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Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out 2010

2nd January of 2010, me and my family were invited to attend Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out at Kizsport & Gym event at One Utama. And do you know, after being a Nuffnanger for more than 2 years, this is the FIRST TIME I've ever attent to Nuffnang's event. *excited*

Woke up at 8a.m, done everything at 9:15a.m. and One Utama, here we COME!!!!

*I have a serious headache of what to wear that day, don't want to doll-up too much and don't want to be plain at the same time... And ended-up in tee, short jeans, black stokings and flats. Normal and casual.*

*Lack of sleep makes you feeling a bit grumpy eh Xuan Xuan?!*

*Yes, he ish very ze GRUMPY after being in the car for more than 30mins. Kesian-nya my son.*

*The driver/temporary babysitter of the day. Thank you for willing to participate this event with me dear.*

*10a.m, reach One Utama. We're going to be late, at least 5 minutes.*

*Woohoo~ Luckily we're still in time for registration. In fact, there's so many parents participate in this event, I know the event is not gonna start at exactly 10a.m.*

*Finding my name... Xuan Xuan, help mummy see where's mummy's name...*

I were told that I'm one of the winner for the Pre-Event blogging contest. ZOMG so happy!!! Never knew that things can be going in such a wonderful way at the beginning of the year. Being one of the winner of the for the blogging contest sure is a good start for year 2010!

*Xuan Xuan got a free T-Shirt which he have to wear it throughout the event. L size. So large! Have to fold three times or more at the sleeves. *

*Yer~ so unwillingly take photo with mummy one de meh????*

*Jia Xuan in da house!*

*Are you ready to rock da house today love?*

*Must take some memorable photo with the event board*

*Aiyoyo~ Cranky monkey.*

*I can has name sticker. Muahaha~ (I'm still keeping this name sticker, stick it inside my 2010 year planner. LOL!)*

*Before went inside the playland, Xuan Xuan already found his love - Balloons behind the statue. LOL!*

*Socks is a must when you're inside the Kizsport & Gym for hygienic purpose. No shoes are allowed inside the premise.*

*Beside the shoe racks, saw this stunning, super long 'train of strollers'*

Since we're still waiting for parents to finish registering themselves at the reception counter, we shall have a walk around the Kizsports & Gym centre.

The place is huge, perfect for active kids running here and there. And also, there's different section for different ages, younger toddlers like 1 - 3 years old can either play at the mini playground or go to the gym room, while the bigger kids from 4 - 12 years old can run around, climb up and down at the large playground.

The cranky Xuan Xuan turns into happy Xuan Xuan in just 0.01 millisecond. Do you know what he saw?? He saw this:

*Colourful Pool Of Balls! See how happy he is now!*

*What colour is the perfect ball for me? Yellow? Green??*

*Nah~ I'll drop the yellow one, Green? Blue???*

*Where is my perfect ball??*

*Xuan Xuan search and search....*

*Crawling here and there... And finally...*

*He found his perfect blue ball!*

Right after Xuan Xuan found his perfect blue ball, Emcee announced that everyone have to gather at the empty space in front for a mini ceremony opening speech.

*Lots of parents and kids attend the event. Another successful event by Nuffnang.*

*This fella is totally unable to sit diam diam for even 5 seconds, hopefully he's able to let me finish listening to what emcee gonna say soon. I bet there'll be some instruction for parents and kids.*

*Let's take a photo, since you cannot sit diam diam. Haha*

*Emcee of the day*

*Nuffnang Malaysia country manager Nicholas Chay giving a short opening speech*

*Representer from Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad*

*Spotted: Shaolin Tiger. Never thought I will able to see so many famous bloggers that day including RedMummy too! (starstruck) I am toooooo shy to go up and say hi. Damn my shyness.*

*This is the last photo I am able to capture Xuan Xuan playing because I'm going to listen to a scheduled talk.*

*The main theme of the talk: How to increase your child's immunity*

*Friso Gold's Nutritionist giving talks about, of course, nutrition to increase child's immunity.*

*To my surprise, inside every gram of Friso Gold milk powder, there's ONE MILLION groups of good bacteria in it. ONE MILLION GROUP, means in one group contains lots more of good bacteria, you do the math.*

*Friso Gold contains: GOS, IcFOS, Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, 5 nucleotides, 4 carotenes, and Selenium. A perfect milk powder to increase a child's immunity and also, smarter brain.*

*There's some quizzes after the talk by Nutritionist and you can see, everyone is so eager to win some prizes.*

*Ruth Liew, famous Parenting author and columnist are here too to give a talk about Child's behaviour and solutions we, parents can take to solve these problems. These knowledge delivered by Ruth Liew is definitely a big help to a first time parents like me to cope with future parenting problems as my son is growing up.*

*Nyehehe~ See! I'm so concentrate listening to Ruth talking. I'm a good student. LOL!*

*While I'm listening to talk, Xuan Xuan is happily playing inside the toddler gym room. Playing bubbles some more. And now everytime I bath him, I have to make bubbles for him. LOL! Thanks to Shaolin Tiger for this photo.*

The talk session ends at 1230p.m. and it's already half an hour pass lunch time. No wonder I'm so hungry as I didn't had anything for breakfast that morning. Went to search for Bun and Xuan Xuan, and saw them sitting at the corner, Bun feeding Xuan Xuan inside the children's canteen room.

If you think, sponsored events like this sure no good food one, then YOU'RE WRONG! WRONG BIG TIME!!! See what the kids had for lunch that day:

*Spaghetti, sausages, fruits, fruit juice and banana cake for dessert.*

*Hungry Xuan Xuan finish all the spaghetti. That's my boy!*

*Now, food for us adults. Salads, sausages, chicken pie/tarts, fried beehoon, nuggets, cakes. Yummilicious!*

*Xuan Xuan still wanna share our nuggets. LOL! Got this hungry or not?*

*Awesome environment, good food, we're one happy family. Hehe*

While I'm still savouring my food at my seat, the magic show has begun. The background music the magician uses is so suspense and attractive Bun(who finished his meal faster than me) decided to bring Xuan Xuan to go have a look.

I beh tahan listen to the suspenseful music I fast fast finish my food and went to the gathering place. And WOAH! I can't believe my own eyes.

*It's a magical flying table. WOW!*

*This humorous magician named Hafidz Osman brings lots of laughter and showed us a lot of magic tricks. If you unable to attend to this event, this is what you miss*

*Flaming hot menu. LOL!*

*He's able to produce a candle from a silky cloth.*

*Flowers from a stick*

*And packets of Mamee snacks from flaming tissues.*

*Xuan Xuan beh tahan he fell asleep during the magic show. Poor boy, too exhausted after playing in the pool of balls and bubbles.*

*While waiting for the magician and his assistant to clear the space, Emcee decided to play some dancing games with the kids. "I like to move it move it, She likes to move it move it, He likes to move it move it, We like to - MOVE IT!*

*And now, it's time for prize giving ceremony. (I AM EXCITED!!!)*

*Guess what, I'm the last one to be call up for the consolation prizes. LOL! (Almost had an heart attack) I have no idea how to pose for the photo I look SUPER WEIRD and STIFF! wtf.*

*Jeng Jeng Jeng Jeng~ The Grand Prize for the Pre-Event Blogging Contest - 3 days 2 nights to Hong Kong Disneyland goes to......*

*Kak Ros from MomBloggersPlanet. Congratulation!*

*Group pic of (most of the) winners.*

That marks the end of today's event. Parents can leave or choose to staying back and continue let their children play at the playland. But since Xuan Xuan already fell asleep, so we're not staying back.

*Even though you're not winning anything from the pre-event blogging contest, you won't be going home empty handed too! Each family are entitle to get one goodie bag.*

*Ohhh~ RM100 cash voucher to purchase in Toys R' Us. Xuan Xuan can has new toys YAY!!!(Click to read my winning blog entry)*

*These are the things inside the goodie bag. Definitely worth more than RM50!*

Thank you very much to Nuffnang and Friso Gold for organized such a wonderful event for us parenting bloggers to attend. While kids are enjoying themselves at the playland, we get to take a rest too. LOL!

I really hope that Nuffnang will be organising more events like these for childrens and adults that can enjoy together with in the future.

P.S: There were reporters doing news coverage on this event too. Check out the online version of it HERE!
P.S2: Thank you very much Nuffnang and Friso Gold. Me and my family had a great time at the event.

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