Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My First Job of year 2010

In fact, this is my first job after gave birth to Xuan Xuan. Almost 2 whole years of complete blank resume has finally back on track.

I'm kinda nervous to be working again I actually dreamt that I wake up in the middle of the night, checking time using my phone and feel safe to sleep again because it's only 5a.m. LOL! 

We're doing a survey at Sunway Convention Centre which dental conventions are held there. On the first day, we're told by our supervisor to reach Sunway CC before 7 freaking a.m!!!

I honestly thought that Convention Centre must be not far from the hotel, but I'm wrong. It's at the other side, which means I have to walk ALLLLLLLLLL the way from this end to another end. I guess that should be count as my morning exercise.

7:05a.m, reach convention centre but no sign of supervisor. I wandered around and snap few photos while everybody is busy setting up their booth for exhibition.

*Lots of dentists will be coming for the convention, that means high chances for single ladies to seek for future rich husband. Haha!*

*Exhibitionists are running here and there, setting up their booth for the exhibition.*

*Long, long pathway...*

Ok, few minutes gone and still no sign of supervisor, might as well check out the toilet of convention centre, must be real clean and nice!

*Can't resist to camwhore after seeing the huge mirror inside the toilet. But one thing, I have puffy face and red eyes early in the morning. FML!*

*We're required to wear ALL BLACK presentable formal wear to work. I have none and I borrowed this super YENGness black shirt from Kei. The details on this shirt made lil resemblance of army, military and Michael Jackson. LOL! MJ!??? Maybe with some exaggerating pin-on brooch or shoulder decoration!*

After some time waiting, finally saw our supervisor - Jason, along with the project supervisor, and our client. The client briefed us for half an hour on our job scope and we're ready to start the day!

As you know, we're conducting a survey, so I'm not gonna reveal what we're asking because I'm not sure whether it is private and confidential, but let's practice some good business/working etiquette shall we?

*The hall was hella big!!!*

8a.m, registration counter were starting to flood with peoples, and this is the best time we can get people to do the survey while they're queueing up to register themselves. Repeat and repeat, we asked almost anyone and everyone at registration counter.

I guess the time schedule for the whole convention is a bit messed up, the first talk starts around 9 something, and that's when the crowd started to flow into the hall, not at registration counter anymore. We hardly can get anyone to do the survey by then.

*One of the main sponsor of this convention. Guess who's going to come for the opening ceremony of this convention?*

Yup, you've guessed it right, our Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai is coming for the open ceremony of this convention. I'm going to see him in real life for my first time!!! (excited don't know for what! LOL!)

Quickly rush back to our table, just in front of the hall, and waiting for Datuk to walk pass us so that I can take photo, but guess what, I missed the chance.

I always thought that the kompang team are the ones who are walking in front of the big shots, some sort of flower girl kinda thingy and the big shots walking at the back, so I didn't really pay attention who was walking in front of the kompang team...

*The Kompang Team... The ones who are walking at the back, following Health Minister them all... That means Health Minister has gone inside the hall before I notice. wtfwtfwtfarggghhhhh!!!!!*

Not long after that, while we're handling our filled survey forms to the supervisor, I heard some music coming out from the hall... I'm so curious about it I went to the door and check what's going on.

*Everybody standing up straight, and singing our national anthem together with our health minister. Oh LOL! I didn't notice the song was our national anthem until the very end part of it. I thought it was some kind of dentist anthem (similar to school teacher's anthem.)*

Anyway, while all dentist are inside the hall listening to talks, it's break time for us. Yipeeee!!! Super fungry!!!

Oh yeah, did I tell you that I met my secondary schoolmate - Winki and we're both working for this same company, same job? I'm so surprise, and feel a bit safe that someone I know is working with me. I guess I'm too insecure when it comes to meeting new people.

*For all these years working as freelancer, this is my FIRST TIME actually having lunch together with all the girls, happy! Good timing for ice breaking too!*

*Gasoline at Sunway's theme is pirate ship, a very wrecked pirate ship I guess.*

*Lunch of the day: Ham, sausage, egg, seaweed maggie mee, and it taste kinda awful. RM6.00/RM6.50*

Funny thing is, the chef actually messed up my order with another girl's seafood noodle. The chef place all the ham and sausage into the girl's seafood noodle, and then claim it back, took out the ham and sausage and put into my bowl of noodle. So distasting.

*Winki's plate of Fry Sin Chew Bee Hoon. Looks yummy. I always think that other's food are tastier than my food, and sometimes regretting from order what I've ordered. Does this happens to you?*

*After lunch. The whole place is sooooooo cold I have to put on scarf around my neck to keep myself warm. I guess all the heat went to my tummy area for food digestion.*

*While walking around searching for dentist to participate in the survey, I saw something quite interesting.*

*I guess this is what Indiana Jones chasing after, the "Crystal Skull". Hahahaha!*

*Beside crystal skull, there's crystal tooth too.*

*Xray films of human teeth.*

Honestly, I don't think I'm that suitable to do this job because I have imperfection set of teeth. Should've gone for braces during secondary school period but let bygones be bygone, I am happy with how I look now and I should never ever look down at myself for just a lil bit imperfection. 

Just need to do some research on which angle will make me look best in photos.(Still researching.) Hehe.

*4p.m, half an hour break time! Went to Snowy inside Asia Avenue for some Tong Shui dessert.*

*Called Snowy but don't have any resemblance of snow one... Tipu.*

*Black glutinous rice dessert with a lil bit of santan (coconut milk).*

*Hak Loh Mai.... Ok la, it's not as tasty as how it looks, the one who cooks this still have a lot to learn. RM3.80*

Working from sunrise till sunset sure is hectic. I don't feel like talking or have my dinner after back at home. Just wanna sleep and then wake up the next day and continue to work.

And it seems Xuan Xuan pull it through very well with my absence. He's enjoying his day with his dad. Father and son weekend, how great. Hope this can lessen his separation anxiety with me.

The next day, went to work by sitting Winki's car.(Gosh, she stay so close to my place!) Thanks for the ride babe!

*This is Winki! Say 'Hi' to her. Haha*

She used to be Shu Uemura's makeup artist but now she's a freelance make-up artist after quitting that job. She has taught me so many tips on make-up during that 2 days of work, which I forgot now... FML!

*What's on the table.... is a box with a cardboard written: Kindly drop off your survey form here.*

*Had McD's Big Breakfast!!! What can be more happy than have this for breakfast!? Today is gonna be a good day!*

*Too cold for not wearing scarf.*

*Have to carry all these while working... I can has muscles for carrying these around for 2 days.*


Ok, I have this one thing to talk about, something that happened during our working time:

There's this good looking Indian lady walk passed our table, one of my colleagues decided to approach her to do the survey, but guess what, she said: I don't give out my opinion if there's no gifts for the survey.

WTF!!! There's only 4 short questions which requires only ONE MINUTE of your time to complete the survey. I doubt that you'll be a good dentist with such shitty attitude. If I know which clinic you're in, I will never ever go to that clinic, EVER!

Dentist with an attitude problem, how she's going to serve her customer right?

*Had something for lunch that I haven't had for a while - Wong Kok!*

*Ordered their "Cheese" promotion set - RM17.90 Drinks, main course and fruits as a set. This chocolate banana drink reminds me of the Belgian chocolate drink I had at Dessert's Bar, except this one taste sweeter.*

*Chicken chop with deep fried rice and cheese coating. Spent some time chewing on the hard deep fried rice... Creative with an average taste.*

After get to know all of the people I was working with, it turns out that they're a bunch of friendly and funny people. I'm really glad I'm working with such wonderful people. To made our memories stay, decided to take some group pictures during the last hour of work.

*Thanks for making these 2 days of work ends in laughter. Nice meeting all of you. (I look like shit here, just ignore me)*

*Girls only!*

Hope I got the chance to work with you guys again in the future aight? *laughs*


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

you are so tall!

i always wanted to ask you, 'after school got work before?'

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

interesting event.. especially when indiana jones crystal skull is there..lol... i wan the crysal tooth!

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Does 'freelance' consider as work? XD

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Don't know how much also!! I want the skull! XD