Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tiger Beer's Tiger Nights

Feels happy to be working again, and this time, will be working 3 days at Kepong ->Subang's Asia Cafe -> Kepong. Damn far from my house but ok la, decent pay can cover the petrol fees.

Since Chinese New Year is approaching, Tiger beer will be one of the main beer firm which will have lots of events, promotions and prizes to give away during this festive season. Of course ma, their logo is a tiger, must promote gao gao this year. Haha!

*Jeng Jeng Jeng Jeng~ Cute or not cute or not??? My new hairstyle!!! After becoming an adult only I realise I should change my style now and then. LOL!*

*I really love to have bangs, looks more different than my usual look, and bangs too can have a lot of changes, flip through Japanese magazines and you'll know what I mean.*

*Lil fella follow me to work also. LOL! While I'm working he will be shopping and walking around with his dad.*

*Red T-Shirt!!! HUAT ahhhh!!! (Didn't know have to tie up hair while working for this event. Was told by another girl who was working together - Dorothy, to tie up my hair. Lil bit embarassing I am as if I conduct a mistake.) *

*First day working - Kepong Happy City food court. The event is going to start at 9:30pm! Excited!!!*

*Tiger year is coming~ ROAAARRRRRR!*

*The dart games I'm in charging throughout the 3 days of events. They're not using darts, but using a plastic ball full of suction cups, customers can throw to the board and the ball will stick on it!*

*The ball is exactly something like this!! LOL!!! (Photos from Google Images)*

*Dorothy was in charge of letting customers play lucky draw-like games.*

*There's lion dance and dragon dance, but this year, Tiger beer presents you - Tiger show Dance!!! Cute or not these two tiger??? First tiger dance in Malaysia, don't play play oh!*

*Tigers wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year with all the winnings in Tiger year!*

*There's even singers performing. Heard someone said they just came back from Indonesia after opening concerts there. Wow! Did not know this kind of singers was popular in Indonesia!*

While there's performance on the stage, at the same time, we also start working.

In order to play the game, you have to buy 2 large bottle of Tiger beer, to qualified for one game coupon and one lucky draw coupon. 

There's some people who has more than 20 game coupons and was queueing up to play games. I have to go back and forth to pick up ball from the dart board and at the same time, counting and giving away the prizes. Talk about multitasking.

And this whole crowded game frenzy goes on and on and last for 2 hours. That means two hours of non-stop multitasking without one second rest!!! By the time the crowd slow down, was the time emcee start picking winners for the lucky draw session.

I feel utterly exhausted and am thirsty like hell! Speakers were bombing disco songs for the past 2 hours+ and the game booth was just located beside the huge speakers (Damaging my inner ears!). 

But one good thing about the speaker and our location is, I can pretend I can't hear the complaints from the customers who gets Ang Pao packs (most common prize) from the game as prizes, and customers will feel: Aiya, never mind la. Haha!

*After giving out all the prizes to the lucky draw winners, here comes the managers of G.A.B company to have a toast with all the customers of the food court. Yelled YUM SENG some more lo! So passionate! Haha!*

*The next day at Asia Cafe... One of the tiger's head changed, and become a flat face tiger. LOL! My mum say: What's this? A Cat??? Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!*

Most of the programmes of the event will remain as same as yesterday's EXCEPT there's one highlight added in today's programme: Tiger will be showing TWO 2kg of 999.9 gold bar. If 1 gram of gold = RM140, imagine how much does the two gold bar worth. 

Freakin' RM500,000!!!! That's why there's at least 3 security guards holding M16 that day, surrounding the stage area. I was so scare if somebody were insane enough to go up and rob the 2 gold bars, causing some gunfire to erupt.

Okay, I admit I think too much/ watch too much movie. But you can't predict when those insane people are going to rob right?

Anyway, with the 2 gold bars on the stage, my supervisor is required to take polaroid photos of people who goes up on the stage and hold the 2 gold bars on their hand.

POLAROID!!! My first time seeing the polaroid camera and polaroid films with my own eyes! I know I'm so suaku, but but but I've wanted polaroid camera since I was small! 

I wonder do you guys still remember there's a polaroid camera which their ambassador are Spice Girls. That's the very first time I get to know the existence of Polaroid and I've been wanting it so badly!!!


Ok, end of happy, nostalgic story, now it's time for me to RANT!!!

Remember I've mention something with "Insider's story" of the previous Reiko's Project 365? Yes, I'm going to talk about that, NOW!!!! This has nothing to do with Tiger beer, or any of its affiliates... This is about the person I'm working with. I shall refer him as T.

Apparently, T knows Dorothy from past event (according to what Dorothy told me) but she doesn't remember T. 

While working at Asia Cafe, the sudden added highlight of the night (Gold Bar Exhibition) and the sudden added prop of the night (Polaroid) has made T gained the power to "kao lui" with the prop. ( kao lui= woo girls)

Yes, T purposely helped Dorothy take a polaroid picture! Okay, I wasn't notice about the polaroid camera at first but with the strong flashing lights, I turned and saw he hand over polaroid films to her. That's when I know he has the prop!

As if 1 shot is not enough, he took another shot of her. Okay, this is seriously pissing me off. You can choose to woo girls with the things you have (some more it's not HIS!) but can you please don't like showing off to other people, especially to ME who are working at the same time too? 

Or you can at least, ask me whether I'm interested to get a shot of the polaroid! AT LEAST ASK EVERYBODY!!! Guys, seriously, if you want to woo girls, be sure to be generous with what you're offering. Everybody have their eyes to see what you're doing, and yes, envious and jealousy feeling might occur among the girl's friends (people like me) and maybe, this will ruin your reputation if good friend of the target you're going after complaints to your target! 

Remember this piece of advice. And yeah, the result of being bias - Two shots of the polaroid FAILED! No image come out, maybe the light source are too low, even fired flash also can't capture anything. Seriously, I feel a bit gloat about the fail polaroid film. (I know I'm bad.) 

Okay, end of RANTING.

Asia Cafe is NOT happening at all!!! No people come over to play games. Maybe youths are a bit shy and unwilling to play games at public places. But lots of big shots of G.A.B company come over that night. As usual, the event ends with lucky draw and YUM SENGSSS~.

The last day of working, at Kepong Food Court. ( Joke: I asked my dad where is Kepong food court, he ask me back: Kepong got a lot of food court one, which one are you referring to? LOL!!!! )

I'll be driving to work that day, so I search for this Kepong food court all over the internet using Google map, wikimapia, but unsuccessful to locate any food court called Kepong Food Court. My supervisor told me the direction the day before, so I guess I'll just have to follow my instinct.

The road from Jinjang Utara towards Kepong is JAMMED! So heavily jammed I wonder why so many people are living at Kepong. Plus Thaipusam~ Gosh! Seriously hate traffic jam hot spot such as Kepong, PJ, Subang. 

Reach by 8:15p.m. Another supervisor replaced previous supervisor, feeling a bit happy not working with previous one. But still, this supervisor knows Dorothy earlier, maybe worked together before or something, they're talking about things and people which I have totally no idea of. Sien till MAX!

9p.m, start tiger dance. 9:15p.m, start to exhibit the gold bad. And am MAD HAPPY!!! I finally got my first shot of POLAROID! Thank you Leo!!!

*Marketing Director of G.A.B presenting the 2kg Gold Bar at Kepong Food Court.*

*This is the closest shot I have for the gold bar. I wasn't allow to go near it to take photos of it. I'm working remember? LOL!*

*Lots of people queueing up to grab this maybe once of a lifetime opportunity, holding gold bars and taking polaroid photos! I wanna hold gold bars too!!!*

*Security guard standing next to me, luckily he's not holding M16. This metal box was the box to store the 2 gold bars.*

*Yeah~ The polaroid camera was in PINK!!! Gosh~ Me WANT!!!!*

After the gold bar exhibition, there starts our turn to work. So many people queueing up for games, not to mention, lots of over drink fellas. These people are crazy, most of them are holding about 30 game coupons!!! Wow! I can't imagine how they manage to finish all the beers.

Suddenly, raining around 10:45p.m, games have to terminate and forced to proceed to lucky draw session. But you know, all these kiasu uncles and aunties wouldn't let us go! They want anything and everything that's inside our gift boxes. 

All ang pao packs, poker cards, umbrellas, souvenirs, EVERYTHING, redeemed by them. They really kosongkan everything. How horrible are these demanding customers!!! I can see supervisor and person in charge becoming more and more distress as these customers are demanding for ridiculous gifts redemption. 

Bah~ Expected. Drunkards.

Feeling happy that complete another event job and am waiting for its pay. Hopefully can get the payment asap. I'm seriously running out of money. Cham.

Advert time:

This festive season, if you're planning to buy beers, support Tiger beer as it's now having this lucky draw event going on all the way till 2nd of March. The grand prize (Grand Prize lucky draw on 2nd of March) will be the 2kg gold bar worth RM250,000!

Besides, Nuffnang is also organising a Tiger Run event, courtesy of Tiger Beer this Saturday at Jaya One! If you win the run, you can be fulfilling your dreams with RM8,888!!! For more info, CLICK HERE!!! (Be fast, there's only 88 participants allowed!


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Unknown said...

i'm 1 of the 88 selected people who can't go loh...

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Your hair look really nice =D

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Nice to know you btw =))))

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