Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Bad Experience at Fullhouse, Jln Yap Kwan Seng

After a visit to Fullhouse at Jln Yap Kwan Seng last time with Peiyue and friends, Me and fellow Seisyun members decided to have a decent dinner gathering at there as well with Qi, which will just stay at Malaysia for just one month's time.

I'll skip all the fuss bout how me, Aira and Qi meet up etc etc... The main thing is, before we head to the restaurant, around 2pm++, I called Qi to search for Fullhouse phone number online in order to make reservation for our dinner that night.

I've been there before and I know how crowded can the restaurant be and how hard it is to find an empty table for 5 pax during lunch or dinner hours. Reservation is a must IMO.

Just right when we push the door open, there's a waiter attend us and asked how many person we have for table arrangement. We told him that we made our reservation earlier under the name "Christine", 6:30p.m for 5 pax, and yes, we reach there by 6:30p.m, sharp. 

That waiter was kinda in blurry state, he pick up a file (for reservation list) and found that there's no sign of name which spells "Christine". Okay~ Qi was kinda furious bout this and she say:" I've already repeat the name, time and number of person in that phone call numerous of time! You guys still didn't get what I said?

I took a glance at the sheet of paper, on top of it stating: LUNCH TIME. LOL! It seems that they haven't update their reservation list to DINNER TIME.

The situation was a bit out of hand I guess, we just find a table ourselves since the waiter can't really give us any feedback regarding the reservation issue. We tried to sit at table 3 but stopped by another waiter and he pointed to the table - RESERVED

Alright then, we moved to table 5, which was a bit near to the all open back door, hence we can't feel even a tiny bits of cool air from the air condition. At first we try to calm ourselves down and see if the heat will reduce, but heck, no help at all.

After reading the menu and ordered some drinks, we saw table 2's customers left and the waiter is arranging forks and spoons. Qi quickly ran there and asked can we change our table to that table (which is obviously cooler due to its position) and that waiter says yes.

Hooray~ We can have more cool air!!! After we shift all our belongings to table 2, and start chatting and joking, there's this waitress dressed in maid costume named Dia/Dila walk towards us and say: You guys can't sit here, this table is reserved for another customer.

This time, I'm the one that is ON FIRE! I asked her:" Why we can't sit here? I've made my reservation too but you guys seems to lost all the information and stuffs so we have to find table ourselves. At the time we shift to this table, there's no card stating that this table is reserved!"

Apparently, this Dia/Dila is kinda hot tempered person she just walk away without reply. She walk to her female colleague (which is just standing at few steps away from our table), and start to scold us. She keep on glares at our direction, and scold. WTF! You're showing your tempered in front of customers, very good, the "Best Employee of The Month" should goes to you Dia/Dila!

Next, there's this spectacle guy (which I think he's the leader of waiters/waitresses), holding a red file and walk towards. He asked:" Is this name "Christine", 5 pax, 6:30pm's reservation belongs to you guys?" It seems that somebody just found his reservation list, at 7p.m+.

"Yes. This is ours reservation." I answered. He said:" Actually, your table is not here, your table is located at (he pointing at somewhere near the back door, which is totally uncomfortable, not sofa seats, and barely can feel the air cond!) there."

Okay, so now you're trying to tell me, that we, who made reservation for 6:30p.m have to go and sit at some uncomfortable, hot places while those late comers i.e 7p.m or 7:30p.m get to sit at nice, cool, cozy sofa seats. What a good arrangement of reservation you guys have, bravo!

I asked him:" Why we have to sit at those place? I thought 1st come 1st serve basis? Who comes first gets to sit the cozy place first, no?" Quickly, he changed his tone and subject and said:" But you guys can continue sit here. Is that okay?"

The whole incident ends here, but everytime the Dila walk passed our table, we can feel her grievance towards us. WTH!!! Damn beh syok langsung!!!

And yeah, this whole incident really SPOILED our mood to dine at FullHouse. We decided to just go on with drinks and appetizers. Aira said that the night before dinner gathering, she went online to google for this restaurant and LOTS of bad comments and review for their services, and we're so LUCKY enough we get to witness how bad the service is.

Bah~ Whatever, I don't think I will be going back to Fullhouse for meals, except that when I get my camera in the future, I'm definitely going back there, order one cup of drink and take photos as much as I can!!! Strictly no meals at Fullhouse anymore.

Finally, finished my super long winded version of the bad services at Fullhouse. I hope your eyes are still able to catch up with all the words I'm going to type below. LOL!

*While we're still sitting at table 5, 4 of us were sweating as if the air conditioner broke down or something. Damn hot!!!*

*At table 2, everything settled and appetizers served! Creamy mushroom soup with almond flakes!*

*Two bowl of mashed potatoes. Yums!*

*Our colourful drinks!*

*Qi's drink, with lavender some more!*

*Hana's I-forgot-what-drink-it-is and super salty tomato soup. She came late because she's been stuck in traffic jam all the way from Bangsar to Jln Yap Kwan Seng. Pity her....*

*LOL! How come Qi this kind of face expression one? Too hungry?*

*Gosh~ I super love this photo of Kei. She looks super lovely with the cup of creamy mushroom soup! Can become ambassador already. Somehow this photo reminds me of coffee advertorials. LOL!*


*Adorable Hana-chan*

*Adorable Qi-chan*

*Adorable Kei-chan*

*Adorable Aira-chan*

*Me no adorable version. LOL! No body wanna take photo of me. sob.*

*After chatted for about 1 hour, we decided to call for bill and pay. 5 drinks and 6 appetizers cost us RM91.20. I wonder how much the bill will be if we're to have our dinner there, RM200+???*

*Flower Girls.*

*Aiks, blurred. Low light source and shaky hand, my hand to be exact. I wanna find a photographer!!!*

*LOL! Why two at the back showing big smile while two at the front like act cool only. Haha.*

*One of my favourite shot of the day. All looks so confident.*

*Sorry, blurry picture again! But the lighting triggers the warm feeling of this picture, right? Aira looks so motherly love.*

*Hana-chan and glittery KLCC.*

*I guess she wanna appear on commercial ads. Why so serious????*

*Kei-chan looks like a girl with full of dreams here. So happy!*

*Try to bring out the breezy, natural country feel but it looks like I just come back from kampung or something. Fail One™ Mori Gal Look.*

*This is one rocker dove. No Rock No Life eh!?*

*Trying to capture Got Feel™photo of Hana-chan and the white dove, seems a bit fail because Hana keep on laughing and Qi them keep on teasing Hana. LOL!*

*Blur photo again. Gomen!!!!*

*Trying to convince Kei to act cute and pose for this shot, but it seems a bit unnatural. Kei, read more magazinessss and learn to pose, next time we organize mini photoshoot! Hehe!*

*Just while we finish take outdoor photos and about to walk into the place, we saw there's footprints!!! Kyaaaaaa~ HANTU!!!!*

*This kinda reminds me of some band/group CD cover photo. Jokingly said that looks like F4 (cos of 4 person) , but not Flower boys 4 or Flowery 4, it's Fucking 4. LOL! But somehow I kinda forgot why call Fucking 4? Any Seisyun members care to help me recall the memory?*

*If Qi wore princessy that day, this photo will be caption as: Princess who is waiting for her prince charming to rescue her.*

*Vintage Hana-chan*

*Qi with oversize sun shades. (Reminds me of the Chloe sunshades which is a BOOM in Japan. I want one oversize sun shades too!!!)*

*I love this photo very much but it somehow reminds me of the famous scene in Titanic... Where Rose undress completely and let Jack drew her a portrait. Woohooo~ I'm Jack!????*

*Yet, another lovely photo of Kei-chan. I love to see her smiling photo very much, somehow reminds me on how to live life positively.*

*Ahahahaha~ So cuteeee!!!*

*Another awesomesauce group pic of Seisyun! Yayy!!!*

*Vintage Seisyun!*

*Spotted: Spring items of year 2010! Spring has COME!!!!!*

*I love spring outfit more than anything, the weather is not too cold, and not too hot. Yay!!! Oops~ Malaysia don't have spring FML!!!!!*

*Chic style Hana-chan*

*LOL! I guess this is a sign for reminding us to find one day and eat crab together. Hahahaha! This outfit is super awesome weird by the way. Hahaha!*

*Tribute to Michael Jackson.*

*I look like crazy serial killer or something, like Jack the Ripper?*

*Serious looking + fun looking = weird feelings.*

*From now on, we all need to learn how to take good photo + posing for our future photoshoot! You all are going to be my models muahahahahaha!*

*If Kei is wearing lacey white outfit this photo will be perfect! Great smile, spring ambience, FRESH~!*

*Vintage Qi-chan*

*I can't resist toedit these two pics of the same scene with Aira-chan in it. Looks so dreamy weiiiii!*

*I don't know how to caption this photo I should just skip this.*

*Spot the mannequin*


*Very nice ending photo don't you think so? But I think will be nicer if I'm in it. Hahahahaha! (tak malu) *

I guess I don't have to tell you that we did not have our dinner there, and getting our cars out from those confusing parking is a hell lotsa work! You'll totally need to be very patient and not rushing to anywhere else after that if not, you'll be cursing inside your car while waiting for the jokey to shift cars around.

Bad service and bad parking, need I say more?

*While having our dinner at Old Town Kopitiam just right opposite of Fullhouse, we're testing out our 'rusty' mathematics skill. LOL! Holy there's missing RM2++! The HANTU took the RM2++! Hahahahaha!*


Ken Wooi said...

never tried full house before but they sure look costly =P

Anonymous said...

sure your drinks and stuff got no extra ingrediant curtesy of ms.dia? lol

i usually just leave.

Tammy said...

never been to full house but after reading this, i don't think i want to even think about going/reserving a horrible place like this who dont respect customers.

I had same experience with Fireman Restaurant Jaya One. I made booking for 5 tables (inclusive one 1 VIP table near stage). I confirm many times with the manager on my booking to which he say yes yes dun worry.

Finally on that day, when my guests arrived at the restaurant, there's only 2 TABLES RESERVED FOR ME.. and my VIP TABLE IS GONE! GIVEN TO OTHER PPL! need to fight for 3rd TABLE SOMORE!

apparently 6 table can fit 8 PPL HE SAY. 6 already quite fitting, somore wanna squeeze 8??? fight until i get 3rd table.

DAM BEHSON n the manager never apologize n even think this is not their fault!!! it's their rest policy to change customer reservation to anything they wan!!!

tai sei now, curve branch fireman tutup oledi! with such attitude n service, nobody will go to your restaurant lah!

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Kenwooi: Lunch got set, the price is okay, but dinner, not worth the price.

dSaint: Yeah, we wanna leave too but we just make our order of drinks and appetizers.

Miu: Eh! Fireman? I hear people complaining bout that place too!!! Really hate this kind of manager/waiters one lo, ruin their restaurant reputation!

Ainee Cumi said...

cute group!

Carrie Tai said...

wow.... u all took so many of nice photos there..... i also wanna go there

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Ainee: Thanks :D

Carrie: Go there and take tons of photos!!! It's surely a perfect place for shutterbugs! XD