Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bai Nian ala SEISYUN Style

I thought I wrote I won't blog about Chinese New Year in my previous post but I guess I just broke what I said. LOL! It's still a Chinese New Year post, instead it is a Bai Nian (拜年) post. Nyek nyek~ With all the Seisyun members! Woohooooo~!!! 

We used to go over each others house for bai nian and this tradition has last for freakin' 5 years, after we graduate from Form 5! Woot~! Let's continue this tradition till the end of our lives babes!

It was a gloomy Sunday but the weather has no effect on our happy mood. Finally, 5 of us get to sit down together and chat! First stop will be at Qi's house.

*Juices and Satay from Kajang! ( I typed Kacang from Satay LOLOLOL WTF!) Delicious!*

*Omiyage (土产) which Qi bring for us one each - Edamameshiba! So cute can die! It's a stress relieve thingy too! You press out the content inside and release, continue these 2 steps until you feel relieve. Haha!*

*Ohai long time no see friends~!! LOL!*

*Four of us got one each and the facial expression of the mameshiba is different! But mine and Kei's are the same. LOL!*

*A group pic (without me because I'm holding the camera). Such a long time didn't see all of us gather together. (touching) Although I have no idea what to talk about at first when I see them. LOL!*

*Heading to Kei-chan's house! Kena photobombed by Qi. LOL!*

*Drew a different eyeliner for that day. Longer and shaped it too. Got look different a bit or not? Sexy a bit? Hehe!*

*At Kei-chan's house! So many new year snacks!!! Various choice, so hard to choose! And we finished one whole jar of her snack. LOL!*

*Hana-chan and white chocolate. Sweeet~!*

*Okay, now tell me, what animal you saw in this? Kei say it's a panda, we say it's a pig, and you know what Bun say when he saw this photo? He say it's a dog. LOLOLOL!!! Isn't it soooooo freakin' obvious that it IS a pig??? Hahahahaha!*

And this pig-look-alike cookie has made me think of a question, of which ONLY a Muslim can/know how to answer. Since Aira-chan's a muslim, so I asked her: Since this is a 'pig' shape cookie, does it consider as unclean? Can you eat this?

LOL right????!!! Hahahahaha! And 'pig shape' food are safe as long as there's no pork lard/meat/or whatever contains pork in the food. Gah~ Learnt something new that day!

*I look so 'pig' here. LOL!*

*Beautiful rose chocolate. Tasty tangy orange chocolate it is!*

*Camwhoring with colorful snack*

No one is at the living room area except 5 of us, and we gone crazy snapping photos when we thought we're going to move on to next stop a.k.a my house.

*Finally, a decent 5 people group photo. Yayy!*

*Okay.... This is still a normal looking group pic.*

*But things went a bit crazy after that... I guess the TRUE personality start to show in each and everyone of us. LOL!*

And we decide to take more photos before leave! More photos as in timer + group photos!!! Yayy~!! And we have props too!

*This Kei-chan cannot tahan don't online one lo... Chatting with us also can away a while to check her Twitter/Facebook. LOL!*

*While waiting for Kei, saw this Pikachu. Mimicking a Pikachu, got look alike or not? Hahahahaha!*

*LOL! So cuteeee!!!*

*See, our props - mandarin oranges Kei's dad gave us 2 each! Haha!*

*Fail One™ Kena molest photo! Haha!*

*Testing camera + timer 1, 2, 3... These photos are photoshopped BADLY since the light from the balcony overshadowed each and every photo here. Pardon for the low-quality like photos.*

*Qi-chan's version*

*Hana-chan's version*

*Aira-chan's version - And this is the most beautiful photo vote by all of us. The expression of Aira-chan, our hands' coordination. LOL!*

*Kei-chan's version... Qi looks so cute here!*

*Reiko's version - Look like daruma! Haha!*

*Long time no camwhore with her already!!!*

After that, they come to my house, met my parents and siblings. I'm kinda uneasy due to the small space my house is and there's this not really working ceiling fan... Gah! I guess all of them are sweating while talking with each other. Gomen!!!

Then, Bun and Xuan Xuan followed us to Hana-chan's house! Yayy~ Merrier it is!!!

*Hana-chan's mum gave us this! Anniversary chocolate with their image engraved on it. So nice right??? I wonder how much it cost... If cheap I might consider order this for my parents as their anniversary present!*

*Xuan Xuan is busy playing with the basket full of sweets. So busy!*

*LOL! I guess he put in full force want to tear off the skin of this mandarin orange. His facial expression damn funny! Hahahahaha!*

*Hana-chan's parents and siblings and her cozy house! So nice I wanna live here too. LOL!*

*Xuan Xuan dragged this cookie monster around and put it aside... I want Kei-chan pose with it and let me take a photo of her... So nice!*

*My time to camwhore. LOL! Cookie monster look down don't want look at the camera wtfwtfwtf!*

*Qi-chan and her godson a.k.a Xuan Xuan. Next meet will be about one year later. Gosh!*

*Our dinner!!! Domino's Pizza FTW!!!!*

*Fuuuuu~ So many types of Pizza. All of us are so hungry we actually finished up everything! LOL! Like hungry ghosts lo... Paiseh!*

*Dessert of the night: Bird nest egg tart from Genting's Restaurant! Weeee~ We can haz beautiful skin!*

*From left to right: Reiko, Hana, Qi, Aira, Kei. While taking this photo, Hana's mum laugh at us say: Aiyo, Domino's Pizza also want to take photo ar? LOLOLOL!!!!!*

*With desserts and some decorations that Kei simply grab from the table beside her. Haha!*

*Seriously think Domino's Pizza should buy this photo from me to be as one of their advertising photo, each and everyone of us look so happy and enjoyable with it. Just love the combination of different happy face expression in this photo.*

*Bird nest egg tart mum mum mum mumsss~ Honestly it taste like sweet agar-agar. LOL!*

*Hana-chan bring out this kitty cat plushie from Etude House which she won the prize for crossword puzzle at Times Square. Can record sound one, everybody was busy camwhore with it! LOL!*

*Group photo of us with the magnificent night view of Mont Kiara.*

Time spend with you guys are always awesome. We talk about anything and everything, and even though there are times we just keep silent, our feelings never be apart.

Now, Chinese New Year has passed and all of us are back to our usual busy routine. I hope those who remain staying at KL one can have more time to think and miss each other and then, plan for an outing or something? Even short duration of yum cha session can do too.

Looking forward to our next outing girls! (Please don't tell me at JUNE ok? That's too long!)


Bella Enveeus said...

awww.. that is so cute, all of you.. :)

Unknown said...

is a dog cookie

Carrie Tai said...

wow.... i wanna eat the bird nest egg tart too..... how much for one?

Unknown said...

yalor.. how much is the bird nest egg tart? really got bird nest ah?

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Bella: Thanks!

Baby: IS PIG!!!!!

Cheddarina & Baby: I dunno how much for the bird nest egg tart! LOL!