Saturday, January 23, 2010

"No Picture Please" at FullHouse, Jln Yap Kwan Seng Part 2

This is a photoshoot post continue from Part 1, if you missed it, click here to read!

By 12p.m., the whole restaurant was empty, but around 12:30p.m. or 12:45p.m., it was really FULLHOUSE!

We ordered our food for quite some time, maybe they know our main purpose for going there that day is to take photo, so they're not rushing to serve us our main course. It took about 15 - 20 minutes for our main course to be serve after they serve us appetizers.

*Creamy mushroom soup with almond flakes. The almond flakes makes you have to chew when you're drinking the soup, kinda delicious if you ask me, but please don't drink the soup AFTER you drink your ice lemon tea as the soup will turns out to become bitter. I don't know why....*

*The background is not enough bokeh.... But I kind like this shot, Peiyue smiling in a very cute way.*

*This fella is acting emo again... He thought he's Nicolas Cage or something. LOL!*

*Bah~ Look shitty. What can be more pathetic than still looking shitty after photoshop?*

*Carbonara mushroom spaghetti*


*My lunch set - dory fillet in white sauce.*

*Can go become mi sedap's ambassador already. Haha.*

*KamSao's Wok Sear Chicken Chop. This Wok Sear Chicken Chop is kinda like, star main course from FullHouse, highly recommended by them, too bad I dislike the taste, a bit oriental if you ask me.*

*He's trying to act cool again, I decided to tell some jokes and make him laugh. Hahahaha.*

*Checking back the photos.*

*From my lousy Nikon S210.*

After spending some time finish the main course, we decided to do some after lunch exercise - take photos at the store's upper level. Andy is the one who jaga our belongings while we're having fun shooting up there, thank you again!!!

I photoshop these after-lunch photos heavily, some with distorted colours and so... Hope you find them harmless to your eyes.

*Black & White*

*Acting cool again, this time with a better background.*

*Cute! Love her shot from this angle.*

*Day dreaming*

*Vintageee! I love photos with a touch of vintage feel*

*She can has long legs!*

*Haha, this really looks like he's peeing at the roof or something.*

*Yeng mou???*


*He found his love - White dove. Die die also want to take "kissing the dove" picture. Haha!*

*Entering a fantasy world.*

*Day dreaming or feeling anticipated towards the future?*

*I misplace my hand, sienz.*

*Love this shot of mine, like supermodel or something. Hahahahahahaha (tak malu)*

*Acting again, acting again. LOL!*

*Fuiyo~ Got any girls think this is your Mr. Right? Email me I can give you his contact number. Haha!*

*Another supermodel look alike.*

*This is definitely the interior I will be choosing for my dream house.*

*Emo again.... LOL! Can you don't act emo so often?*

*Big window, white curtain, chandelier, white furnitures... I wish I can have these in my future house.*

*Pretty isn't?*

*Finally, found some props in another room, decided to make some funny shots. Hehe.*


After that, we took some photos at the "bathroom" area and guess what, memory card is full. We're too hardcore in taking photos. Haha.

Have to go back to our table to save some photos into the laptop first.

*And yes, I didn't notice that these cakes comes together with the set lunch, but trust me, not that delicious.*

*Copying files and converting them from RAW to JPEG.*

*Yes, I have to tell jokes and ask this KamSao to open his eyes widely to take this shot. He keeps on complaining how small were his eyes in photos. Nah, satisfied?*

I left Xuan Xuan at home for Bun to take care while I'm having fun taking photos at FullHouse for few hours. Quite irresponsible if you ask me but this is the only method I can enjoy myself and give myself a break from daily stress of parenting.

I deserve to have some break for myself and enjoy some quality break time from being a mother.

Anyway, it was reeeaaal fun taking photos almost of anything, and I hope this passion of photo taking will not go away and will always burning inside me.

FullHouse at Jln Yap Kwan Seng:
No. 2, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng , KL. 
Tel: 03-21646466

Open from 12pm.

Set Lunch : From RM13.90

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