Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Taylor's Lakeside Campus Open Day

Was invited by Hana-chan to her new campus open day last week - Taylor's Lakeside Campus.

*Hella~ This surely doesn't look like a campus to me... More to business building or something else.*

*All Taylorians are happy because their school made a man-made lake for them. I wish my secondary school have lake or a small pond. Chong Hwa used to have one, but due to ill-maintenance, the pond dried out. LOL!*

*Another phase. Phase 1 is already completed. Phase 2 and Phase 3 will continue its construction until 2012. Hana-chan's school - Hospitality and Tourism Management will be using this new campus starting their next semester. Hana must be so happy, get to use the all new campus FIRST!*

*I like this floor very much. A bit green and white over here and there. But when it rains, behold and not to step on the grass or your shoes will be cover by mud*


*Finding future school for this lil fella. LOL! Joking!!! It seems he likes this spacious campus a lot. Running here and there.*

*Too bad, the ONE and ONLY group photo we took. Sien! I really like taking group photos! Please guys, next time take more group photos k? Group photo is LOVE!!*

*Very the advance... They have these "T-shirt + sarung robot" introduce the history of Taylor's college. I find these 'robot' kinda funny. And they are EVERYWHERE!!!*

*Haha! So cute the pose*

*Xuan Xuan keeps on running in circle and Kei have to hold him and stop him to take a decent photo. LOL! Beh Si Diam (hokkien = cannot stand still).*

*I also wanna take picture with these 'robots'... Too bad no people hold camera for me. Bad angle bad angle.*

*Multipurpose Hall of Taylor's new campus. Fully air conditioned and so spacious. No need to rent Convention Centre to do convocation next year. LOL!*

*Goodie bag Information bag. LOL! Contains brochures and information of courses. And yeah~ A car sticker too!*

*Xuan Xuan is so happy drinking the mineral water.*

*Non-stop playing with the empty cup.*

*Godmother happily smiling to the camera while her godson happily drinking water. Haha!*

*Non-stop snapping photos of Xuan Xuan. Everyone aiming to have the cutest shot they can.*

*I L O V E C A M W H O R E*

We actually have to fill up some info of ourself on a card then only the people let us go into this Multipurpose Hall. Got the Taylor's info bag there as well as the mineral water. The ONLY purpose we come to this Multipurpose hall, sitting there and chat for about 30 minutes is because we wanna get this:

*Meal Coupon*

Yes, we have to actually 'register' ourself to get free meal. Heard Hana-chan say the food cleared up by visitors in a very short time last week. That's why they apply this new rule eh? Reasonable.

After chatting and fully enjoyed the air cond inside the Multipurpose Hall, we decided to go to Temptations to have our brunch.

On the way to Temptations, saw this exhibit outside the hall:

*Freaking awesome paper work!*

*While we're snapping photos of some works by students, Hana place her shades on Xuan Xuan. Freaking cute!!!*

*Too bad I can't snap a decent photo of him wearing the shades. HELP KAEDE!!!*

*If I have to name this photo, it will be: 追风的少年. Haha. Don't ask me to translate into English. Bloody hard. If direct translate will be: Teenager who chases wind, which sound so wrong and totally not what I mean. LMAO!*

*Fuuu~ Taylor's new campus dining area. Much like a restaurant can!????*

*Dining coupon? WE HAS DINING COUPONSS!!*

*They even purposely decorate the area with red flowers. So high class.*

*Chef who will be teaching the students cooking courses.*

*ZOMFG!!! MACARONSSSS!!! (melts) My first time seeing REAL macarons. Ok I am sua ku/jakun/childish/whatever. Macarons are hard to find in KL area, especially Wangsa Maju/Setapak.*

*Food crafting. One of the skills you can learn if you take their Culinary Art course*

*So pretty!!!*

*Mocktails... also one of the programme in their course.*

*He's preparing mocktails for us... Too bad I didn't ask the name of it nor the ingredients he use*

*First time seeing people cooking Pineapple and Peach Flambe*

*There she goes~ FUUU!!! Flambé!!!*

There's wine and liquor counter too, but I'm not fond of wine so I'll shall take a pass.

*Oh My My~ Pretty Macarons awaiting me on the table!!*

*I can still feel you lingering inside my mouth. The sweetness, chocolate and cream... I WISH I CAN HAVE TWO NOW! One is NOT enough.*

*What I had at Taylor's*

*Bacon salad, Shrimp salad, Duck, and Cabbages*

*Pineapple and Peaches Flambe*

And that is not all... They even have this:

*Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream with Peanuts sprinkle on top*

*Dessert Bar made its way to Taylor's too! Love their Belgian Chocolate ice cream... Not too sweet. Yum!*

*They even decorate the Christmas Tree with special decorations too - Fork & Spoon! How appropriate and yet eco-friendly. Not to mention can save some budget on decorations too.*

*We're going home now~ Shiny bright sun! Can't really open my eyes to look at the camera.*

*Me, Xuan Xuan and Hana-chan*

*Me, Xuan Xuan and Kei-chan*

*Oh~ Saw this painting right after we got off the car. Nice!! I want a room make-over too like how Nippon Paint sponsored Cheesie, Miu, KY etc etc.... So nice the colours*


Right after we got off the car, we were told by Hana-chan that maybe Starbucks is going open their small outlet in their campus. *envy*

I also said that Sunway Univesity have this San Francisco Coffee booth in their canteen too.

Kei-chan who is a TARCian was so envy that she hopes her college have better dining area. We chatted and chatted and then Hana-chan told us we're going to visit their MPH.

Me, Kei and Kaede thought of: MPH Bookstore. Wow! Taylor's University College can has MPH Bookstore located INSIDE their campus. AWESOMENESS!!!

And then, while we're sitting inside the Multipurpose Hall and chatting about this issue.... We suddenly realise that MPH is actually....
*Not the bookstore. ROFLMAO!!!*

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