Friday, March 5, 2010

Tonight... I Celebrate My Love For You

I'm sure MOST of you couples are super headache with this year's Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day celebration, and MOST of you people are screaming in head: Why oh why I have to choose between family and lover? 

You celebrate Chinese New Year with family back at your hometown, you'll missed the special Valentine's Day with your darling, or vice versa. It all depends which of them (family or love) have more important place in your heart.

But guess what, I'm totally out of this headache situation, you know why? Because The Oh's Family is celebrating Chinese New Year AND Valentine's Day TOGETHER!!! Wanna know how??? Nyek nyek nyek.....

Since morning is the traditional Chinese style of Chinese New Year celebration, we celebrate Valentine's Day via Western style at night.

*Walau eh~!!! All the guys wear till so handsome. This is going to be some serious business. They wanna impress the girlssss~ LOL!*

*JiaWen is planning something... And this is a COMPULSORY pose for the guys to do when they lead their partner to her seat. We all don't know things will gone crazy like THIS!!!*

*And yeah, guys have to give a rose to their partner! A 'culinary tissue paper rose' it is. SisterStella learnt folding the rose from YouTube video. I've tried folding it too but my rose turn out to be ugly one. Yucks~ I think I should just stick to photography. Haha!*

*Hahaha~ Look how surprise SisterFong is and her face turn RED!!!*

*So lovely!!*

*SisterFoongYee and BrotherOnn. This couple more serious and low-profile. LOL!*

*TaDaaa~ One of the highlight of the night - FatherOh and MotherOh's appearance. Look at all my nephews and nieces, cheering and shouting when the couple proceed to their seat!*

*When FatherOh gave the rose to MotherOh.... Oh gosh, both of them looks so adorable in this photo. I don't know but I guess this will be the FIRST time FatherOh give 'flower' to MotherOh on Valentine's Day.*

*MotherOh totally cannot stop laughing and amazed by JiaWen's idea for tonight. I guess everyone is amazed. JiaWen, BRAVO!!!*

*BrotherFoo and SisterLayChan. Phewweeet!!! SisterLayChan wore a purple dress and she look STUNNING! As I've said, everybody took tonight's dinner so seriously!*

*Another couple which female are blushing and laughing while the male kneel down and present the rose to her. Reminds them of the good old lovey dovey days huh? Hehe!*

*OMG She looks so touched!!!*

*SisterQuen and her husband, another happy couple.*

*Okay, me this photographer cum one of the guest for tonight's dinner wear until so casual I'm kinda paiseh wtfwtfwtf! No la, I didn't bring any proper dress back to Ipoh, so I guess I'll stick to American Casual style then. Hehe! Long pants some more, to prevent kena sting by mosquito, smart right?*

*Honestly I feel so paiseh lo I think I blushed a bit. What I remember is Bun didn't even kneel and propose to me last time. Hehe. I guess this is some kind of compensation? Haha!*

*'Quan Jia Fu' (family potrait) on Valentine's night. Hehe! Look Xuan Xuan so happy!!!*

*SisterStella and BrotherMeng, and Gary sit beside.*

*Awww~ Sweet!!!*

*And now, let the dinner begins!*

*XinWei collecting all the name cards they stick in each seat. Really like dining inside a REAL restaurant.*

*Tomato soup and garlic bread... Forgot to take a photo of garlic bread with tomato toppings on it.*

*Mums mums mums mums~ Niceee! I think I had around 4 - 5 pieces of garlic bread that night!*


*Okay, this is soooooo thirst quenching. It's 100Plus + lots of lime! I want this NOW!!!!*

*Tadaaa!!! My main course - Pork Chop. Side dishes are Spaghetti with cream sauce, wedges, and some greens. SisterBanunu marinate each and every single meat served on the dish that night, and each and every of them are sooooooo freaking delicious!*

*The salmon seat. I feels so regret I didn't choose the salmon one. We can choose from Chicken, Pork, Lamb and Salmon as our main course that night.*

*XinLin keeps on asking me: Is that a flower on your meat? Can eat that flower or not? When I say can and ask her want to eat or not, she say: You eat and see, I want to see you eat. FML! And yes, I ate it.*

*JiaWen, pouring wine and running here and there, serving. He's one of the hardworking nephew on that night. When I need refill for my empty cup, I feel kinda paiseh have to ask my niece/nephew to do it for me.*

*A toast to all the hardwork and chef of the night - BrotherChee.*

*Adults ( Uncle auntie level ) self high yum seng! LOL!*

*SisterSim were bring to her seat by JiaWen. This crazy fella even kneel down and present rose to her. LOL!*

While I was savouring my piece of so-well-marinated pork chop and busy feeding JiaXuan spaghetti, SisterWaiPeng took my camera and snap quite some photos of people.

*SisterFoongYee, MotherOh and Sister (as in Bun's sister. Bun only got ONE sister so I shall just address her as sister la, easier!)*

*SisterSim and SisterFong*

*SisterWaiPeng kena snap back, with my camera. (So sob now it's no longer alive.)

After finish our meal, I went to the kitchen area to have a look. Oh my, it was a MESS!!!! Everything scattered everywhere, all of us spent some time in cleaning all those plates and kitchen utensils. The price of eating good food at home is always - CLEANING!

*Left over garlic breads, all the plates and bowls and juices etc etc.*

*BrotherOnn and BrotherChee... Without them, I guess I won't have a chance to eat such scrumptious meal on Chinese New Year + Valentine's Day.*

*SisterWaiPeng and XinCi, posing with the love.*

*Group photos of all those youngsters. As usual, I'm the photographer. LOL!*

*After the meal, we have another programme for the night - performance by all my nieces and nephews, dancing 'Para Para Sakura'! They used 2 days to learn the whole dance, geng or not?*

*After 4 rounds of 'Para Para Sakura' dancing, all the Brothers of Oh's Family decided to have a sing k session! They even set up speakers and lugged the TV out from the living room. LOL!*

*BrotherOh singing. I heard that when he's younger, some people say he look like Chow Yun Fat. Does he look like him?*

*All of us sitting on the chairs, listening to guys singing. We have quite an amount of 'singers' in the Oh's Family... They can sing very well! Wasted la didn't go become singer/artist!*

*Even AuntieApril's husband also can sing very well. And the hit song of all time for him is Emil Chou's Let Me Happy Let Me Sad (让我欢喜让我忧). LOL! Tempo followed and always on the beat, unlike some of those uncles aunties, tempo slow liao also don't know still die die wanna sing.*

*Lights off, with just those starry blue lights, this day of Chinese New Year + Valentine's Day dinner ended in a very soothing way.*

On this day, I witnessed a lot of crazy, amazing and awe-inspiring things/incidents. Some people do things they haven't been doing for quite a long time, and some even do something for the FIRST TIME in their lives! I never saw such happy facial expression on them, they laugh out loud and enjoying the night like how I did. 

Chinese New Year + Valentine's Day of year 2010 really leave a very strong impression in our heart, I still can feel it now. I hope that each and every coming year of family gathering opportunity, we can always make it big and extraordinary.

Okay, I start to feeling excited for next year's celebration already. LOL!

*Lastly, dessert of the night - Home made yoghurt with nuts topping!!! This is super delicious!!! I never had such delicious yoghurt in my lifetime. I forgot what's the brand of this yoghurt pack but you have to buy the mixer, container and yoghurt separately and it costs a BOMB!!! 
But still YUMMY!!!*

P.S: I guess next blog post will not be about Chinese New Year... I seriously think it's kinda dry to blog things according to the sequence of happenings. Instead of 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 I shall make it 3 - 4 - 1 -2. Hehe! So, are you feeling anxious bout what I'm going to blog next??? Hahahahahaha!


Lisa! said...

Wow! The "Oh Family" really celebrates CNY like a wedding of some sort! :D

Such a huge event! :D
Sounds like soooo much fun!

Ken Wooi said...

nice party and celebration =)

Unknown said...

great party! so funny lah your ipoh family. not like mine (his family) SO BORING. dun even think of eating western/italian food loh..

suki_ogata said...

waa so nice ne~!^^
hahaha... me also spend with my family...
but i guess u had a great day nia~!

Bella Enveeus said...

looked like you had a grand celebration! it's real fun to have the "older" members in the family go crazy sometimes. :)

Reiko The Rainbow Girl said...

Lisa: Yeah, like wedding dinner right??? Haha! I was shocked too we had to open up tables at the garden area to fit all of us.

KenWooi: Yeah!

Baby: That's because there's some relatives that is more open minded and influence the elders in the house to make it big. haha.

Suki: Yeah! Love that day so much! Hehe

Bella: When they go crazy, we laugh like hell. hahahahha