Tuesday, March 30, 2010

5A Reunion Lunch, Year 2010

Out of sudden, my form 5 classmates decided to held a reunion lunch this year, after Chinese New Year. Maybe they are too free and got nothing better to do, or maybe they miss Qi so much they just gotta see her once. LOL!

Nobody misses me, I wonder why. (Not cute enough? Bah~ )

*Happy 4 Seasons or 4 Happy Seasons, I kinda forgot the EXACT name for this season themed restaurant. And yeah, the boss is our tuition teacher. Damn rich wei!*

*Qi and Wei Pin... My my, for how long we haven't met and he grew till so mature now! Even going to get married soon!!! Congrats!*

*LOL! Over photoshopped. Hahahahaha~ Whatever, just wanna look nice!*

*Chocolate Ice Blended with Choc Beans on top. Kinda dislike those toppings tho, taste weird! RM4.90(unsure)*

*Set lunch yo~ These are appetizers and 3 types of desserts - red bean soup, jelly cake and watermelon.*

*Main course - Spaghetti! Set lunch - RM10.90 per set, comes with a cup of Jasmine tea.*

*Qi went for Tom Yam beehoon (or mee?), which comes in large portion but tasted so-so only. LOL!*

*Kei and her spaghetti. Kei just love Spaghetti!*

*Winki's Pineapple Fried Rice*

*Most of the guys had this - Chicken Chop. LOL! Doesn't look nice.*

All of us chat while eating, we have so much to catch up! It's been freaking 6 years since all of us last met!!! Although most of us staying at the same area, but we just don't get to see each other at places like malls or hawker centre. LOL! Don't have enough fate I guess.

This gathering is something that's unique enough to recall all the memories during high school! All of the crazy stuffs we've done and hardships that we've been through (such as useless exams and SPM. LOL!)

*Wei Pin and Kei. Can't believe that he's going to settle down and form a family with our classmate BeeHong.*

Used up 1 hour to finish lunch, then we proceed to photo taking session a.k.a camwhoring session. LOL! To my surprise, few of my classmates like photo taking too, and they're willing to pose some crazy pose to let each other take photos. Haha!

*Beautiful winter section.*

*At 4 Happy Season, everyday is going to be Christmas Day. Super COLD Christmas it is!*

*We're from Na'vi(Avatar), we come in peace. LOL!*

*This place is soooooo COLD! Can't stop shivering while smiling for photos. LOL!*

*Added some glittering effect, nice bo?*

*Why this pose? Because we're so cold we have to hug each other to get warmer! 15°C or less! (shivers) Love the snowing effect tho, so appropriate! Haha!*

*Here we are, head to the Autumn section which we can have maple tree to take pictures with!*

*More pics from Autumn section*

*Terry, Qi and Jackson. They're damn funny and keep on teasing Winki. LOL!*

*+ Reiko! Weeee~!!!*

*Special guest of the day: Wen Pin - He came all the way from KLCC, just to meet us for a while!!! And he's my 'godbrother' back in secondary school. LOL! Qi and Kei said he grew to become Korean looking guy! Got meh??? *

*Kei and Reiko~ *

*Candid shot. LOL!*

*Last but not least - Group photo! From left: Kei, Reiko (ME!!!!), Winki, Terry, Giap, Jackson, Ming, Qi and Wei Pin.*

Most of the guys are still keeping in touch with each other and they do meet up often and went travelling together!! How great is that! Wish I can go travel with Seisyun some day in the future!

Anyway, I definitely had a great time with all my old classmates, do hope that we can organize this kind of reunion again next year! Will be looking forward to this!!!

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