Thursday, December 24, 2009

White Eden - The Gardens

I'm not sure whether 'White Eden' is the concept for The Gardens Christmas decorations, but they definitely gave me the feeling of pure, lost garden of eden.

*White is the main colour. With all the lights, snowflakes and most of all....*

*White butterflies everywhere! Isn't pretty?*

*The lights reflects on the snowflake deco and I manage to capture the reflection. LOL! (self-happy)*

*Christmas Caroling... Can't remember what they sang because I was busy taking photos around, but I'm sure they sing very well!*

*Ooohh!! Domo-kun in festive hat, wishes everyone: Meri Kurisumasu! (Merry Christmas in Japanese slang. LOL!)*

*Wanna take photos with Xuan Xuan and the decorations... Too bad can't see any of the decorations behind. LOL! SRSLY NEED CAMERAMAN PUHLEEESE!*

*Pretty white lamp post. I just love white Christmas decorations.*

*Yeah~ We're going to dine at Sushi Zanmai! Thank you Hana-chan for the treat! But gosh~ Have to queue up to be seated... totally full house!*

*Even Sushi Zanmai did some Christmas decoration.*

*Seated FINALLY! And thanks to the waiter who forgot to ask for my order list, we actually sitting there wait for nothing until Hana-chan come back from Borders bookstore. wtf*

*Pretty Hana-chan. I just love the lighting in this area so much!*

*Xuan Xuan is learning how to use chopsticks. And he even pull the whole box of chopsticks and it dropped on the floor, half of the chopsticks scattered around the floor. Gosh! This lil fella never learn how to sit still and do not touch anything. I don't feel embarassment, I feel useless for can't make him listen to any of my words.*

*Special of the week: Tori Yaki Burger. Overcooked rice fried in patty shape to be precise. LOL! Not my kind of taste. RM12.90(? not sure)*

*Me and Xuan Xuan's meal - Oyako Don. Shimmered chicken, egg, pickles, onions and seaweeds! Suits those who are searching for mild flavour japanese rice. RM8.80*

Me Being Vain Time:

*Going to Taylor's open day inspired me of wearing this check pattern shirt + sleeveless knit sweater. A bit school/college feel. The sweater is thin fabric, so it's not that hot and stuffy actually. Besides, do you know that checker patterns are one of the  latest trend in clothing?*

*I wanna buy check pattern maxi dress or bf shirt!*

P.S: What's your plan for tonight? Me and Bun and Xuan Xuan can has Kurisumasu Dinner Tonight at home! Yay!!!


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