Monday, March 22, 2010

Beauteen Pink Beige - Fail One™ Hair Dye Review

Today, I'm gonna show you: How to dye your hair like you're not dyeing it. Muahahahaha~ A Fail One™ review it is!

I got this Beauteen Hair Dye in Pink Beige colour. I love the colour shown on the package and the one that draws the manga character on the package is Ai Yazawa - the one who drew the Nana comic!!! I love Nana = I love Ai Yazawa, and of course, I love Beauteen!!! LOL! 

I knew the existance of Beauteen quite some YEARS ago while I read Japanese magazine and I can't believe that I'm gonna dye my hair using it NOW!!! Weeee~

*All the stuffs inside - Oxide liquid, Pink Beige Hair Colour liquid in the tube, comb cap, Instructions in Japanese and English.*

*If you open up the Japanese instruction, you will find there's a pair of gloves and a pack of leave on conditioner provided. How considerate!*

*Before you do anything, please put on the pair of gloves, you don't wanna dye your hands and nails.*

Wear unwanted T-Shirt before you dye your hair... If not, you can consider of doing what I did - D.I.Y a waterproof 'cape' 

*Find the largest size plastic bag, cut off the bottom of the plastic bag.*

*The next thing you need is - a clothespin.*

*Section your hair by tie them up. My hairs are divided into 5 sections. Didn't take a proper pic of it so.....*

*Next, squeeze the liquid from the tube into the bottle of oxide.*

*Shake it, shake shake shake it baby! According to the instruction, they recommend you shake at least 30 times, but based on my experience, shake until your hand can't take it anymore.*


Most people will change the cap to comb cap and apply the mixture on their hair after shaking it. DO NOT APPLY THE MIXTURE ON HAIR IMMEDIATELY! 

You change the cap to the comb cap first, then wait the colour of the mixture change into dark violet colour then only apply the mixture onto your hair. That's the best timing because the oxide and the hair dye liquid finished their chemical reaction between them and able to show the colour of its best.

Okay, now you know the key point to successful hair dye of this particular brand. See, I so good I use money to buy failure for your success. LOL!

*Oops~ Nipple spotted! Censored it first. Haha! Yeah, Bun is the one who helped me dye my hair.*

*I force him to dye his hair too using leftover mixture. Hahaha~ We can both have same Fail One™ hair colour.*

Leave the mixture on your hair for 30 minutes. (I leave it on for 1 HOUR for god's sake!!!) And then proceed to wash hair stage.

*Use lukewarm water to wash ok? Wash and wash and wash till you see the water become clear.*

*And TADAAA~ Fail One™ result. Haha! Ok la~ Still can see A BIT Brownish here, my hair use to be as black as charcoal.*

*Only the upper part can see brownish, all the lower part of my hair are still black because I apply the mixture on my hair immediately after I shake it. Bun's hair is more brownish than me FML!!!!*

*Anyway, I still love this Beauteen brand hair dye. Thinking of buying it and dyeing my hair again, and this time, a success one. Hehe!*

P.S: Pardon all my no-make face. LOL! FUGLY!!!!! 


plantagirl said...

Haha.. I feel that Bun is like me. I always need to dye hair for kevin. LOL.

Unknown said...

i dyed once many many years ago in the bathroom.. during my shower time

Unknown said...

what is the colour actually? look black to me..

Anonymous said...

How I wish I can dye my hair now! Hmm.... 8 more months, I can't wait!!

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Plantagirl: That means what? Very cham la have to help others to dye hair? Haha.

Baby: You can wait inside the bathroom for over 30 minutes? O_O

Supia: It's a fail one hair dyeing process.

Shiselle: After school?

Unknown said...

can... i always play water in the bathroom until long long time..

Lea T Her said...

hi, so happen that i dye the same colour as u. however, i dye the 2nd time then i got it very successful. is almost exactly like the packet.

turqoise87 said...

i used this once...turn out to be kind of blonde n not pink...hehhh