Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Love Conflict Leads to Murder - Case Solved


KUALA LUMPUR: A murder case was solved in Modesto's, Desa Sri Hartamas by a blogger later that night. According to report, Astro is launching its new and first-ever High-Definition(HD) broadcast service in Malaysia and that night, Nuffnang and Astro, was holding a Bloggers Night event at the same place which the murder case is reported.

Our reporter - Reiko, who is also one of the blogger, got invited to the event and witnessed the whole incident.

*Modesto's, Desa Sri Hartamas*

*Guests are required to go into the event place through Supper Club main entrance*

*Inside the event place*

*5 HD TV, 5 Astro B.yond Box Sets are available for preview in the event on that day. Bloggers are amazed by the High-Definition quality preview*

*See, Feel, Hear and Touch - An Experience like never before*

High-Definition is one of the latest feature in television technology. Viewers are ensured that they are able to see 5 times more of the detail compare to a standard-definition television broadcast.

Astro B.yond ensure their viewers have these to enjoy a viewing experience like never before:

  • SEE like never before: Crisp and crystal clear images and true-to-life colours. Broadcasting at 720p and 1080i, Astro B.yond offers at least twice the resolution and 5 times greater detail, sharpness and clarity.

  • HEAR like never before: With cinematic sound (Dolby Digital Technology), you can experience the multi-dimensional audio of the cinema right in your living room.

  •  FEEL like never before: Broadcasting images in 16:9, you find it's enjoyable to view in panoramic widescreen viewing that's most closely emulates to human field of vision.

  • TOUCH like never before: 7 days' programme guide and user-friendly navigation and one-touch convenience.

*There are approximately 200 bloggers attended the event that night*

*This photo was believed to be one of the crucial clue for the murder case*

*The event started at 8:00p.m while most of the bloggers are arrived.*

*The COO of Astro, Mr. Henry Tan is gave an event opening speech that night*

*The crisp, crystal clear images and vivid colours of the TV Commercial that's soon to be show to Astro subscribers. Bloggers that attended the event that night are the first to view the TV Commercial throughout the nation.*

*For those who are still not an Astro subscriber, here's one more reason why you should start subscribing now.*

*Some famous bloggers did a short clip in HD and shared their views in High-Definition.*

*Even though Bloggers were informed refreshments will be served on that night, but what waiting for them is definitely more than 'refreshments'.*

*Delicious meal, good service and nice ambience.*

*There were percussions performance for bloggers to keep their eyes busy while their mouth is busy at the same time.*

*The highlight of the event: All Sherlock-Holmes-wannabe are rushing to register their name to Robb from Nuffnang to participate and solve the murder case.*

There are clues hidden throughout the whole place. Participants can't see anything with bare eyes, they have to search the clues with magnifying glass. People were running here and there, searching for clues scattering all the places, just to find who is the murderer and why did he/she did it.

*One of team out of 20 made it to the final stage. 5 of them are requested to answer questions and whoever the first got 3 points(means answering 3 questions correctly) are the one who will walk away with a complete set of Astro Byond HD box set, remote, outdoor dish and a 32" HD TV!*

*That night, Eric Yong made it! He won the complete HD set and successfully solved the murder case*

*Crime Scene*

*The body was later found on the stage, and will be proceed to post-mortem.*

*The male victim (3rd from the left) died of extensive bleeding due to a stab wound to the chest which penetrated the right ventricle of the heart. The murderer(red dress, 3rd from the right) was charged of murdering her boyfriend, who has been in a complicated relationship with his male colleague.(Pictures credit to SixthSeal)*

The Murderer will be charged under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.

Haha! Hope you guys enjoyed my "news coverage" on the "murder case". End of serious talk!

*I definitely had more than 4 cups of fruit punch that night. No one to talk with is the main reason I drink a lot. Haha.*

*Sharing Modesto's thin crust pizza with Ringo, KY, Haze Long, Shaolin Tiger, Kimberly, Ruby, Eric, Jaclyn, Terence, Horng a.k.a #porkgang. (Sorry if I left out anyone, I'm seriously STARSTRUCKED that night!)*

*What I had for dinner - Mash potatoes, sausages, garlic and tomato sauce mushrooms, spaghetti, roast chicken(? not sure). Looks gross in this photo but they taste NICEEEE~! And one thing, all the famous blogger eat so lil only!!! No wonder they look pretty in all the photos, unlike me, have to find angle one. Sienzzz*

*Haze from Blushberry. Chatted a lot with her that night regarding DSLR! Haha. Hope to chat with you again.*

*Ringo from Cheeserland. She's so cute and skinny and pretty and stylish and Japan-ish and [what nice adjectives which reminds you of her]... Commented on her blog few days ago that I'm going to make an appointment with her on that day to say hi to her. Haha! Thank you for asking me to join you guys after you know that I'm all alone. I feel very grateful for your kindness, if not , I think I'll be wandering like a lost soul at Modesto's.

The only thing I feel a bit regret is that I don't have company to play the Murder in the details game. Have to find 5 bloggers as a group in order to play the game. Ruby is kind enough to help me ask other groups whether they need people to join or not, Thank you!!!!

After the game and Eric won the prize, it's the ending for that night's event. 9:50p.m. Gotta go asap as I thought my baby Xuan Xuan will be at home, lao gai-ing for not seeing me.

But guess what? After I reached home and parked my car, I called Bun to ask him his location, he told me he's on the way back home from Carrefour. Looks like Xuan Xuan doesn't go all emo without me beside him. I wonder should I be happy or sad for it sometimes, dilemma.

While waiting for Bun to arrive (because I have no house keys), I did some camwhore in the car. Haha.

*Somehow looks like 'smoking a ciggie' post, but nope, I don't smoke.*

*5 ways you can camwhore with your Astro Byond event name sticker. Haha!*

*Each and every guests that night will get a goodie bag!!! Goodie bag always cheer me up!*

*These are the goodies you can find in the goodie bag. Mad love their yearly planner. Gotta make THAT yealy planner my 2010 yearly planner. Wanna bling it's outer cover too!(excited)*

I hope everyone attended Astro Byond Bloggers Night are enjoying themselves like how I did. Thank you Nuffnang and Astro for organizing such a wonderful event.

P.S:I met Lizzie in the event. Such a surprise!! :D
P.S2: I still remember the feeling of getting goosebumps while I'm watching the Astro Byond HD TVC! It's amazing!!!


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

i enjoyed the food! and the music, it's the same band that played for the Solaris Mont Kiara countdown coz i recognize the cute chinese guy in dreadlocks!

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Reiko! I'd love it. Your article is very cool.Its kinda I read it from a real reporter ;]
By the way, I'm glad you enjoy the night.I wish one day I could attend one of Nuffnang event too.

~!~ Queeniera ~!~

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Hye reiko.. Nice seeing you again after the lurve affair thingy.. wow, it has been ages.. looked like u had a blast at modesto's.. i just cannot tahan the smoke.. my eyes feels so itchy like wanna cabut and rendam inside warm water only.. lol! hope to bump into you at more events ya!

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Haha. The cute guy know Jojo Struys one lo, looks like very talented eh? Hehe

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Sure you can, Keep on trying ok?
Hope to see you in future event. :)

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Hope to see you in future events too. Haha.