Sunday, February 21, 2010

Starlight Reunion Dinner - Chinese New Year of 2010

Chinese New Year of year 2010, the second Chinese New Year I spend with The Oh's Family. Today, I'm gonna start with: How we had our reunion dinner.

As usual, I'm quite confused with how to address those elderly people in English. In English, we only address people as simple as "uncle" and "aunty". Unlike Chinese, we have lots of names to call, each and every generation and person has an unique name to address them.

To keep things simple, I will only address them as aunty and uncle la, if not I also don't know how to continue blog about this Chinese New Year event. LOL!

*Let's start with a 'bouquet' of lil onions. This is one of the main ingredients in preparing the 'Secret Dipping Sauce' by my mother-in-law (Okay, I'll address her as MotherOh from NOW ONWARDS!!!) for steam chicken meat.. Mad loves!*

*Some of the relatives have nothing to do in the afternoon, decided to battle against each other using chinese chess.*

*Women are born to be a lil more hardworking than guys, don't you think so? This is my 1st brother-in-law's wife (should be my sister-in-law wtfsoconfusingihateusingenglishaddressfamilymembers) SisterFong (means phoenix 凤).

*This is my 3rd brother-in-law's wife, her name also got the phoenix word, she's SisterFoongYee.  LOL! Lots of phoenix in Oh's family.*

*My 3rd uncle's wife - 3rd aunt, washing vegetables.( 3rd uncle is my father-in-law a.k.a FatherOh's lil brother, the women in this picture is his wife. LOL! Confusing???)*

*This is FatherOh's lil sister's son's wife's mother, MadameLisa! (OMGTHERELATIONSHIPISSOCONFUSING!!!)*

*MotherOh is cleaning the prawns.*

*1st brother-in-law, BrotherKeong. Cleaning prawns with MotherOh, looks pro right?*

*My niece - XinChii. Helping out by peeling the cabbages into smaller pieces.*

*My niece also, XinYan, sama-sama peeling cabbages with XinChii. Good girl right?*

*Two of the eldest nephews in the Oh's Family. JiaLuo at the left and JiaWen at the right. They're the "kuli" of the day.*

*There are some holes at the garden, dug by the dogs, so have to fill up the holes to prevent the people being trip down/chairs imbalance.*

*JiaWen acting naughty. Don't know who act clever put all the stones on the sand. They have to pick all the stones up one by one. *

*My niece XinWei. I think she's one of the bitchiest girl in this younger generation. LOL!*

*While all the people were busy preparing things for that night's Reunion Dinner ala steamboat style, somebody decided to make some 'afternoon snack' for us.*

*With all these kitchen utilities my 3rd brother-in-law a.k.a BrotherOnn can cook some very awesomedelicious 'afternoon snack' for all of us.*

*Future blue ribbon chef of the Oh's Family.*

*Afternoon snack of the day - Wat Dan Hor. Awesomesaucedeliciousmaximus!!!!*

*XinWei being fed by niece XinCi. XinCi has the same nickname as me, so whenever family members called: Ah Ci, both of us will go like: don't know calling who leh?*

*XinYan storing all the beers into the ice box.*

*This is Gary, he's the son of FatherOh's sister's son, consider as my nephew la lol.*

*Kids are the best during CNY period, they don't need to help out a single bit, play all day and night, eat drink sleep and get ang paos. Syok maximus!*

*FatherOh taking a nap. He wakes up on freaking 5a.m every morning, no matter holiday or not. The life of an Ipohian uncle.*

*My eldest niece XinYu. Nobody can escape from helping out in the kitchen area once you're 12 years old and above.*

*SisterFong slicing bamboo shoots for another dish of 'afternoon snack'.*

*An earthworm hiding inside the layers of cabbage. Looking at it moving is quite amusing.*

*Ah Wong (LOL! Typical village name for dog hahahaha!). He is super emo maximus cos he just got his balls scratched by other male dogs while fighting for a female dog or something. I think he lost his confidence. Poor fella.*

*Sun is setting, time to arrange the tables and chairs for reunion dinner.*

*3rd uncle (FatherOh's lil brother) is an electrician. He does that for living. We actually seeked for his advise on the matter of decorating lights. We're afraid the watts of electricity overload or something.*

*Nice? Too bad we're not going to sit like this for reunion dinner. According to BrotherKeong, this will be the  perfect table setting for CNY 1st Day's dinner.*

*I see starlights in our garden. So pretty!!!*

*The heart shape that I made using a 30 feet decorating lights. LOL!*

*Look at the amount of vegetables we're consuming. The Oh's Family already jelak with meats all these years, so they decided to make things healthier - Vegetable reunion dinner! (With a lil bit of fishballs, meat stuffed tofu and some prawns).*

*FatherOh's sister's son or a.k.a Bun's cousin brother BrotherChee. He's the legendary character in this family, most of the people are afraid of him. His emotion are hard to catch, as same as his jokes, you don't know he's joking or he does really meant it.*

*Use 'wok' to do steamboat, yeng mou? Haha!*

*Cook and cook and cook and cook, I guess I ate a lot of vegetables during this reunion dinner, enough to store inside my body and last till Chap Goh Meh!*

*See the vegetables!*

*Nieces and nephews, far right are FatherOh's sister a.k.a AuntyApril and CousinWaiPeng.*

*Xinwei and me. Camwhore while waiting for food to cook.*

*Xuan Xuan is sooooo happily drinking Chrysanthemum tea. Love this photo very much. Taken by BrotherKeong.*

*Special programme of the night: XinChii's birthday celebration. Have to go out and search for the cake at 6p.m, luckily there's still got cake shop opened till 7p.m. LUCKY! I'm the one who choose the flavour of the cake: Mocha Chocolate. Yums!*

*See all the happy faces. Makes me wanna celebrate my birthday at Ipoh too.*

*Late comers - CousinSisterBanunu (FatherOh's sister's daughter) and her son Justin (at right). Her car broke down at Tapah, CousinBrotherMeng have to drive all the way from Ipoh to Tapah and back. They arrive home at 11p.m+, never mind, still manage to have reunion dinner with us.*

*XinChii and her mum SisterFong cutting the cake*

The night ends with some free firework shows from the neighbours.

This is the second time I had reunion dinner with The Oh's Family. As usual, they're so noisy (in a good way), friendly and can feel togetherness in them.

I feel so bliss and bless that I'm a part of this huge and happy family.

Coming up next: Chinese New Year 2010!!! See how we ROCK Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day in ONE SHOT!!!!


plantagirl said...

wau.. what a big big family..
super geng ar..
Happy CNY,,

Unknown said...

your mil looks younger than your dil. the stove area so low until your bil have squat to cook the wat dan hor?

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Plantagirl: Come by next year for CNY visit! XD

Baby: That's another stove. Not the main stove for daily cooking. Hehe