Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pop Leopard

( Yes, I know that Cheesie did one earlier, you can view her tutorial blog post HERE. No comparison please, I'm just trying to share. Thank you.)

Today, I shall do an easy tutorial on leopard print nails. 

*When I say it's easy, it IS really EASY!!! You just need two things: Two different colour of nail polishes. Of course, the more contrast the better. Apply different colours of nail polish randomly on fingers to achieve 'Pop' feeling.*

*The following step needs a lil bit of skill, but it's quite easy too.*

*Remove excess nail polish on the brush, and make the brush to be a little bit flat, fan like shape. 扇状.*

*Randomly paint your nails with the 'shaped' brush. The shape of the 'leopard print' can be a bit round, or long, depends on your likes. I like them long actually. Remember to leave some space from print to print, if not it will look a bit clustered.*

*And TADAA!!! You can have Pop Leopard print nails. Remember to apply top coat for longer lasting of nail art.*


*I decided to add some glitters on the leopard prints. Using Fasio's sparkling pearl colour.*

*Okay, it is not as sparkling as what I think but the reflected-black-colour-pearl-colour-nail-polish become a bit of electric blue colour, which means more POP looking!!*

*Pardon my no-make face... Am enjoying my Pop Leopard print nails here. Haha!*


P.S: While you're shaping your brush, please lower the volume of your fan's electric as it will oxidizes the nail polish a lot faster if you have strong wind blowing.

P.S2: no-make = no make-up.

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Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Nice :) Post pics of your baby =D