Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mum Mum Ahhhh~

'Mum mum' is one of the frequent word Xuan Xuan like to use. Whenever he sees foods or saw pictures of food anywhere anytime, he will go: Mum mum ah!! Mum mum ah!!! (OMG SO CUTEEE!!!)

When he's hungry, he will take the whole loaf of bread to me, and say: mum mum ah!!! Then I know that he's hungry. LOL! 

Okay, enough of Xuan Xuan talk. Now Imma show you some random 'mum mum' I had some time ago....

*The day after we went to Anime Hanabi Festival at Times Square, we plan to eat at somewhere near our house, but passing by Pudu and hearing me saying all those delicious foods been selling there, Bun decided to change our dinner destination, to this Pudu Wai Sek Gai. So hard to find parking there, have to park at some creepy, dim lorong... Doesn't these look like haunted house?*

There are so many stalls around and most of the stalls are selling the same food. We choose to sit at the most crowded places and start to observe what people around us are eating. Think logically, these people must be people who come here often, so mostly what they're eating are the most delicious food there have to offer right?

*After quite some time of observing, this is the conclusion - Pork Porridge with some liver, blood cube, skin etc etc... This porridge tastes good, but I don't dare to eat all those organs... Asked Bun to finish it up for me. Haha! I wonder why some people find organs are tasty, damn gross!!!*

Beside porridge, we ordered Po Piah and some food I forgot what are they. Overall, the food taste delicious, and only those who aren't afraid of ill-maintained pathway, dirty tables and chairs, and mouse running here and there can dine at this Pudu Wai Sek Gai.

My second visit to Pavilion's Red Box Plus...  I ate lots of food that I never thought I can. Lots of junk food I mean.

*Potato chunks, Macaroni and Cheese, Fried Mee, and the delicious Mash Potatoes. YUM!*

*Creamy Tomato Soup. You have no idea me and Peiyue had so much of this!*

*And desserts! Cakes from this Red Box is unexpected delicious. Besides this strawberry cake, there's this chocolate cake which served later on, and that was truly, a delicious cake. I think I had 5 - 6 pieces of it!!! Madness!!!*

*Later that day, some of us decided to have dinner at Pavilion. It's really hard to decide where and what to eat. So many choices available. We chose 'Carl's Jr'! My first time dining in Carl's Jr.*

*I have difficult times reading their menus. So many type of burgers to choose from, and yet so lil time to think and the wording at the menu are kinda small. If my mum were to order, I think she'll spend 10 minutes standing there. LOL!*

*Bun and me had THESE!!! Medium set, RM16.90/RM18.90.. Can't remember correctly.*

*Drinks are refillable. Hooray~ I just love drinks refillable outlet. I seriously think KFC should start to let their customer refill their drinks!*

*Super Star with Chesse. Charming name!*

*What's inside the Super Star with Cheese. Lots of greenies, two slices of beef patties. Me and Bun shared this and both of us got real full after that. Those beef patties are kinda juicy. I heard Aira said that burgers of this Carl's Jr at MidValley branch are more delicious. Really should find one day and try burgers there.*

How did you guys spend your Haji holiday? I had mine wasted at Ipoh. Srsly. It is the worst homecoming trip I've ever had. Boring till the MAX!!!

Anyway, before all the boredom in this world start attacking me, the day we reached Ipoh, we had tea time at Chang Jiang Coffee Shop.

*Chang Jiang, famous coffee shop near Pasir Puteh Police Station*

*You can find the famous aromatic Ipoh white coffee here.*

Our car parked at the restaurant, but suddenly I'm craving for fried chicken! Gosh~ Did I mention that Ipoh have one of the most delicious fried chicken other than KFC???

I carried Xuan Xuan (because he don't wanna separate from me, even just a while) and walked to another restaurant just to buy the famous fried chicken.

*Saw this huge sesame ball with red bean paste fillings. 70cents. Worth every cent of it!!!*

*TA DAAA!!! Fried chicken from Victory Fried Chicken (the stall's name 胜利炸鸡) Best serve while it's hot*

After that, I've tasted the most boring day it can be of my life. Bun went to play futsal and drinks after that, a mini party for someone's birthday. Phone credit expired, don't feel like watching TVB dramas that my nephews are watching, can't online because it will cause unwanted chaos. FML!!!

Slept at 11p.m.... Feeling damn grumpy. And to worsen the situation, Xuan Xuan can't sleep well that night. Keep on waking up in the midnight and cry. Even my mother-in-law can't have a good night sleep. Sighs~

*New environment, can't get used to it and sleep tightly eh?*

Went to yum cha (tea time) with some of Bun's friend the next day. Not far away from Chang Jiang coffee shop, in fact, it is where the Victory Fried Chicken stall located at. It's called 东菇亭咖喱粉茶餐室. Don't ask me what's the name in English. LOL!

*I look so damn FUGLY!! Lack of sleep, grumpiness...*

*Almost all Ipohians claimed that this Kang Kung and Squid is delicious. The sauce is different from KL ones. I just can't accept this. Curry + Peanuts, tasted like the satay sauce but minus the sweetness. Urgh~*

Not really fancy Ipohians unique taste of food. I wish I won't have to get used to it. God, I'm just so not in mood for blogging now.

P.S: I'm running out of things to blog. My life is so fucking dull nowadays. FML TO THE MAX!!!!!

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