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It's a pretty morning when all of us start our journey at 7a.m. to avoid traffic jam. All the way from Sg Buloh to Wangsa Maju then Melawati. Guess where are we going.....

*Amazing sunrise with a lil bit of rainbow... Today is gonna be a good day isn't?*

*My two nieces come all the way from Ipoh to KL for extra English study (phonetics). Today Bun will bring them to a place they never been before. But first, I suggested that we go to BRJ to have Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng as breakfast. LOL! Guess what, they're addicted to it!!!*

*Around 845p.m.... We reached our destination!!!*

Honestly, it is not so hard to guess we're going... Early in the morning, some where around Wangsa Maju, Melawati... And most of all, a popular school holiday tourist centre.

You got it right!!!

*We're at ZOO NEGARA... AGAIN!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!*

I just posted My Visit to Zoo Negara with SEISYUN at February few days ago... I know some of you maybe bored of seeing all these animals, so I'll make this post a bit artsy and I'll 'Jump Break" it.... If you wanna read, just click on the "Read More" button ok? ( I don't wanna get complaint for wasting your bandwidth or time. LOL!)

I edit photos of this trip according to my likes. Some contrast will be strong and some will be a bit vintage look alike. Do bear with me for all these abnormal photos editing. I just can't stop myself from making it a bit special to look at.

Not just you, I'm a bit bored by these same animals, that's why need to do something special to these photos. Hehe~

*MUST take photo with moi's son!*

*These are feeding times of animals. You can arrange your walking path according to this time schedule. And also the Multi Animal Show will be showing at 11am and 3pm (330pm for Fridays as most of the workers which are Muslims, they need to go for prayer)*

*Zoo Map. Consider big area or small?*

*These milky storks are FUNNY!!! You can see all of them standing beside the pathway and open its wings like the photo above. We laughed like hell and said that they're sun tanning their private part. Or maybe, flasher flashing their private part??? LOL!*

*How Milky Storks search for foods...*

*Wallaby and its shadow.*

I found that most animals are quite active at the morning. That is ONE GOOD REASON why you should visit Zoo at morning. As early as possible!

*OMG This doe is sooooo freakin' cute and super near... I think it can lick my camera!*

*This is another buck that aren't afraid of human. I think they thought we come to feed them*

*OMG!!! LION!!!!*

*It's an African Lion... Panthera Leo Leo*

*Lion and Lioness, sun tanning I suppose?*

*This really is a beautiful Leopard!!! And first time I'm able to look at a Leopard in such close distance!*

*Leopard YAWN!! Soooo cute!!! Right after it yawn, it walked back into his house and sleep. LOL!*

*Dairy Cattle!! I immediately thought of Dutch Lady. Haha! By the time we reached this enclosure, the Zoo Keepers arrived at the same time too.They feed them with this whole bunch of Lalang Grass.*

*A pretty, purple colour insect that fly out from the bunch of grass and stopped on Bun's hand*

*A mini house enclosure for civets and leopard cats.*

*This camel looks like it's a mafia smoking a cigar. LOL!*

*Orang Utan!!! With lots frizzy hair!*

*Laze off and sleep*

*Seriously, this baby orang utan reminds me of Xuan Xuan, don't you think so? GUAI LAN the face!*

*This is a smart Chimpanzee. It's waving at the visitors and ask for banana. Some visitors are actually buying RM5 per bunch of banana (mini stall selling bananas and sugar canes for Chimpanzee and Orang Utan feeding) and throw at it. We get to see free show, thanks to these visitors.*

*Do you know that there's Insect Zoo inside Zoo Negara? It's so called "The No.1 Insect Zoo in Malaysia"*

*There's also Butterfly Garden inside the Insect Zoo*

Ok, I gonna rant about this. We went to Zoo at February, that time, entrance fee for an adult is RM15. There's no insect zoo and butterfly park by then.

And now, nine months later, the NORMAL fee for an adult had increased to RM20. If you wanted to go to Insect Zoo and Butterfly Garden, you have to add another RM5, total RM25 for an adult.

This is still, somewhat acceptable. What I feel ridiculous is.... Please continue and read the contents below. What I saw in Insect Zoo and Butterfly Garden.

*Oh My God!!! Blue scorpion....... NOT!!! These are NORMAL scorpions which we can see anywhere else with black body. They're using the UV Fluorescent Light to create a somewhat a special appearance of a normal scorpion. This is cheating if you ask me.*

*I'm Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Da....*

*This is Cobra Moth. You can see the tip of its wings with mimic of Cobra head. With its colour and its special mimic wings, it can camouflage very well with dry leaves or branches. Too bad we're seeing this in specimen, not the real moth that flies*

*Breeding Case for Pupas... These are real ones.*

*You can see some emergence of the imago/adult stage of a matured butterfly from the pupa, but this black butterflies got its leg stucked at the pupa, it needs some time to clear it off.*

*HOLY MAMA! I only saw these at books or documentraies of jungles and forests, Never know it can be so thick and long!!!*

*Forest Millipedes sure are scary! And there's around 5 - 7 millipedes in this exhibit tank. Scary!!!*

 *Butterfly Garden... This small lil place at the right of the entrance is a Breeding Farm.*

*Hibiscus with honey in the middle, attract butterflies to stop here and be feed.*

If you're thinking: Wow! Butterfly Garden! Must be a lot of butterflies flying here and there. Of course got many types of butterflies right???

You are drop dead WRONG!!! Below are the only breeds of butterflies I saw in the whole garden. So common butterflies you can see anywhere else, even at Titiwangsa. There's quite an amount of types of butterflies photos shown and said to be available inside the butterfly garden, but honestly, can't see most of it.

*Butterfly no.1 (Lazy to find all the names, so I put numbers)*

*Butterfly no.2. The most common butterfly I can see every morning!*

*Butterfly no.3*

*Butterfly no.4*

*Butterfly no.5.... And that's it. I can't find anymore types of butterfly inside that garden.*

*My two nieces. 16years old and 13 years old. How young! Reminds me much of my secondary school days!*

*Man made waterfall*

This whole insect zoo thing is truly disappointing. For the insects section, I can see all the spiders and scorpions at Pet Safari, Ikano without paying a cent for it!!! And the butterfly garden.... I'm really speechless.

A rise of RM10 in entrance fee to watch this kind of nonsense? You must be kidding me. This is such a rip off! One person RM10, we got 4 person in total, that is RM40!!! Add more RM8 I can go Sunway Lagoon play whole day. WTF!!!!

Sigh~ Such failure in planning and maintenance. This is called Malaysia style. Malaysia BOLEH!!! 

*Big Brown Bear, lying on the rocks and sleep... Cute and cuddly!*


*Wild Boars~ They come so near to us! OMFG ugly!! And kinda smelly too.... My niece said they are cute and snap so many pictures of them using her handphone. LOL!!!!*

*Forgot what name of this cow. But kinda cute isn't?*

*At the Bee Museum. I advice everyone not to taste their honey, I SRSLY HONESTLY THINK that they are recycling the usage of their spoons. So fucking gross!!!*

*Where are we?? Akuarium Tunku Abdul Rahman!!!*

*Xuan Xuan feels so excited seeing these fishes*

*He even mimic how the fish looks like. LOL!*


*Marks that shine*

*This is one UPDATED FISH! How it knows that Polka Dots are in trend nowadays?*

*Happy happy~*

*Such beautiful coral!*

*Die die also must camwhore with this big fish tank. The biggest you can find in the whole aquarium*

*Niece and Xuan Xuan*

*I Can Has Fish*

*Saw this gigantic slide. I thought it is free, but it's not. RM3 for 2 slides. What a joke.*

*Children's World... Will it be fun???*

*Put Xuan Xuan on this carriage, and he doesn't wanna come down from it. LOL!*

*We end up sitting at the bench and rest under the tree shades. There's NOTHING... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in this Children's World. Except for a kinda-ugly looking pony. That's all. No goats, no parrots, nothing!! Disappointed!!!*

*This fella keep walking here and there, and in circles.*

*This baby monkey escaped from the cage. It's frightened and don't know what to do. Too bad there were no sign of zoo keepers around. I don't know the ending of this incident.*

*I'm Milky Stork Eater... AAAARRRHHHHMMMMMM~*

*At the Multi Animal Show. He is sooooo curious about the falcon and eagle and parrots and sea lions.*

*Happy seeing animals today dear?*

*Cute boy~*

By 12pm++, we already felt so exhausted. We took a long, long rest inside the air-conditioned kiosk which is available around the Giraffe enclosure. Lots of people are quite curious why we're sitting inside an empty, but most of them don't know that it is air-conditioned. Haha!

Ate own made sandwiches as lunch that day. Gardenia Whole Oat bread + tuna in chunks + celery + onions + Mayonnaise = Yummy!!!

I really should stop rambling now. LOL!

P.S: SEISYUN, really, no more Zoo for next year ok??? I had enough!!! More than enough of Zoo!!!

P.S2: It's about time to bring the lil fella for some hair cut, he is soooooo girlish nowadays that most of the strangers called him "AH MOI!!! CANTIK!!!!"

P.S3: The weather is abnormally HOT!!!!I wish I have air cond at home, or a huge indoor swimming pool. FML!!!!!

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