Thursday, January 14, 2010

Andy's Dream Day Wedding

On 1st of January 2010. Now Andy is not afraid if one day in the future, his wife ask him: [insert intimate name calling here you can imagine], what is the date of our wedding dinner ar?


Anyway, this wedding dinner also marks my FIRST time attend to FRIEND'S wedding dinner. (Andy, I give you face gao gao liao! Don't say me not friend enough! Haha!)

If you've been wondering why (like all my families and friends did) I went to a friend's wedding which I've never seen him for once in my life, the answer is: We know each other for more than THREE years, through blogging/FB/sms. 

If you say you won't go to somebody's wedding dinner even though you know each other online-ly for more than 3 years, then I say: you must be those nit-picky kind of people.

I should stop blabbering here. Let's see photos!:

*Guess who will I go to this dinner with?*

*Some more who la~ Ma this lil fella lo! Haha!*

*Make-Up of The Day - I love it soooo much~*

*Gotta camwhore gao gao!!! Muahaha~ See till you guys' eyes bleed!*

*The Wedding Dinner was held at Restaurant Golden Dragonboat beside the Kampung Pandan Roundabout. It's a newly established restaurant, I'm eager to try their food to see whether it's good.*

*The hall is big! Can place 50+ tables.*

*I'm seated at table 31, the "friends" table. Too bad there's nobody I know (Yes, ThiamHin I'm talking about you.) sit at the same table with me. And I'm very, very, very bad at socialise.*

With no one to talk to, I'm talking to Xuan Xuan for the whole night. LOL! I wonder will the people from the same table sees me as an insane mummy or something. Haha.

And I found that Xuan Xuan likes to eat peanuts, VERY MUCH! I bit the peanut into half and feed him. He will chew, and chew, swallow, and wanting more. Haha. So cuteee~ Almost half of the peanuts are eaten by the two of us. LOL!

The wedding dinner starts at 8p.m+, me and Xuan Xuan are already as fungry as never eaten anything for days.

*Two cute lil angels become flower girls, or I should say, Angel Girls.*

*Here comes Andy and his wife, Cherene*

*Happiness which can be seen obviously on a guy's facial expression is during his wedding day, don't you think so?*

*I love the stage when they dim the light of the hall and lit up the stage's decoration light a.k.a the frills at the two side of the stage. Niceeee~!*

The foods were nice, okay, not as delicious as some other restaurant but it's quite tasty. Too bad I don't have any photos of the food that night as I am too shy to take out my camera to snap pictures of foods. LOL! Why am I so shy!!???? I should've just do it, do whatever I want because it's my rights.

*Cake cutting ceremony... And the toast session to the guests.*

I went home earlier that night as Bun were already outside of the restaurant waiting to fetch me at 10p.m., when the dishes were still at the "vegetables and mushrooms". I wanna eat Chinese pancake!!!!!! (sobs)

Anyway, wishes Andy and Cherene will be forever loving and caring to each other. Happiness is simple to achieve if you believe in happiness.

(Told ya I can't resist to camwhore)

*I spent RM0 on my look of the day. Haha~ Borrowed the dress and belt from Peiyue, bags, stockings and shoes my own one. Yipeee~ This is either call 'Smart Saver' or 'Too Poor To Buy Anything FML!'.*

*Black Rose Elastic Belt. Love this soooo much I should go and buy an elastic belt for myself. So useful in mix and match.*

*Rows of diamonds are very ze BLING! Love bling bling accessories to the MAX!*

I resist myself not to post any camwhore pictures because I really scare your eyes will bleed. Haha. Thank me for saving your eyes ok?


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

nice pictures!
like the rose belt! =)

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Thanks. :)