Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Hair for New Year

Finally bring Xuan Xuan to cut his leng zai hair last Wednesday, at a aunty-kind of hair salon. LOL! The last time I bring Xuan Xuan cut his hair was 1 years+ ago! 

I never think that I'll go to these kind of aunty aunty hair salon to cut my hair, but guess what, I just did. At the same time I feel satisfied with my new hairstyle! *proud-of-my-new-hairstyle-smile*

We waited almost 1 hour+ in order to get our hair cut. There's a lot of customers by the time we get there and customers come and go all the time while we are there. Maybe this aunty's hair cutting skill is good.

Finally our turn! Of course, Xuan Xuan first. Haha.

*He keeps on looking at mirror, of his own reflection and smiling. LOL! I don't know what he's thinking!*

*Feel a bit geli-ish while aunty is cutting his hair at the back.*

*And kudos to him, he did not cry nor move a bit. The cutting hair process went smoothly till the end. I have such a good boy as my son! (proud)*

*Both of us - NEW HAIRSTYLE! Hooray~!!!(pardon my no-make face)*

*But some people say he looks like "Ah Wong" from the TVB drama after getting his hair cut. But nebamai, hair will grow eventually, and he'll become leng zai eventually too. (waiting for that day to come!)*

Ok, got my new clothes, shoes, hair cut... Am thinking of dyeing my hair. Still hesitating. Have very, very tight budget for this coming new year. Plus Qi is coming back to Malaysia, which means outings = money spending.

Gosh~ I need to find more freelance job. Anybody, if you have anyone who is searching for Usherettes/Show Girl/Part-time Model/Freelancer with good pay, email me ok?

P.S: I've sent soooooooo many emails out these past few weeks but hardly got any responds. Sigh!!!


Unknown said...

how much did aunty charge your hair cut?

xuan xuan gets hair cut once a year? no wonder he so lengchai..

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Me and Xuan Xuan together RM20.