Wednesday, December 23, 2009

MidValley Megamall - Wishes in The Sky

Do you think that me and Hana-chan will go home straight-a-way without heading to any places/shopping mall first? Of course not! LOL!

After send Kei-chan and her sis back to their condo, we head to MidValley. The purpose of going there will be: Hana-chan wants to buy a jelly protect casing for her new BB. But guess what, all those jelly cases for BB are so expensive. She just give it a pass.

I gotta check out the Christmas decorations in this megamall! MidValley always got the praise from the people because they always comes up with a very good idea of Christmas decorations. I wonder how will it looks like this year.

*Ohh~ Cottages and Earthy coloured. Lots of candles hanging in the sky too.*

*Flags. Reminds me of the movie 'Brave Heart' though*

*I saw lots of pine cones and nuts. Squirrels must be happy to see this christmas tree*

*Oh~ Some European style rounded castle with arched bridge!*

*I suppose this will be the throne for Santa Claus photo taking session? RM10 for taking one photo with Santa + free balloon. Kinda worth the price if the photo looks nice. LOL!*

*Moose!!! With huge, white antlers!

*Die die also wanna take picture with these decorations even though the light source is too low! I know the outcome will be horrible.*

*It's such a coincidence while we're walking around the centre court, a musical dancing show is about to begin. Before it starts, I should camwhore a bit first. Haha! I wanna take photo with this lil fella, but he keep got distracted by those balloons around him. Such an obsession to balloons.*

*The musical dance show starts!!! There's this Gandalf-look-alike old men with such vibrant, shiny outfit comes out and do some introduction to this musical.*

*He knocks on the door on the rounded castle and brings out a pretty fairy(?)... The fairy talked something....*

*And here comes the dancers! Their outfit are soooooo bling and shining.*

*The main charater with a white platform shoes at least 15cm tall! Really pity her feet*

*Very beautiful. Really like their outfits.*

*There, 4 dancers dancing with a red lips lolly stick. Cute. They're dancing and singing 'Sleigh Ride' in this part of performance.*

*The main character changed into a Ballerina. She's doing all the tip-toes and dancing like a swan. Pretty movements. I bet she have been dancing ballet for quite some years.*

*LOL! The girls again. This time with Pink x Gold x Purple outfit.*

*They're dancing and singing to Kylie Minogue's "On A Night Like This".... LOL! A bit off-themed. I thought suppose to be something Chistmasy?*

*The FINALE!!!*

I really enjoyed the show, and so do Xuan Xuan. This is the first time Xuan Xuan watch this kind of LIVE PERFORMANCE. I'm lucky that he doesn't cry or something. Pheww~

Seeing them performing on stage reminds me of being a dancers some years ago. I wanna do performance again, can!?? LOL!

P.S: I've added some Christmas and Winter elements in my blog. Did you notice it? Hehe!


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