Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dong Dong Qiang Shopping

Went for shopping during weekdays for new clothes and shoes. Seriously have no idea where to go and what to buy, plus low spending ability, I bet that I can get any clothes that I truly heart.

Skip my part, I will be posting LOTSAAAAA photos of Xuan Xuan. This will be like, the last blog post of Xuan Xuan still in long hair version. (Now he has short hair, no leng zai anymore.)

*Daddy mummy bring you buy new clothes for coming Chinese New Year ok? Behave please!!*

In order to save some money so that we can spend more on clothes, decided to da bao Char Kuey Teow and Char Siew rice to eat inside the car.

*After meal, when I hand over tissue to him and ask him to wipe his mouth, he will do so!*

*Such obedient boy boy~ Sek sai lei!!! (in Cantonese, means sayang you the most!!! How to explain "sayang" in English!!????)*

*Another photoshop dao gao gao photo! Haha! Love the sunshine and reflection on my white skirt makes my face looks so fair and bright!*

Went to several places that day, in order to search for cheap, pretty and good quality clothes.

The first shop that comes in my mind will definitely be F.O.S!

They have so many pretty clothes but yet in such low prices!! I can't find myself any excuses not to buy their clothes. Rejected apparels are apparels too. I can find GAP, Zara, Forever21, AX etc etc branded apparels here without splurging much money on them, how good is that???

*Saw this pink check pattern shirt, feel that if Xuan Xuan wears it will be uber cuteee! Asked him to go see himself in the mirror and he really went to see himself! Haha! I think he thinks himself as a leng zai too!*

*Nice or not? RM30... But didn't bought this shirt in the end. Wth, Bun said RM30 for such thin cloth shirt is not worthy.*

*Hahaha~ I wonder what he saw with such expression showing on his face.*

This fella is soooooo hyper active that day, me and Bun are really running out of idea to keep him quiet... In the end, went to the playground outside, let him play all he wants so that he will become exhausted and stay quiet.

And that's the place I saw some fuckers smoking. Ok, you can smoke at outdoors but can you please don't sit around the playground and smoke?

If you want to kill yourself with smoking, please go ahead, but don't smoke around children. They are way too young to start to be harm by your second hand smoke. Look around you while you're puffing on a ciggie.

As what I've tweet, I do really think Malaysia should ban smokers roaming around with the ciggie on their fingers. Just do like what England does, limit the areas smokers are allowed to smoke. The atmosphere is not yours, do think of others, and think how frustrated will you be if I'm the smokers and you're not.

Never hold such grievance on smoking, I've been inhaling 2nd hand smoke since the day I was born because of my dad and I'm really get used to smokes, but when it comes to smoking around children, I just beh tahan, must show dulan face!

*Smoke-free air, run baby run!!!*

*Happy! Xuan Xuan recognise the general outlook of a playground, whenever we pass by one while driving, he sure will point at the playground excitedly, make some noises which sounds like: Daddy mummy, I wanna go playground!*

*Wrong direction la boy~!*

*Pay RM3 for this kiddie car trolly for Xuan Xuan's sake! He will only sit still if he's placed in kiddie car.*

*Finally saw with my own eyes of the HUGEEEE prosperity cat located at the stage area of OneU's new wing block. These prosperity cats are white and fluffy, I wonder why somebody say not cute, it's CUTEEE indeed!!! But wearing jades and emeralds are abit auntie-ish. LOL!*

*Xuan Xuan doesn't seems excited while he saw those cats... Maybe it's because he know they're fake cats? LOL*

*Say 'Hi' to long-time-no-see-Bun!!!*

After some time walking around without purpose, (not that REALLY without purpose la, our purpose is to buy new clothes but the pricing are not match with our spending ability level) we decided to change place - to Ikea!!! And also have our dinner there.

*Daddy is buying mum mum so we wait a while ya~!*

*Chinese New Year atmosphere photo this IS!!! Red is auspicious!*

*I wonder how much is Ikea selling for these tanglungs.*

*Daim cake!! FINALLY I ate a daim cake. Oh My God this is soooooo delicious!!! The caramel, the nuts, the layers... Gosh! I wish I stay beside Ikea so I can have Daim cake whenever I want. Even someone who dislikes sweets and cakes (Bun) say this is GOOD! How can you not say delicious too? RM5.20*

*Everytime I ask him to smile to the camera when I'm taking photo of him, he will give me the 'pai kia' face. What's wrong with you??? (Pai kia in Hokkien, means gangster)*

*Pai kia drive Bentley. Hahahahahaha~ He just love to sit on rides like these. Such pure and innocent happiness that comes so easily, I should learn to be happy as simply like how Xuan Xuan did.*

*Last photo: Say bye bye to both of our looks, this is the last photo of our old looks. We now has BANGS and AH WONG Look! LOL!*

P.S: Will post my CNY loots next! Show me YOURSSSSS!!!!

P.S2: Have you guys done CNY shopping yet?