Thursday, January 21, 2010

"No Picture Please" at FullHouse, Jln Yap Kwan Seng Part 1

Can you belive that!? FullHouse is now open at Jln Yap Kwan Seng. This pretty lil cafe is only 5 minutes distance from my house!

On a sunny Monday, me and friends decided to do another free & easy photoshoot at this pretty lil cafe. We're suppose to reach at 11a.m, but something happened and I'm the one end up to drive that day. LOL! Kinda nervous as I haven't been touching the steering wheel for more than... erm... half year's time?

Hope my friends are okay with my shitty driving skill.

Anyway, we reach at 11:30a.m., and found out that FullHouse open at 12p.m. Luckily we're not here at 11a.m. sharp!

*The sky was being beautiful that day*

If you're asking: Are you going to use your shitty Nikon S210 as the main camera for this photoshoot? The answer is: NAH! We manage to borrow a Lumix FZ35 as THE camera of the day. YAY to better quality pictures!!!

*Everyone haven't warm up yet so we feel camera shy a bit, and KamSao decided to be the first one who kena shoot. Haha! Pose like pro some more.*

*Say wanna help me carry my bag while I snap photos and my bag end up to be one of his prop to pose in pictures. Ish!*

*One of my favourite T-Shirt: No Picture Please. Haha!*

*It's Peiyue's turn!!!*

*Wanna snap her walking towards the main entrance of the cafe, a bit unnatural...*

*Kamsao "faking" push the door. LOL!*

*Gosh~ So excited I really wanna see how the interior looks like. Must be so white and pretty like my dream house!*

*Random shot*

*It seems like there's many things we can play pose with! Hehe!*

*Andy... The one who jaga our belongings while we take photos. Thank you very much!*

*ManMe in the mirror, my favourite kind of mirror!!! Don't know how much does this costs?*

*Reminds me of Chobits. LOL! Looks like got twins ma... And sama-sama so cute one.*

*Gosh! I like this shot a lot!!! So cheerful!*

*If you been to that FullHouse, sure you'll notice there's a lot of dead flies around.*

*Fuiyo, this kam sao die die wanna act yeng. Hahahaha! Ok la ok la, very yeng la.*

*Looks like inspecting his hair problem see got balding symptoms or not. Hahahahaha!*

*Angle problem... Not a satisfying shot from me.*

*Magazine rack also can pose. Hehe!*

*I also wanna pose with magazine rack!*

*The Male & Female Model of Year 2010 Setapak area. LOLOLOL!!! WTFTOTHEMAX!!!!*

*This couple so cute and lovey dovey right?*

*It's MEEEEEEE!!!!*

*Gosh I SUPER LOVE THIS SHOT TO THE MAX!!!! Gonna change my facebook profile picture AGAIN! Haha!*

*Only she can smile so naturally.... Not my league. LOL!*

*Cutie cactus plant. I love cactus plant that don't have sharp spines.*

*Like very knowledgeable. He better be because few days after this photoshoot is the starting of his exam days.*

*Photoshop dao gao gao! Leng mou??? Hahahaha!*

*Ice Lemon Tea.... Because all of us order set lunch.*

*Unfortunately there's small,tiny insect inside the drinks, Peiyue is very determine to clear it out from her drink. I guess I'm the only one who drinks the Ice Lemon Tea without concern of the existence of insect.*

*I thought this is a good shot, but after checking, angle FAIL! It looks like KamSao is using his red straw to poke his own nose. Haha!*

*Smile like the drink is very very tasty.*

*And this one looks like emo pula!*

*The me in my camera.*

*I just love candid shot*

*Fuiyo~ Leng ar! Hahahahaha!*

*Stay tune for Part 2 ok? 30++ shots of photos! Muahahahaha!*

P.S: The image ratio of the camera is set to 16:9, hence you'll notice some are longer and wider. Pre set by the camera owner.
P.S2: As usual, comments are welcome. 


Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Wow! I'm so in love with it! and the picture that you said you wanna make it as your display picture in facebook is sooo nice!

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

they actually let you go around their cafe and take pictures?
hmm, that's nice

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Wow, seems very nice place. Your guy friend sure seems know how to pose very well. Is he a model? :D How come that place so many dead flies -.- Seems a bit ackward to see such a neat and clean place to have many dead flies.

Regards from cr3ap

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Thanks, you can visit this cafe too, really nice and cosy.

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Yup, because we're customers ma, I guess this is what they expected when they decorate their cafe till so pretty. XD

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

He's not a model la, but he always attract attention from gays. Haha.

Yeah, a bit unhygienic seeing those dead flies around. >_<