Friday, December 25, 2009

♥ Merry Christmas 2009 ♥

Hello everybody~!!! I can't believe that I'm this free and able to blog on Christmas day. LOL!

 Don't worry, this is not some heavy, long winded post with a lotssss of photos, just TWO photos okay? Something Christmasy! Hehe!

Just finished all those ingredients and groceries shopping at Carrefour from 11a.m. to 1p.m with Peiyue and Kam Sao (And Bun's friends. LOL!). Madness! RM150 worth of groceries!

We Can Has Belated Christmas Party This Sundae Sunday!!! 

Hooray!!!! Finally able to bring out my reindeer headgear and wear it! But it's covered by dust for years! LOL! Have to clean it first!!

Anyway, it's a sunny day so far, I suppose today is going to be a very good and lovely day isn't? Hope you guys enjoy your Christmas Day as much as I do. (Even though no present. SOB!)

Last but not least,


*Xuan Xuan wishes everybody: Merry Christmas!*

Have A Great Year Ahead!!!

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Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

those animated gif soooo cute so merry *v*