Friday, December 11, 2009

Head Burst

Really feel like one. So many things to think about and to plan, but too little time I have all by my own.

I should start to write down all my thoughts instead of just thinking about it in my mind. Should get myself a year 2010 planner/notebook. Oh yeah~ I already have one Disney Princess notebook. All new some more! Still have the plastic cover. That notebook is gonna be my 2010 year planner!!! Weee~!!!!

The lust for shopping never fades. I thought it will disappear eventually after I ignore it but the feel just get stronger and stronger. FTS!!! Do I really have to buy something to make this lust disappear???

Thinking of buying Elianto's RM1 nail polish. Anybody tried Elianto nail polish before? Is it good??? Do let me know if you have any comments/experience with Elianto's nail polish. Would like to know that!

I'm thinking of going to bed earlier, like 12am or 1am... But now, it's already 210am!!! Gosh~ I never go to sleep early do I??? Everytime I wanna close my browser, I will think of something or wanna visit some webpage before closing it. And end up I'm sleeping late again.

Woman's heart is hard to control, especially those with wish/lust/dreams..... I hope there's some space cleared out in my mind after I crap at here. Brain so full I feel it's hard for me ti breathe. Exhausted!!!

*I'm going to sleep with the Princess Eye Mask Kei bought for me from Daiso and hugging Toro neko. Nitezzzzz~*

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