Friday, January 8, 2010

Dream Day

*Caution: This is a CAMWHORE post + heavily PHOTOSHOPED. Please come back in near future to see more new updates*

26th of December sure is a hectic day for all of us. LOL! After Nirvana Memorial Park and Kajang Satay, my mum decided to go to see a show house near Setapak area.

By the time we reach that show house, there's lots of family at the reception area. Everybody is so interested in purchasing houses build by this particular development company. While those agents are busily entertaining those potential buyer, me and my bros went to see the show house.

*The show house is soooooooo pretty decorated I love their interior design soooooo much! Let's start to camwhore shall we?*

*Kids room. All the cheerful colours and underwater themed mirror really makes this room looks so cheerful and lively! This can be an inspiration for the future interior design of Xuan Xuan's bedroom, using Nippon Paint maybe? LOL!*

*I love love love this rug so much. So fluffy, so soft, and most of all, they have glitters!!! Pretty!!!*

*Nemo and Friends~ So cuteee! Make me also wanna buay paiseh act cute in front of the mirror. Haha!*

*Xuan Xuan loves this room very much and he's happily jumping on the bed. I guess I really should decorate his future bedroom into something like this. Hehe.*

*Monotone master bedroom. Modern and stylish, but I don't really fancy this type of interior, I'll just stick to my own likes - Country Victorian style. Hehe!*

*Black feathers lamp shade is sooooo cool!!! This can be easily DIY don't you think so?*

*Xuan Xuan posing on the bed. I think this is not his taste of interior design too?*

*Soft, fluffy, white feathers lined velour pillow. So dreamy. I wonder where do the supplier gets all these kirei(means pretty/chio in Japanese) stuffs to decorate the house.*

*Die die also want to camwhore with the white feather lamp shade.*

*We're at living room area now. Xuan Xuan loves leather sofa too. Jumping here and there.*

*Sequin pillows. Silver and Gold!!! Mad loves!!!*

*Vintage Gold-Digger Look*

*Icy Cold Silver Look. wtfwtfwtf. Haha! Can't stop laughing while typing the captions. LOL!*

*"Lavender" field. No, I'm not gonna tell you where and how I take this photo, go figure out yourself. LOL!*

*I love love loveeeee SUNDAY!!! I am born on Sunday, and sometimes I feel that I have some connection with Sunday. Think too much?*

*There's this diamond shape mirror-like thingy decorated on the wall of the living room. You can see all four directions at the same time if you stand in the the middle. Nice?*

*I just love to process my photos into Vintage kind of feel.*

*Lastly, I took these two photos in the second bedroom, under the lamp. I really like the feel so much I can't stop myself from merging two photos into one. The blood of Gemini-ism lives in me*

*Really beh tahan wanna edit gao gao of this photos. Maybe I shoud use this photo and make it into name card or something.*

I didn't notice that we are not allowed to take photos in the show house. I only realize that when we're going to leave the place, which I take a glimpse at the board showing: No food, Pets, Photos Taking are allowed.

Oh well~


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

 Where is this showhouse? By which developer?

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Erm, I don't really wanna reveal the name of the developer as I'm quite worried they'll sue me abusing their show house furniture. LOL!
But it's the most FAMOUS developer in setapak, wangsa melawati etc.

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

They're really nice pictures :D Your son is so cute.

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Thanks! I like your avatar.