibition.*

*By the time we arrive, there are few girls on the stage and they're the hosts for some programme at Astro's JiaYu Channel. I think there'll be some exclusive interviews for this food fair on that channel.*

*So many people. Lots of foods, beverages and kitchen utilities are having promotions and special discounts, only for this exhibition period. Too bad these people are seriously unaware they're blocking the pathway, making people so hard to pass by and worst, some aunties will push you away so they can get over you. Seriously WTF!*

*This is the booth of the controversial Bak Kut Teh Halal. Full house I tell ya! You have to make reservation at the counter first before you go in.*

*RM30 per serving. Even though is prepared by chef from J.W.Marriott hotel, but RM30 is seriously OVERPRICED!*

*Street Food section!! I thought this is where they're giving away free food, there's some people controlling the amount of people go inside to avoid chaos in there, but after I peek inside, it's not what we think. You have to pay for the food, and from what I see, not cheap also. So we gave up to go inside.*

*While heading back to the stage, saw this Cendol stall. This guy is yelling: Revolution of Cendol, Cendol fusion etc etc.... LOL! Decided to give this 'Revolutionary Cendol' a try, since we're thirsty and exhausted due to the heat in the hall.*

*Unexpected NICE!!! The taste of brown sugar, santan mixed well, very tasteful cup of cendol I can say. RM2.20*

Got a lot of brochures and flyers. Got a pack of Shoyue mee snacks and tried another controversial drink too - Istak's Malt beverages. It tasted exactly like Anglia Shandy, except there's zero alcohol in it. A carbonated malt drink I can say.

The crowd made me and Bun have uninterested to see all the booth one by one. So crowded, packed like sardin, sweat like hell, uncles and aunties being rude, haihzzz... Felt so uncomfortable.

We decided to go to the Restaurant Showcase section.

The first thing we see is this:

*Trophies, and a lot of beautiful culinary arts!*

*The winning masterpiece. So pretty!*

*This piece represents the beautiful scenery of Yang Chun river*

*Can you see the image of a cow here?*

*Gold beetles, three of them!*

*Fire dragon.... But I see no dragon head there. Hehe.*

*I forgot what this resembles. LOL!*

*Snail! So cute! Chef able to use the crab's chelipeds to resemble the snail's head, imagination and creativity is the key!*

*Cute goldfishes and Pandas are uber cute!!!*

*The concept of 1Malaysia. Harmony, Yin and Yang as the balance of everything.*

*The Crab Banquet by Restaurant Sin Yit Sing at Seremban. How I wish I can dine in this restaurant and try out their famous Marmite Crab!*

*CRAB!! (drools)*

*This is soooo cute! So Christmasy. Kam Sao, can you make this ar??? Make it for my next year Christmas party. Haha!*

*Longevity Peach Bun, so cute and pinkish!! Bet the old folks will feel happy just by seeing these cute lil buns.*

*Another stunning dish.*

*This is prawn have strong arms, able to do gymnastic action. LOL!*

*Super cute goldfish~ Looks so lively!*

*Black elephants! I wonder what these made from. Grass Jelly?*

*Lovely pair of swans*

*And rabbits too~*

*These Foo Lions/Chinese Guardian Lions/Auspicious Lions are carved from yam! Can you believe that? It sure take a lot of time to carve all these cute figures.*

*Ho ho~ Finally I know how Pon Choi looks like and what's inside. Abalone!!! This Pon Choi must've cost at least RM300.*

And all the culinary arts below are the best and the most creative I can find in this whole showcase. Superbly well done by 海外天 Restaurant/ Restaurant Oversea.

*Wayang Kulit and Wau carved using yam. Amazing isn't?*

*Roast duck with a touch of vintage feel. Frill blouse and hat, like how those Japanese are trending nowadays - VINTAGEEE!!!. LOL!*

*A lively Phoenix. Imagine the hard work to have to slice the cucumbers and carrots and arrange it one slice by one slice.*

*Dragon and Phoenix carved from yam and our national flower - hibiscus, carved from carrot.*

*The most beautiful craving I found in this showcase is this - The Globe. Carved from watermelon. Geng mou??? Kam Sao, carve one for me!!!*

Yeah, this ends our visit to this exhibition. It's not a very big exhibition as it only uses one hall to hold all events and booths. A bit disappointed because no free food. Haha~!

Anyway, took tons of pictures of me and Xuan Xuan~ Now is PIKCHA time!!!

*Xuan Xuan keeps on stick his body onto the arrow, and run towards the direction the arrows are pointing. LOL! Playful lil fella.*

*He just love spacious place, so he can run here and there all he wants.*

*Random shot.*

*Somehow I love to see all the time of all places in once, if I say I planned to make decoration based on this concept at home, will you call me crazy? LOL!*

*Super love this mosaic art wall which have so many images and icons represent many things about our country.*

*Xuan Xuan being curious about the mosaic. Haha!*

*Imagine all the hard work to line up an image.*

*Please stand still next time so I can take a decent photo of you ok? My camera is lousy.*

*This mosaic art wall is SUPER LONG!!! Can't stop thinking how long does it have to take to make this art wall complete.*

*Look at the vibrant colours and stunning art the mosaic formed!*

*Another stunning art work.*

*Just couldn't resist to camwhore with all these art works.*

Maybe you guys should pay a visit to PWTC to see this mosaic art wall. Not a regular piece of art work you can see anywhere.

P.S: Sneak peek of next post - The Best Christmas Decoration I've Seen in Year 2009! Visit my blog in one or two days to find out!

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