Sunday, February 7, 2010

Shopping Hauls & Midnight Mamak

I think I have done CNY shopping by last week. Yes, it's fast because I got no more money to splurge for apparels during CNY. No money = cannot buy anymore = also consider done. wtf. 

When I was young... Ok, I'm not saying I'm old now but when I was younger, belum kahwin that time ok? I used to plan what types of shirt/blouse/pants/skirts/one-piece/accessories I want to buy.

I will read A LOT of Japanese magazines, see what's in the trend nowadays, note down all the elements of things and then, search for the "cheap version" of them at places like Times Square, Bazaar etc.

And yes, this year, is the same for me. I read lots of magazines online, and try to search for something similar in real life. I'm always happy when I feel I get something similar to what I saw in those magazine. Maybe this is what my current financial allow me to do most for myself now. And of course I can't splurge money on branded stuffs.(Zara, MNG, TopShop, F21 also considered as branded stuffs to me!

Anyway, let's start to see my shopping haul!! Weee~!!!:

*This one can be labelled as "prop" and it's not new anymore. LOL! I'm already wearing it nowadays to achieve different looking of "Reiko", when I'm feeling wanna disguise myself.*

*Fluffy pom-poms scrunchies!!! I love them to bits!!! They're the most softest, fluffiest thing I have ever touched!(Besides Xuan Xuan's soft butt. Hahahaha!) Bought this from overseas, but I saw them at Daiso, The Curve. You can try find these at Daiso. *

*When I receive my parcel, I totally forgot that I bought this - White feather headband. The tip of the feather was bended a bit due to poor wrappings. I have no idea when I'm going to wear this and what occasion can I wear this. A lil bit waste of money. LOL!*

*Turquoise x Gold bangle. Do you know that Turquoise is the lucky gemstone for Geminians this year!? Be sure to buy yourself some turquoise accessories if you're Gemini like me!*

*Okay, I'm know I'm late in this whole "Gladiator" shoes trend, but late is better than never right? I'm super happy that I finally own a pair of gladiator-shoes-like sandals. Yayyyy!!!*

*And OH-MY-GOD! This is PRETTYYYY!!! This will be like, the most expensive sandals I have ever bought till today!*

*Red crocs. Ugly? LOL! But luckily they're not mine. Muahahahahahaha~!!!*

*For this lil fella one. LOL! See how happy he is with his new pair of shoes for this coming CNY. HUAT AHHH!!! LOL!*

*Xuan Xuan's pants. He got more new pants than me! How unfair!!!*

*Okay, guess what genre is Xuan Xuan going to potray this coming CNY? (Of course the answer will only be reveal AFTER CNY, when I blog about it. Haha!)*

These were the apparels me and Bun bought for him, and there's still many new clothes gave by my mum, Hana-chan and some of Bun's relatives. I guess until Chap Goh Meh he still got new clothes to wear.

Now is my turn:

*High waist short pants!!! This was a clearance sale item, so we're not allowed to try them in the shop. I'm not sure what size I am now, and the size are from 0 - 13 (U.S size I suppose?), I choose size 3 and Hooray~ It fits me well!!! Very well!!! One of my favourite purchase!!!*

*More pants! Denim, white, sky/washed light blue colours are the BOOM now for spring items!*

*Snoopy T-Shirt!! Comfy~!! Snoopy is gaining its popularity in Japanese magazines nowadays, like how Mickey Mouse does.*

*One piece. Ruffles, check pattern and one piece are my weak spot. Bought this one-piece at some bazaar for RM20. Can't try it when I buy and when I finally manage to put it on myself, it's SHORT!!! Ok la, not VERY short but a bit. Haihz... Have to put on tights. Thinking of striking blue or grey.*

*This is a bit irrelevant accessories for CNY. Who the hell will wanna wear scarf for CNY, the hottest weather of all time in a year? But still I'm bringing this, who knows will I be going to Cameron Highland or not? LOL!*

While I was taking photos of these CNY loots, this lil fella keep on come and kacau me. I hate people who kacau me when I'm seriously doing something. But whatever, I kacau him back by putting hairband on him. He looks like Japan's kappa, 河童! Hahahaha!

*I like the last photo... So cute!!! Nowadays he's more to naughty rather than cute. Bah~ cons of having a son.*

Talking about irrelevant, these are really some irrelevant things that happened at the last day of my work for the Tiger event - Going to mamak stalls, at midnight.

Mamak-ing at midnight with friends, I forgot is this the first time after have Xuan Xuan, but anyway, am happy to be able to go out for yumcha session with friends in the midnight. We talked and talked and talked and talked for 3 hours! Siao!!!

This is the least of the time for one yumcha session if you're yumcha with laogao. LOL!!!

*Xuan Xuan already tak boleh tahan, walked around, here and there, kacau people. And left is Shi Wei and Right is lao gao Kevin Tay Cheng Young! LOL!!!*

*I shoot you shoot me kind of photos. Haha!*

*I look like SHIT totally after work. And this lao gao say I should feel proud that he posed for this photo because he normally doesn't. WTF!*

*Xuan Xuan go and kacau the fridge. Haihz...*

*Happy Happy!!!*

It's weird, some people are searching information on "Kevin Tay Cheng Young" lately. I mean he/she/they google lao gao's name and got into my blog. LOL! I guess lao gao have new admirer or something.

I guess this might be the second/third last blog post before I go back to Bun's hometown, at Ipoh. Will be going back at Tuesday, by TRAIN!!!! YAYYYYY!!!! *excited*

Tiger year is already here! Do what you wanna do NOW and wait no more!!! Roll out guys!

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