Thursday, March 11, 2010

Seoul Garden

My cousin sis from Penang - Jill came to KL to visit me 2 weeks ago. It's about one freakin' year I haven't seen her, and there she is, an after-SPM-on-a-long-long-holiday teenager.

Ahhh~ Spend few days with her reminds me the good ol' days of 17 -> 18 years old. That was the craziest time of my teenagers life and of course, I spend most of the time with Seisyun! LOL!!!

Didn't manage to bring Jill shopping everyday due to Qi was at KL for that period too, have to spend an equal time between friends and family so I assigned: Bring Jill to Shopping task to BroKian. Haha. Since he's quite free during weekends.

Monday, went to Bandar Utama's relative house to bai nian. Don't really have mood on ban leng leng that day so I only put on light make-up. (Which in the end makes me look like shit so all the photos I'm showing below are heavily photoshopped! Haha! Ugly till I cannot tahan must PS gao gao!)

*Jill. Does she makes you think of some people? IMO she can either look like Paris Hilton, Mika Nakashima, Amber Chia or Lee Hyori! Damn she got nice face figure, no need PS/plastic surgery. LOL!!!*

*LOL! From my messy hair you can see I'm not that in mood in make-up-ing myself for that day. Haha!!! I miss my bangs tho.... Now I have to keep all my bangs aside for not covering up my eyes. Gotta do some 'hair maintenance' soon.*

*While at relative house, few of us are very 'Qiong Kuong 猖狂'. We ate a lot of bak kuas and snacks, and Xuan Xuan running here and there, tease their HUGE German Shepherd, running here and there, eat snacks and drive car inside the house. LOL!*

*My camera.... damn blur. LOL!*

*Went to OneU after that to bring Jill for shopping. The sundress that my aunt gave me, I love it very much! So summer!!! Perfect match with my Juicy sandals. LOVE!!!*

 Didn't stay at OneU for a long time since have to send my mum to KL Sentral for some meeting at freakin' 6p.m!!! Mother of all traffic jam time!!! But I wonder is it because of Monday blues or what, all the way from OneU to KL Sentral, the traffic is sooooo smooth I thought we're going there on a Sunday. LOL!

Dropped my mum, my dad wanna go to Kuchai Lama to meet up his friends, and ask us to pick him up after dinner. There we are, 3 person with a baby and a car for us to go anywhere we like. Syok max but God decided to rain heavily, and we just don't have the mood to go anywhere else beside find a place to have dinner in Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park.

Jill say want to eat Korean food as dinner, and lucky us, there's only ONE Korean BBQ restaurant - Seoul Garden. Behind Ah Shun Fish Head Bee Hoon.

*Velour cover menu. Classy!*

*From its interior decoration, bet this restaurant is kind of newly open? All of their chairs, plates and kitchen utensils are so shiny bright and clean!*

*Our type of seat - Kind of sit on the floor but there's hole under the table for us to put our legs. LOL! Cheat One™ Seats On The Floor. Haha!*

*Camwhore again... La la la~!*

*From my angle of view, she looks like Lee Hyori. In fact she does have really nice body figure too! I wonder if she can dance like her.*

*Xuan Xuan feeling so syok can run here and there with the fake flooring.*

*Drink tea also want to take photo, I'm kinda amazed by my photo-taking enthusiasm. Maybe I should blog and pay a tribute to my dead camera.*

*My cold green tea. Green tea is charged RM3 per cup. Hot green tea can be refill while the cold one cannot. Why so unfair one? Green tea very expensive meh? 1 Tea bag can make 2 - 3 cups eh!*

*Love her shiny, flat hair, while mine are like a fuzzy broom.*

*All the side dishes... Quite well marinated and fresh.*

*Jill's favourite Korean dish - Bibimbap (RM18)*

*Craving satisfied. Haha!*

*My SunDoBu Chige and (Oh Shit I forgot what it is!) Bun's selection. Haha. Mine RM15, Bun's RM18*

*I only like SunDoBu Chige. I've already tried a lot of SunDoBu Chige in various Korean restaurant but still, I like Ampang's Su Ok San more, not to say the restaurant owner is super friendly!!!*

I think Seoul Garden is kinda like franchise type of restaurant right? (I remember I saw few Seoul Garden around KL), but for this particular outlet, I kinda dislike their services. 

Very, very slow response from the waiters and yes, kinda stingy in giving those side dishes. We want more refill of the side dishes and they gave us just 2 or 3 types, and then, keep all the side dishes plates away. We feel kinda awkward, I thought Koreans are quite generous? No?

And not to mention, no refill on cold green tea. Imagine you're eating spicy stuffs and your cup of cold green tea runs out. Haha! Jia lat liao!!! Drink hot tea will bring your tongue onto an unimaginable excited journey! Hahaha~!!!!

Anyway, the restaurant charged 10% service tax. Since the service and foods tasted so so only, I guess I will just continue to visit Ampang's SuOkSan! (Miss the lady shop owner's steam egg!)

*100¥ Shop! My favourite shop at the moment!*

*Decided to get some icy cold desserts.*

*Vanilla chocolate snowy ice!*

And yes, the dessert is the last photo my camera captured before it died. Until now, 2 weeks+ has passed, I still can't get over the sadness of the death of my camera. God knows how long does my sorrow have to continue.

Have to work hard start from now on. I guess this is a turning point of my life. Work more, see more, feel more, know more, and of course, blog more! And you, visit more often ok? Hehe!


Unknown said...

so cool looking teenager.. she looks like 1 hong kong actress (tsui chi san) at 1 angle..

Carrie Tai said...

Jill looks so hot & cool!

I like the snowy ice from 100yen shop too

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Baby: Ya meh?? Got look like her?? Tsui Chi San is one of the HK actress that I dislike. LOL!!!

Carrie: Yeah, me too! So soft the ice! Mad loves!!!