Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fun & Easy Photoshoot

30th of December, heading to Titiwangsa with Peiyue and PohLing early in the morning for a fun & easy photoshoot session with one of my former junior back in High School Form 6 time - Jackie Loi.

I was so surprise that Ah Loi (LOL! We call him Ah Loi one.) had made it this far either in blogging, or photography field. *claps*

Actually I'm one of the extra character for today's photoshoot because originally, there's only 3 people going, me and KamSao said wanna participate in this photoshoot while we're on the way back from Pn.Chew's house. But then, KamSao FFKed me. WTF! Thought wanna ask KamSao to help me take care of Xuan Xuan. Luckily Xuan Xuan doesn't follow me that day.

*8a.m, Inside Peiyue's car.*

*On the way to.....*

*Titiwangsa. What a lovely morning and such a beautiful place for us to take photos!*

*All the bags and stuffs... We're like going camping or something. LOL!*

We waited for AhLoi and Kavia at the playground. Thought Playground will be a perfect spot for photo taking, but I guess AhLoi wanna take more greenies stuff that day. PohLing and Kavia become AhLoi's first object of shooting, while I'm helping Peiyue to put some make-up on.

We went to quite some of the place, to search for a dry grass field, but failed. All the grass field were wet, due to the midnight rain. Oh well, still we manage to capture some good frames of photos. AhLoi Geng!

After that, we went the lake area to take some photos. However, maybe AhLoi is a bit nervous and a bit blur due to early morning, we can't really think of any poses to pose. Haha. The cons of having a sudden photoshoot without proper planning.

*Ah Loi in the action*

*Sorry to do this to you Peiyue, but this is the only "backstage" photo I have. Hope you don't mind.*

*Reiko and Peiyue. Both wear white shirt. LOL!*

*Kissing the sun. Hahahahaha~*

That's all the 'backstage' photos I have in my camera. And now, I'll show you some of the photos AhLoi took  during that photoshoot session. 

*Peiyue, Kavia, PohLing and Me*

*PohLing as focus, me and Peiyue kena bokeh. Haha!*

*Me and Kavia. If my eyes were open wider and not frowning my looks, I think I'll like this shot*

*AhLoi, I like the one that my whole image was black one leh and only the background is visible.*

*Below, is the favourite shot of all time. Everybody commented they like this shot a lot.*

*Oh great! Look what I'm posing. I have no idea why I will come up with this pose. So fucking funny if you ask me now.*

*One of a kind.*

*This is niceee~*

*And last, AhLoi (in tangy orange shirt) the photographer and his (ahem) models. Haha!*

Thank you so much for spending your time for not sleeping instead of taking photos of us. It's a really great experience and FINALLY, I learnt a tiny bit of something about DSLR. Hehe. Thank you~

Kavia have to go to clinic or something and the four of us decided to have breakfast before heading home. Peiyue said that inside the housing area, there's this Chinese stall selling Chinese food. She sure knows A LOT of places to eat. GENG!

*The mysterious Chinese food stall which most of us doens't know. LOL!*

*Selling Siamese Fighting Fishes too. Classic*

*We were questioning the reason of the oil lamp is for????*

*I Had Wan Ton Mee!!! RM3.80(? not sure) Nice.*

I've been thinking about DSLR, photoshoots and techniques too much as I dreamed I borrow a DSLR from somebody and went to an event with Cheesie and snap photos. wtf.

P.S: Planning a photoshoot coming Monday. Yay!! *dancing around happily* Hope it'll turn out to be good.

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