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Belated Christmas Feast

Sorry but I have to bring you guys back to the 27th of December 2009. LOL!

We planned a belated Christmas Feast at 27th of December because the host a.k.a my high school teacher - Pn. Chew is unavailable throughout Christmas Eve, Day and Boxing Day.

I'm running out what to write so I'll let the photos do the talking + some captions.

(CAUTION: 51 photos ahead, all heavy photoshopped! Haha!)

*Cozy apartment for a 4 person, small family. Isn't it nice and heart warming?*

*Guess who found his playmate!!!???*

*Hana is the babysitter of the day!*

*The Aftermath.*

*Xuan Xuan is in love of this pair of Crayon Shin Chan room wear shoes! So cute!!! Heard Pn.Chew said she bought it at Tmn Connaught Pasar Malam, but I am NOT buying it for him because I know he's those with 3 minutes heat one... or maybe less than 3 minutes. This minute wear shoes, next minute shoes gone.*

*TADAAAAA!!! The Chef of The Day: KC!!! He's the one that plan all the dishes for tonight's big feast! Okay, we're not bullying him instead we're helping him to let him gain experiences in cooking! We're the white mice ok? LOL!*

*Chef start cooking! Frying boneless chicken wings with something stuffed in it. I'll let you know what it is. Just continue reading.*

*Spaghetti, have to rinse with cold water to let it become more.... erm... chewy?! I don't know what's the perfect word for 弹口. Bouncy? Haha!*

*While KC them are busy in the wet kitchen, me and Pn. Chew are making lil chicken balls, out from a tupperware of blended, well-marinated chicken meat. The slimey, sticky feeling of these chicken meat while I'm making it into round balls are still unforgettable.*

*Half-cooked Chicken Wings... LOL! KC, your cooking skill still need some improvement eh!!!*

*Is talking about strategies and how-tos.*

*If you're wondering what am I doing, this is my field. Haha. I'm the Microwave Oven Controller. Quite important if you ask me. Cooking the chicken balls we shaped just now... But FAIL BIG TIME!!! The chicken balls come out so hard we're like eating chicken ball cookies. WTF! Almost half of the chicken balls wasted. We decided to fry it instead of using microwave. It tasted MUCH better!*

*Cutted 1 and a half sticks of Baguettes into pieces. 3 plates+ of baguettes here.*

*And yeah, I'm the one who have to spread butter and garlics on the baguettes. All of them. Hooray, you don't know how long I've been doing that. Besides, I have to take care of the food microwaving inside the microwave oven. Fuuuu~*

*Out of 3 plates+, these 2 lil pieces of burnt baguettes spoiled the perfection I was aiming for. Grrrrr~*

*Chef making notes......*

*So pro!!! Haha!*

*Okay, I have a story to tell for these two pots of spaghetti. We went to Carrefour to buy Spaghetti. Thought of buying 2 packs but KC said he got one pack left, and he remembered the spaghetti is something flat, so we assumed it's a fettucine. But God knows HE'S WRONG!!! It's the same old normal Spaghetti, round one, just not  as thin as angel's hair, but also not as flat as fettucine. wtf. So we end up have 2 kinds of Spaghetti. LOL!*

*Well fried chicken wings... Guess fried by who??? Jeng jeng jeng jeng~ by my hubby - Bun!!! LOL!*

*KC told me to microwave the chicken wings, and it become like this - Reddish, explode-like chicken wings. LOL~!!!! Now you know what is stuffed inside these boneless chicken wings... Reddish sausages. Looks gross isn't?*

*Steam/Bake fish fillets!*

*Mash potatoes with mushroom sauce as gravy. Still left the final touch - to garnish it with tiny crunchy, sausage cubes.*

*Around 730pm+.... Finally we saw some food on the table. All of us are mad fungry already!!!*

I'll introduce each and every dish here:

*Garlic butter baguettes*

*Mashed Potatoes with Mushroom Sauce as gravy*

*This is EPIC - It's suppose to be apple 'PIE' but due to the lazyness of our big chef Mr.KC a.k.a KAMSAO to do the crust for pie so he bought the popiah skin the Popiah skin doesn't qualify to be PIE, so I shall name this as: Apple Popiah!*

*Stuffed, boneless chicken wings and baked fish fillets*

*Fettucine and Spaghetti. To be exact, is Carbonara Fettucine and Bolognaise Spaghetti!*

*Rice Palif!!! Taste like nasi briyani but is much more nicer than that. I really like the aroma and taste of this rice palif!*

*Our chef, proudly presenting his cookings. LOL!*

*Pn. Chew, Seniors and us consider as juniors. Yeah, we got along because the fate of becoming Chinese Society members and Pn.Chew is the society's teacher in charge. 3 - 4 years after school, we're still able to get in touch and organize something like this, it's truly something precious to be cherish!*

*It seems like this chef never get enough of taking photos with all his beloved dishes. LOL!*

*Time for chef to introduce what is what and how to eat i.e: the white sauce is for the fettucine and red sauce is for the spaghetti with cherry tomatoes on top.*

*Creamy, tomato soup! This is DELICIOUS! I had 3 - 4 bowls of this!!! Gosh!! KC wanted to make some art using the cream but failed. So I cincai draw and it became this. Looks like the logo of Fred Perry. LOLWTF!*

*Since this is a Christmas Feast, so we all should really wear Christmasy headgear to make the atmosphere more Christmasy!*

*The Chef and the future photographer(pink shirt, Pn.Chew's eldest daughter) and model(stripey, sunflower, Pn.Chew youngest daughter) wanna-be. (Please exclude my son, he just want to be a random. LOL! Totally unable to include a decent image of him in the photos nowadays. Sigh.)*

*I decide to change my headgear to Mickey's ears! (Reminds me of EVERYBODY went to Disneyland recently, I wanna go to but no money. FML!!!)*

*Muahahaha~ Wanna take photo with KC de but the lil girl decide to join in.*

*KC making jokes of himself. Die die also want to make his santa hat stand up straight wtf!!!*

*Love this photo so much!*
*If you ask me where is Xuan Xuan......*

*Here he is.... Looking at the ceiling fan. LOL! I really feel funnily speechless towards his unique behavious.*

*Siao Kia KC performing 甩头舞 (Head Spinning Dance), using cake as prop. Haha!*

Beside celebrating Christmas, we're actually celebrating birthday for one of the senior - Chee Fei on that day. 

*"Am not going to let you know my age" - quote Chee Fei. LOL!*

*So Christmasy!!!*

*Singing THE birthday song.*

*Chee Fei made a wish, blew the candle, and Pn. Chew insist to play the prank on him, by asking him to pick up the candle using his mouth. LOL! Of course, the next second, his head is inside the cake! Lame prank but sure kena one!*

*Don't we look so alike? Haha! We actually tell each other to wear the Tokyo shirt we both have, and ended up looking similar to each other despite the height. LOL!*

*Pn. Chew's daughter is so happily enjoying styling up KC and Peiyue. Haha!*

*Peiyue styled up as Sailormoon. Haha! So cute!!*


It's a wonderful party with wonderful people. Thank you Pn.Chew for letting us to rampage her house and leave the mess for her to clean up.

I hope that this year, I'm able to held a mini Christmas party at my house! (Gotta work hard for it starts from NOW!)

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