Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mademoiselle Midnight

Ever since the brand Majolica Majorca came into Malaysia, I've been always eye-ing on their products, booklets and promotions. If yes, I hope to change all my current cosmetics to MajoMajo! Super love their cosmetics!

Browsing through their booklets is something fun. You can see all the products being introduce in the booklets and they always come up a theme for each booklet.

*Chapter 25 - Mademoiselle Midnight*

*Looks featured in this chapter - Glamour Night Look and Feminine Night Look. To me these two looks are quite heavy I don't think I will ever need to make up like this during the day. LOL! It's not like I'm going to club or something.*

You can achieve these two looks by these two special limited edition make-up palette:

*I saw the red palette at Watson's One Utama some time ago, quite tempted to buy it but then, better not, since I still have plenty of lipsticks and eyeliners and so.*

*Nail art featured in Chapter 25 - Spotlight*

For those who missed out this booklet, fred not, today I'm gonna show you how to achieve the 'Spotlight' nail art by Majolica Majorca, using Elianto's and Fasion's nail polish. LOL!

*First, get all the colour of nail polishes you want to use. To me, I'm still using black colour as base, Baby pink, Glittering shade of red and Marble white as the decoration colour. Glittering shades are preferable since you wanna create the 'Spotlight' kind of feeling.*

*Pardon my fugly nails. I don't really have much time to buffer my nails.*

*Paint the base colour of your choice.*

*Now, paint the first decoration colour of your choice by dotting it onto your base colour. The dots doesn't have to be neat because it will eventually be covered by other decoration colour.*

*Dot on another decoration colour*

*Dot on the third decoration colour and Voila! You can now has 'Spotlight' nail art from Majolica Majorca! I even freehand drawed a ribbon using Baby pink and Marble white but it's so fugly! LOL! Whatever!*

*The Marble white become a bit blueish due to the reflects of the black base... It looks like a bit 'Cosmic Flower-ish'. (Google it if you don't know what I'm talking about. LOL!)*

All thanks to Miu from, I'm going to attend the FIRST EVER TEA PARTY of my life at:

The theme of this tea party is going to be the popular movie that everybody is raving about nowadays:

On the 3rd of April 2010, Miu and other 9 bloggers will be enjoying the tea, scones, pies, tower of cakes (drools!!!!)  and all the laughter for freakin 3 hours!!!

Besides that, on that day, all of the attendees are required to dress up as one of the character from Alice in The Wonderland. Didn't I tell you that this Tea Party is going to be freakin amazing!!!????

If you know me, you'll know how CRAZY will I go if I were to do something. Even my friends call me SIAO LANG (crazy people) all the time. LOL! I will use my CRAZINESS + MAKE-UP SKILL + PHOTOGRAPHY SKILL + SOCIAL SKILL to get myself a place to this tea party yo!

Now here's the headache part: I don't know which character I want/should dress up like!

*Should I dress up as Mad Hatter? But I don't have top hat, red wig and red eyebrows like his! But his looks is going to be the most significant one with all the make-ups on. I think if I dress up like him and drive all the way from Setapak to Bangsar, what will other drivers think when they saw me? LOL!! Can't imagine!*

*Should I dress up as White Queen? According to some of my friends, I should dress up as her as she's tall and slim. Plus I can search for some similar white dress easily, but the problem is, yes, the white long hair. Where can I get/rent a white colour, long hair wig?*

*Or should I dress up as the Red Queen? Same problem occurs for not owning a red wig, and some elegant, noble looking dress.*

Gah~!!! I'm so headache now I'm still unable to settle down to which character I'm going to dress up like. Each character has its own unique style and make-up and brings out different kind of feeling! I wonder which character will be the popular character for that day!!!

If you're MAD enough, FASHIONABLE enough, FUN enough, and you're a FOOD BLOGGER too, SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION TO MIU to become one of the blogger to attend to this MAD FUN CRAZY TEA PARTY of the YEAR!!!!

P.S: Some photos are taken from Google Images. Credits to those who take/upload them.

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