Monday, December 21, 2009

Maneki Neko

I had a pretty fun day with CATS, literally. 

Hana-chan (which also known as neko = cat because when she smile, she looks like cat. LOL!) called me at 9a.m. something one day, saying that she'll be fetching her sister to TARC and will be left nothing to do. Asking me whether I wanna hang out or not.

Yeah~ SURE! Why not? It's so drop-dead-boring at home for few days already I suspect there's some mushrooms growing around. Time to get up and go out!

But first, have to wake up that lil fella. 9a.m. something and he's still sleeping like nobody's business. Result from late night sleep. He never learn how to sleep early. I've been sleeping as early as 10pm for most of the days now, it's time to force him do so.

Woke him up, dress him up (I refuse to doll up myself because I THOUGHT we're going to somewhere near... Jaya Jusco or Wangsa Walk Mall I suppose???) and there we go.

Hop on to Hana's car. She's driving Kia Carnival that day. Fuuuuu~ Big Car. She asked wanna go where... I was like: Ummm... Up to you la! You're the one who's gotta do the driving what.

And then she said: Let's go to The Curve. I need to get my camera speaker fix. Now Sony is having some free inspection service week for its products.

ZOMFGWTFBBQ!!! Did I heard she say "THE CURVE"??? I'm gonna die die die in embarassment for being so UNDERDRESS like this. ARRGGGHHH~ Why didn't I dress up properly? I drown in my own regrets for some time.

Reached The Curve as early as 11a.m. It looks crowded. *faint* Gotta hide from the crowd and just go to Sony Centre.

Accompanied Xuan Xuan sitting on those rides machine for a while. Feel quite curious what took Hana-chan so long for the inspection of her camera.... And wow! She got number 10 and there's only one counter operating, serving one customer at the moment. Customer no.6 to be precise.

One customer took about 30 - 40 minutes to be serve. That means we still have 1 hour++ to go.... Waiting is really not a problem for me... But it is for...


I really have some problem to keep this lil fella sit still and be quiet. He seems to be FOREVER ENERGETIC and FOREVER CURIOUS about WHATEVER IT IS around him.

*He's feeling curious towards the lil pet which is either a dog(?) or monkey(?) showing through the LCD TV... And he tries to POKE THE FLUFFY THING LCD SCREEN!!! OMG You don't know how scared am I that he'll broke the LCD or something.*

After I refuse to let him touch the bloody expensive LCD, he changes his target and grab the plastic display panel stand... And to my fear, he purposely drop it on the floor!!!! WTFKNNCCB! The corner of the display panel stand cracked and broken into small pieces.

There's this sales person/supervisor walking towards us and adjusted something behind the LCD... I quickly grab the display panel stand on the floor and place it nicely on the stereo just like how it was before. Luckily it still can stand.

I am bloody furious about it but I don't know what can I do... Spank him or what??? I just don't know. I hold him up and walked around in the store. Moodless!

However, I got really tired hugging him around... I place him on the seat, right in front of the LCD. And the sales person/supervisor just now, placed a webcam thingy on top of the LCD, and now we can interact with the fluffy thing on the screen.

*Still happily smiling... You nearly got me paid for the bloody plastic display panel if the supervisor saw it!!!*

*Really tak ada akal for keeping this lil fella calm down for a while... Even for 1 minute.*

*His face shows his attitude- I AM A NAUGHTY BOY!*

*Yes, after 10 seconds of looking at the thing in LCD, he feels bored and looking for something else to play with.*

I am VERY TEH EKZOSTED looking after this fella. Can't even imagine if I get him a nanny, will he get spank/beaten up very badly by the nanny like how those showed in youtube videos. One of the reason I MUST take care of this lil fella by myself.

12pm+... Still waiting for the no.9 customer to finish his complaints/inspection or whatever... Saw an aunty suppose to be the cleaner refill paper cups for the coffee machine. Yeah~ We can have some drinks.

The milo prepared by the coffee machine is unbelievable rich in flavour! Much more richer than Carrefour's 80cents vending machine, but only hot drinks available.

Finally, calling 10th customer which is our number. Hana-chan's camera have to go into factory to fix its speaker. She said she didn't use the camera often, but this is the 2nd time the camera have to go in and have a fix.

10 more minutes till 1p.m. We rush to the Starbucks because it is Starbucks' 11th Anniversary! And they're giving out free coffee again!!! 

LOL! I think I'm kinda in luck of getting Starbucks free coffee didn't I? Read my first Starbucks Free Coffee post here!

The aroma of coffee fill up all the space and it's super relaxing. Free coffee, jazzy music, the aroma of coffee...

*Hana-chan and Xuan Xuan who is aiming at grabbing the coffee if given chance to.*

*I don't know the name of this coffee as I'm not the one who order it, but it tasted just like the anniversary blend - Spicy and Sweet I had two months ago. Creamed and 2 packs of sugars is not enough. I have to put in 3 packs of sugar and still tasted bitter. Gosh~ *

*Hana-chan is now one of the member of BB cult. Haha! I damn love her BB. Wish I have one myself too so we can BBM. LOL!*

Xuan Xuan keeps on rubbing his eyes, nose, head with his pair of hands, giving me signal that he's sleepy. I guess it's time to go from this cozy, soothing coffee shop.

We decided to stop a while and take some photos with the Christmas decoration at The Curve's centre court.  The theme is a bit earth coloured, ancient-ish with all the coliseum pillars and angels flying around.

*Pretty gazebo with lamp post around.*

*Angels(?)/Cupids flying around... Prepare to matchmaking?*

*Chandelier and pillars.... Wish I can have these in my house. Some elements I would really like to see it in my house. LOL! But I guess it's kinda impossible unless my house is a castle.*

*Angels decorations on the huge christmas tree*

*Brown colour poinsettia.*

*Xuan Xuan is so happy seeing those cute characters of Yokomon ice cream booth.*

*HUGE Yokomon mascot... Even bigger than Xuan Xuan. Haha! See how Xuan Xuan like it. Too bad it's not a plushie.*

*Can't even take a decent picture of him with all the decorations. URGH!!! Disadvantage of walking baby.*

*OH LOOK! ANGEL!!! - He really is pointing an angel hanging on top.*

*The SHITTEST look I can ever had. But I insist to upload this photo because this is the ONLY photo Xuan Xuan looked at the camera. Don't wanna waste this. We're suppose to take pictures with the angel on top of our head but I guess I just chopped off the angel's head.*

*Can't bear to look at another picture of my SHITTEST look. Should just censored out my look. Leave you the cute Xuan Xuan and Hana-chan for your viewing pleasure.*

*How can I not take picture of Hana-chan with all these pretty decoration?*

*It's a sunny sunny day.*

*To my surprise, there's another Christmas decoration just outside the fountain of Cineleisure. Colorful!*

*This is either a horse, or a donkey*

*Squirrel! MAD CUTE TO THE MAX!!!*

*Tall Christmas tree with pink apple-look-alike baubles.*


*At the very same day, a cat sneakily run into my house and hide under my bed. Bun was screaming out loud like a sissy. So funny I just can't stop laughing at him. Hahahahaha~ Spend quite some time in luring it out from the bed. I hold it bare handed, place it at the outside. Less than 1 second, it turns back and hide under my cabinet. WTF! Playing hide and seek.*

P.S: They say if a cat hides under your bed and refuse to go, that means there's some DIRTY THINGS lingering in your house. I hope this is not what THAT CAT means.

P.S1: 猪来穷,狗来富,猫来开当铺. There's also some saying that cats bring fortune too. Like how Japanese used maneki neko to welcome the fortune into their shop/house.

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