Thursday, December 3, 2009

How to make Korean Style Fried Green Onion Pancake

Using a rice cooker.

*Fried Green Onion Pancake in Korean Style, a.k.a Pa Jeon(I'll refer this as Pa Jeon in below)*

While doing some grocery shopping at Carrefour this afternoon, seeing those fresh green onions make Bun thought of fried green onion pancake. The last time I ate Pa Jeon is about 4 years ago at Asia Cafe. RM8 per piece! Not cheap though.

Today, I'll try to make the Pa Jeon myself! I got no stove and frying pan so I'll use rice cooker instead. Muahahaha~

*Ingredients ingredients...*

What you need:
  1. Flour/Tepung Gandum - I use the normal ones. RM2+ per kg.
  2. Water - to add into the flour to make it watery.
  3. Green Onions - One bundle. You can get it at Carrefour for RM2 per bundle.
  4. One egg
  5. Salt - I don't have salt at home so I use soya sauce instead.
  6. Soy Sauce
  7. Oil
  8. Ajinomoto flavoured pepper/ normal pepper - Use which you prefer
  9. Empty Plate - to put the wekk-cooked Pa Jeon in it and serve!

*Last but not least, rice cooker. It's of course better to use stove and frying pan but in case, you're just like me, don't have stove at house, you can always use rice cooker!*

*Mix it! Mix Flour, Egg, Water, Salt (I replace it with soy sauce) and pepper first. Mix until you can't see the small clumps of the flour. I mix it manually so I don't really know how long you have to mix it if you're using the mixer. The texture should be a lil bit watery, not sticky like dough. After well mixed the flour, put in GREEN ONIONS (Adjust the amount of green onions ya~)!!!*

*Pour in a thin layer of the mixture of flour and green onions into the oily, heat up rice cooker! Remember to pour some oil before you pour in the mixture ya! And the layer of mixture must be THIN enough but not so thin until easily broken when you flip it to another side, this require some skills. LOL!*

*Drip some soy sauce on the both side of the Pa Jeon, this will make the surface crispy and tasteful!*

I made 4 pieces of Pa Jeon and these are both me and Bun's dinner! Tasty yet money saving! Haha! You should try make Pa Jeon at home too! One of the easiest dish I can say~!!!



Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

why you don't have this and that one? salt pun takde? mo ngan tai..

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

I definately will try this once my exam's over!!!!!!!
;D This is so easy! I think I have frying pan, but I'll just follow your way, rice cooker!!!!
thanks for sharing it Reiko ^~^

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Haha~ Because salt finish dy I don't know ma....  XD

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Use frying pan faster! Use rice cooker have to wait around 15 - 20 mins for one Pa Jeon to be well cooked.

Besides, frying pan cook ones more delicious. XD