Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cosme Stuffs

Thanks to Peiyue who borrow me her camera, I get to take quite an amount of photos, well, not really A LOT but at least sufficient for few more blog posts.

Still, I haven't ask my dad bout buying a new camera. Went to Plaza Low Yat few days ago and done some 'research' on the price and stuffs. I think most likely will be choosing Canon 1000D. Don't like Nikon that much since it gave me lens error problem for its compact camera, who knows I'll get lens error again, right?

*Naughty lil Xuan Xuan... I've been told by Bun that this lil fella have very different personality between with or without my appearance. While I'm not around him, he's such a nice, quiet boy who listens and obey what his dad says! When I'm around, he throws tantrum, want this and that and totally refuse to listen and obey what I say. WTH!!!*

*After few days of 'camwhore insufficiency', decided to camwhore gao gao again!*

*Took all these photos while heading to MidValley for a survey company's group discussion. Talk about mothers and diapers which last for about 3 hours. I'm the youngest mum among all (happy happy! I'm always the eldest among friends and stuffs. LOL!)*

*Gotta disguise a bit too... Feeling a bit shy have to face all the people whom I don't know and give out my c, this pair of glasses makes me show my personality without any concern what people will think about me!*

*Trying to photoshop photos into a kind of sunny, warm, glowy, fairytale like feeling, but I guess still can't make it... Have to search for more tutorials first!*

In this one whole week, I've already visit Watsons for 3 times. I bought something each time. Don't know why, I just like Watsons more! Whenever my cosme (short form for cosmetic) stuffs are finished/ running out of supply, the first place I'll go is Watsons. 

Watsons introduce so many Japanese cosme brands I always stand in front of each brand for quite some time to study the new stuffs. There are soooooo many choices I don't know which to choose. This brand got this feature but more expensive versus that brand don't have that feature which is much more cheaper. LOL! Can be super headache you know?

Anyway, for the 3 time visits, each and everytime I bought something!

*Finally~!!! Got this L'oreal Derma Genesis in such super value price!!! RM52.90 for both scrub and gel cream!!! Yayy~!!!*

*The main reason I buy this is for the Pore Minimising feature.*

I got large pores which I damn hate to the max and I totally don't know what can I do to get rid of it!!!! I steamed my face, cold water bottle rolling on face, face mask etc etc... Wasted so many time and effort and still my pores are large. 

Imma give this stuff a last try to rescue my big ass pores if there's no result on this, I might just give up trying and just dream to own porcelain like soft and smooth skin in my dream. (And also will update the results after 1 month using it, not yet using it yet!) 

I heard that people did some research that the pores will not open or close, nor it will become smaller, is it true? Pores will remain the same size no matter what you do?

*Beauteen Hair Colour! One of the new stuff that Watson imports!!! RM19++*

I've been eyeing on this Beauteen hair colour years ago when I read Japanese teen magazines like Seventeen or Love Berry. So eager to try it I bought the PinkBeige colour! Will do review on it very, very soon. (Yes, I've already dyed my hair! LOL!!!)

*Fasio's Point Make Up Remover and Majolica Majorca cheek blush! RM16.72 for Fasio Makeup remover and RM26++ for MajoMajo's cheek blush.*

*Yayy~ New collection added again and dreams come true that I can own more Majolica Majorca stuffs. I wonder why MajoMajo didn't have the brand ambassador plan for girl bloggers like how Singapore branch has, I would love to become one of the brand ambassadors!!!*

I only own 3 MajoMajo stuffs which is their star product - Lash Expander Frame Plus Mascara, Jeweling Eyeliner Pencil in Silver and the latest haul - cheek blush!!! The colour of the blusher is sweet pink, will show more photos of wearing it in the future.

*My new Boom - Maybelline Dramatic Gel Eyeliner, RM35++*

*Each pack of eyeliner comes with an expert eyeliner brush.*

*Tempted to draw eyeliner now!*

I've been doing make-up for myself and some of my friends for about 6 - 7 years now, and now only I start to use gel eyeliner. Call me a noob or whatever but due to my insecurities I never wanted to try gel/liquid eyeliner because I feel that I will ruin the whole eye make-up and can do nothing to save it.

This year, I wanting to try something new, of course, to achieve something new too. Maybe a brand new me or something... 

But LOL! Something tragic happened on the first day of me applying gel eyeliner, will talk about that soon. Haha!


Carrie Tai said...

super love the Maybelline eyeliner. Super smooth!

Jenny said...

Awe no~~~ he's a bad kid when you're around!? That sucks but kids can be like that so often =_=;;.

Adorable frames :D

OOOH the Majorlica Majorca looks great!

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Carrie: Yeah~ Love the eyeliner so much now I'm drawing it whenever I go out! Hahahaha~

Jenny: Yeah~ He has split personalities. LOL! MajoMajo is my favourite brand now! <3