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Zoo Visit with SEISYUN 2009

Went to Zoo Negara with my beloved SEISYUN back at February, when Suki came back from Japan during her spring holiday.

*The 'ten years like one day' Zoo Negara of Malaysia's main entrance"

*LOL! Forgot to mention, this is Xuan Xuan's FIRST VISIT to Zoo! I wonder did he feel excited.*

Do you still remember when is the last time you went to Zoo Negara? Do you still remember how does it feels like? I feel like I'm a kid all over again. Feeling all happy that I get to see all the animals inside!!!

*If you turn left and continue walking from the main entrance, this is the first CUTE animal you're going to see - GIRAFFE!!! (My nickname! LOL! They're my long lost brothers and sisters.) See how long the saliva is!!! Haha!*

*How can we not take picture with this cute animal?*

*It's a very very very very big herds of Milky Storks/ Burung Botak Upeh*

*This, will be the oldest stork among all, and the biggest too!*

*We saw this peacock wandering around among the herds beside the lake. Just when we're thinking why is it here, suddenly this peacock just show its plumage!!! WOW!!! I can see many 'eyes' are looking at me.*
*Obviously this peacock is courting the milky storks lo. It's showing its plumage to them leh~*

*Still remember that the elephant show us its backside and 'open water' infront of us when we visit Zoo back at year 2004. DAMN DISGUSTING but funny!!!*

*Are you nuts enough to think that I'm going to feed you nuts???*

*Greetings from animals of Aussieland, wombats and emus*

*From its movement and its appearance, I can tell that this is a very very old Kangaroo. An old, lonely Kangaroo*

*We walked into the bird house. And these birds are standing in front of us. Super NEAR!!!*

*The Stork Tree*

*Great Hornbill, Significant bird of Sarawak.*

*It has a very cool looking blue mask.*

*Saw this huge spider outside the pond of the bird house.*

*A mountain of deers and elks. Be it buck, doe or fawn*

*Suki and Kei with a mountain of deers at the back*

*Saw this lonely Malayan Tapir beside a mountain full of deers. I think this nocturnal animal is sleeping its day away*

*Seriously no luck, can't even see the shadow of a god damn lion!!! Nah~ Here's some lion statue as replacement*

*Lazy cougars, resting under roof from the sun*

*It's feeding time for the cows! You should see how close are them to us*

*I seriously forgot what is this black furry animal was called, but I remember it's a nocturnal animal too. Weird to see it sun tanning its black fur. LOL!*

*Civet a.k.a musang*

*It looks like today is a good day for sun tanning! Even these tortoise does sun tanning!*

*Say Hi to friends from Venezuela, the Capybara family!! They are the largest rodent species in the world!! Totally look cuter than black rats*

*Camels, look how it's smiling to the camera. LOL!*

After the camel exhibit, we arrived the Ape Centre. Seeing Orang Utans in frizzy curls is sure entertaining. And yeah~ there's something about Chimpanzee too.

Back at year 2004 zoo visit, there's this cute Chimpanzee running all the way from right to left and then it jumps and wave back at you if you wave at it first. It is soooo funny I think the zoo keepers of the Chimpanzee exhibits purposely taught this Chimpanzee to do this.

Yeah, we're back to see it do this again.

*But I think Chimpanzee has just evolved into human. We're too late! No Chimpanzee running and waving at us. They become human already*

*This Orang Utan is damn active! Keep swinging here and there like performing!*

*Finally, we get to rest a while at the tram station at Savannah Walk. See~ Even Xuan Xuan is smiling because we're having a rest. That day was bloody hot!!! Sweat like hell!*

*The White Rhinos.... These poor lil creatures are going to extinct if we keep abuse their living habitat like how we're doing now.*

*Flamingos! Hola~ Flamingos always remind me of the Flamenco dance El Baile Flamenco, then I will start to imagine how these Pinkish birds start to dance like how those Spanish did. Weird huh? LOL!*

*Walked into the Bat's enclosure. It's kinda creepy as the bats are hanging there, you don't know when they might be flying towards you. These are some huge bats!!!*

*I gave these turtles a nickname since I first saw them few years ago. To me, they're Hundred Years of Old Turtles. 百年老龟 to be exact. They're so huge in size comparing to other types of turtles so I assume they have been living more than hundred years.*

*Oh My God! You don't see huge crocodile sun tanning beside the pond so often. Wow~ This is a HUGE ONE!!! Mad awesome!! We felt so excited to see this!!!*

*Are these Komodo Dragons we're looking at?*

And yes, we arrived at the Reptile's exhibition. We get to see a lots of frogs, turtles and snakes. Not to mention, Reptile's indoor exhibition is also one of the air conditioned exhibition in the whole zoo!

I can't wait to go inside and got blown by air cond!!! But first, remember to dry out yourself under the roof. You don't wanna get sick for changing the temperature around you so drastically.

*Saw this all wrinkled specimen which are said to be ancestor of lizards. Gross!*

*Awww~ Saw this cute lil lime green tree frog sleeping on leaf. I don't know that tree frog sleeps like this, in such cute position and can stick on leaves.*

*Long, long phyton inside this glass enclosure. I wonder why they don't wanna put the 25 feet long phyton into the Zoo but set it free instead when they captured it last 2 week. Should've add it into the phyton exhibit!*

*We laughed non-stop after seeing this shop's name. "Hari Harimau" = Everyday also want.*

*Beside this Hari Harimau shop got some 3D mural on the wall.*

*LOL!!! Aira kissed a bear. I think the bear also feel shy*

*LOL! This snake with shades on really looks like our Form 6 History teacher!! En. Jamal? I forgot what's his name!!!! HELP SUKI!!!*

*This cute lil fella is just plain cute. No matter what he does. We didn't sit get the tram ride. It costs RM3 per ride!!! It's a total RIP OFF from visitors. We use to get free tram rides last time!*

*Humongous Patin Fish! So huge I think can't be finish in a week's time if I'm gonna eat it!!!*

*This poor lil penguin, have to live in a small, air cond room. I bet it doesn't like this place too. So ill maintain. And most of its friends died. Zoo used to have quite an amount of penguins. And now, left 3.*

Sigh~ I feel heartache for these cute lil animals....

Ok ok! Let's move on. We're just around the mini stadium and it's 330pm! We're going to watch Multi Animal Show!!! Weeee~

*Oh Gosh~ I just love love love him so so so much!!!*

*There's not much audience beside us. Of course, it's weekday.*

*Xuan Xuan loves playing with them. They're his godmothersss.*

*Why not yet start? Faster start la! Damn hot the weather.*

Here starts the show. LOL! The programme of the show never change. I remember I saw the parrots and sea lion perform when I was a small kid. And now, I'm already a 22 years old adult, the programme is still the SAME!!!

Oh please, put some effort in changing the performance so can attract more visitors. I know it is not easy, but that's what zoo keepers and performers do. Non-stop changing, bring some fresh feeling to the audience. Not a performance that keeps on rewind and playback for 10 years or more!!!

Anyway, I took some photos for the sea lion performance using SPORTS MODE/SCENE! And this has made my photos some epic one!!! Haha!

*How can you take all these awesome shots using a normal digital camera? By using SPORTS MODE/SCENE!!! I love how the sea lion jump over the hoop!*

The previous sea lion is a new and younger sea lion. What you're about to see below is the 19 years old sea lion. I remembered its weight is around 400kg+++!!! And it is damn CUTE!!!!!!

*Asking for treats from the trainer after clap and salute to the audience*

*It's really hard to imagine how such heavy animal can jump up from the water so high and use its nose to touch the ball!!! Wonders of animal*

The show last for about 30 minutes. Despite its lame programme that keeps on recycle for 10 years or more, we really did enjoyed the performance. Maybe those parrots and sea lions are tooooooo adorable!!

After the Multi Animal Show, USUALLY we will head to the Aquarium to watch fishes. I still remember how beautiful those fishes are when I was a kid. Lots of rare breeds too. But now~ Sigh!!!

They're arranging the fishes type from upper stream of a river all the way down and out to the ocean. I really like this idea, but I don't like how they emphasize those river fish breed. All we get to see are those fish from river and most of them are likely to be seen on the ice table of Carrefour's fish market.

*This is a long, long fish*

*LOL! What are you thinking Kei? Thinking wanna steam it or fry it?*

*Small sting rays you can find in rivers.*


*Just wanna camwhore with my fish friend. Am glad that it smile at the camera too.*

*Thought wanna take photo with this beach theme wall painting and photoshop it like we're really at the beach. Too bad I cannot make it. The yellow lights are too dim and yellowish.*

*The Princess and The Fish Prince*

*Another princess wanna kiss the fish prince. LOL! It is definitely a popular fish.*

*Say hello to my fish friend. It is smiling back at you!!!*

*Everybody loves smiley fish. LOL!*

See!!!??? These are the fishes in the Akuarium of Zoo!! Worse than Aquaria. The ONE and ONLY TANK of sea fish, are Clown fish, blue damsel etc.... Can easily see/get at most of the aquarium shop.

*Damn disappointed. Is this some tricks that trick customers to go Aquaria to see rarer breeds of fishes?*

*Took some pictures at the souvenir shop not far away from the Akuarium. I like these two shots. How funny that someone commented in my FB for the first photo as: Photo of the year. LOLOLOL!!!!*

*Monkey. Most of them are sleeping at the inner part of the cage so we can't really see much of the monkeys that day. And no, no baboon. Sigh! I wanna see Baboon!!!*

*Kinda hard to get these hippos out of the water unless it's FEEDING TIME!!! Urgh~ They are smelly hippos*

*Me and Kei at the two hippos*

After the hippos, we're officially walked pass and visited every animals in Zoo Negara. Since it's still early, we decide to went for the 2nd round.

*Totally in love with this photo of us. Too bad that Hana is not in it.*

*Yo~ PEACE bro!*

*Remember the lazy cougars? Now they're busy making babies. Hahahaha! It's very funny how cougars moan during sex*

*He is damn piss off with the hot weather*

*This will be the end of today's Zoo Negara visit with Seisyun*

*This will be the 3rd version of the "same place same pose" photo. But as I've said, too bad Hana not joining us that day. If not everything will be so perfectly beautiful!*

P.S: Seisyun, next year no more Zoo ok??? LOL!!!! Maybe Aquaria???

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